Jim Irsay offers reward in case of missing Indiana girl


Indiana University student Lauren Spierer, 20, disappeared on Friday.  As the search for her continues, Colts owner Jim Irsay has provided an incentive for anyone who knows anything about the situation to come forward.

Per the Indianapolis Star, Irsay has offered via Twitter $10,000 for “serious info” that solves the case.

The local authorities also have partnered with America’s Most Wanted to set up a hotline for anonymous tips:  (800) CRIMETV.

9 responses to “Jim Irsay offers reward in case of missing Indiana girl

  1. Hey PFT how about a sticky listing of NFL related charitable causes on site? Sort of an anti Turd Watch List. You can help.

  2. Class move by Irsay, one of the best owners in the league. Thanks for posting this and here’s hoping she’s ok.

  3. How generous of him! I could spare about 25 cents too which would be my equivalent proportion of his net worth.

  4. Jim’s kind of a weird guy, but he’s definately one of the most charitable owners out there. He’s always helping out people in need and donating a lot of money to a variety of charities…

    Either way you look at it, it’s a very sad story and doesn’t look good… Thoughts and prayers are with the family

  5. 20 year olds really aren’t classified as “girls”.

    Not taking anything away from Irsay or his gesture. But the headline reads a bit more sensationalistic.

    “Jim Irsay offers reward in case of missing Indiana woman” is accurate but less dramatic.

  6. I’m going to sound insensitive here, but is this really setting a good precident? Now every family of a missing person in the Indiana area is going to be knocking on Jim Irsay’s door asking for him to stump up reward money. How do you explain to a distressed family that you think Lauren Spierer was more important than their own son/daughter?

  7. @piemasteruk- I understand your point. This case was pretty high profile before Irsay went near it. I went to IU and an IU student appears to have been abducted a couple blocks from campus which is really rare given how safe of a town Bloomington usually is. This has been front page of the Indianapolis Star news since it happened last week. Does it make her more important than someone else who disappears? No. The reality is when a pretty college student disappears it usually gets a little more press. He probably just saw it and figured he could help.

  8. Jim Irsay is nothing like his drunken jerk dad. If his dad and William Donald Schaeffer (Baltimore mayor) didn’t hate each other, the Colts would still be in Baltimore.

    Moral of this story: Never mix emotions and business!

  9. I was an IU student from 97-01, and during that time a girl (or “woman,” if it really matters) was kidnapped and not found until a few years later, unfortunately. The family put on a massive search and held fund raisers for their efforts. I imagine that Irsay recalls that incident, and it may have prompted his response. Glad to hear it!

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