Kenny Britt pleads guilty to careless driving


Just two months after being arrested on a felony charge for eluding an officer and lying to an officer, Titans receiver Kenny Britt pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to a much reduced charge of careless driving, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

Our resident PFT legal expert informs me that Britt really caught a break considering the original charges.  Britt was caught trying to speed away from cops after they tried to pull him over.

Wyatt reports that Britt was fined $478 and will have four “points” added to his driver’s license, but that’s it.

Considering Britt’s previous legal problems, it’s possible the NFL could still look into punishment after the lockout, although the NFLPA* would have to agree that the personal conduct policy applies during the lockout.  The small punishment seemingly makes it unlikely Britt would get suspended by the league, but he will be looked at closely as a repeat violator of the policy.

The Titans have started their first full team player-only workouts Wednesday, but it’s uncertain if Britt will be able to attend because of his legal responsibilities this morning.

8 responses to “Kenny Britt pleads guilty to careless driving

  1. As a Titans fan I will take this as good news but it sure doesn’t look good for the legal system. Sounds like there was some business going on under the table.

  2. So the commish might get involved in a driving incident now? What if Britt needs a nap, will Goodell come over and sing him a lullaby?

  3. @cshearing:

    Are you that ignorant that you passed over the FACT that he tried to elude the police & lied? This kid is a repeat offender & there needs to be reprecussions for his actions. If not, he’ll continue to act ignorant, do something bigger, then be put in jail or killed. Then you’ll say, “why didn’t the league step in a long time ago & this could have possibly been avoided”.

    Act 30+, not 10 & under.

  4. NFL players like Kenny Britt are the reason that young men pay so much for car insurance. It was painful for me to make payments for years until I reached the ripe age of 25. I feel bad for those younger men living on their own making due and paying outrageous rates because of jerks like Kenny Britt.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, Britt acted stupidly, but the NFL better not even think of enforcing the PC policy for incidents that happened during the lockout. Since due to the lockout, players who got hurt …ummm…doing their jobs and playing football can’t rehab at their own facility with the trainers who were helping them before, then the NFL should not be allowed to implement a policy that allows any of them to watch over that C stuff either. Either you can have contact and implement policies and procedures or you can’t. It’s one of the consequences of the lockout that the owners need to realize is unwanted but part of the deal IMO.

    Teams would be wise to utilize any clauses they may have in the players’ contracts instead. I believe they can still put those in place though the amount of punishment either monetarily or game suspension wise is now limited by the personal conduct policy I think.

  6. It’s simple – he got off because of who he is and how much money he makes. Had he never set foot in the NFL and didn’t know how to play sports, he would have had the book thrown at him.

    As a Titans fan, I’ve watched Kenny do some amazing things. He was far and away the best receiver we’ve had since Derrick Mason, and even with shoddy quarterback play (Kerry Collins) and Fisher’s love-fest with running the ball on key passing downs, Britt still produced. But he’s not a productive member of society. I hope he gets his head out of his ass and grows the F up pretty soon, and I hope the safety net that fame and money provides him is eventually cut, making him live with his own bad decisions.

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