After lockout furlough, Bucs add new sponsor

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sent employees home last week without pay, due to a lockout-induced lack of revenue.  As the folks at point out, the employees returned to work to learn that the team has struck a sponsorship deal with Walgreen’s.

So it was, all in all, a good week for the Bucs.  Spend no money, and make some money, via a multi-year arrangement with the nationwide pharmacy chain.

Here’s a crazy thought.  Why not spend some of the Walgreen’s money to reimburse the employees for the week of unpaid vacation they were just compelled to take?

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  1. I say we boycott Bucs games this year (we were almost there last year) and fans in the other cities with teams that have laid off completely innocent workers during the lockout should also boycott.

  2. Having witnessed the widespread panic over the ongoing CBA negotiations, Walgreen concluded that football was a drug and they better get involved.

  3. Once again spending somebody elses money……why not with all your wise advice, dont you re-imburse those employees?
    Oh wait you dont like the suggestion?
    They dont owe any empoyee one da mn thing. As much as you dis like it.

  4. The Glazers have been one of the lowest payroll teams for the past several years, and used to be cool by purchasing the unsold seats, and donating them to the servicemen at MacDill…. thereby allowing the community to be spared from blackouts.

    Now that it serves a purpose to allow those unsold seats to remain unsold……. that’s exactly what they did.

    While as a businessman, I admire their shrewdness because of the success to back it up…. but they’re acting like slum lords by squeezing hard-working lower level individuals that probably love the organization and would never leave until forced. Much like the way they’re treating the same fanbase they’re trying to attract……

    ….this whole thing has me going back and forth… so now it’s official…. I hate both sides!! Bring on CFLTalk and UFLTalk, I’m fed up!!

  5. With all of your pro owner business sentiment it sickens me. I watched a man who makes over a million a year fill up in tears cause he had to downsize yesterday, reflecting the past two years of a down economy in a company wide meeting. These people who talk as if the human element is meaningless are those who have not reached high management or ownership. Any employer worth anything understands the importance of good people, top to bottom, and doesn’t lay off or furlough unless totally necessary. And I’m an accountant, a numbers guy who makes business decisions based on numbers, not emotion. I even know this much. Its also management school 101. People advocating these layoffs for future savings in case of loss of future profits, particularly in the NFL’s circumstance, plainly don’t know what they are talking about.

  6. I think it’s time for the Glazers to pick one style of football team to own, and sell the other. It’s ridiculous how cheap they’ve become.

    The surge in popularity that the Buccaneers experienced in the late-90s, early 2000s was nothing short of phenomenal. However, horrible drafts, lack of free agency spending (both incoming UFAs and retaining their own FAs), and otherwise mismanagement from above has nearly returned them to the Yuc’s days. It is NOT a coincidence that the Bucs started to decline just as McKay rebuilt the Falcons.

    The Glazers must choose soon, because I cannot name an NFL team that will be more exciting to watch in 2013 than the Buccaneers. They are stacked! After those rookie deals are done, will they pony up the bucks to keep them as Bucs?

  7. @airraid77 Somehow I doubt you’d be that arrogant if you were one of those employees. Or did your homemade moonshine stand go under??

  8. liquidgrammar,
    once again, this is about me. If the rich can be told how they HAVE to spend their money, they then can tell everybody else how to spend their money….I dont want anybody to dictate how I spend my money…..DO YOU?

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