Lions “worst moments” coming Thursday

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The “worst moments” tour heads on Thursday to a place where there are plenty of “worst moments” to be had.


Yes, there will be plenty of potential ideas.  Feel free to offer your own ideas.

Please keep your list under 100.

46 responses to “Lions “worst moments” coming Thursday

  1. 1) William Clay Ford buys the franchise in 1964
    2)Lions hire Matt Millen
    3)Lions hire Marty Morniwhig
    4)Lions hire Steve Mariucci
    5)Eric Andolsek gets killed when a truck comes into his front yard and takes his life
    6)Barry Sanders rushes for -1 yard in a playoff game in Green Bay
    7)Lions leave Sterling Sharpe wide open when ahead in the 4th quarter
    I could go on, but what’s the point

  2. Can you just say August through December of every year since the previous lockout? Might as well include end of April, right? The draft?

  3. They reside in Detroit.

    What more do you need? 0-16 sucks bad enough, but if you’re in Miami or New York or pretty much anywhere else, at least you’re still in Miami or New York or anyone else.

    But just being in Detroit makes it that much worse.

    Kicked in the nads = sucks.

    Kicked in the nads in Detroit = sucks worse.

  4. Blame it all on the French missionaries who chopped up the Indian religious idol and threw the pieces in the river back in 1670. City has been cursed ever since.

  5. Hello Matt Millen here. You may remember me for such draft blunders as Charlie Rogers, Mike Williams and oh who can keep count. But hey at least I was able to put a team on the field that made history…sure it was 0 -16. After that I tried my hand as a caddie at a putt-putt golf course but I found out I had little need there. So now I make moronic comments on TV. Thank you for your time and please support your local lion.

  6. Barry Sanders quitting. You have no idea how much that still bugs us in the Detroit area. He just quit on us.

  7. Nah, the draft isn’t a bad moment. The draft is our Superbowl! …We just happen to have lost that Superbowl for many years.

    For many, many years. But we’ve done better since Millen was drummed out of town.

    How Millen had not 1 but *3* jobs around the NFL last year is beyond the ken of a Lions fan.

  8. The worst moment in Detroit Lions history since the last work stoppage has to be 2008, of course, when they lost all their regular season games. The second worst moment has to be 2010, when they set a new record for consecutive road losses. Today, their star is rising, especially with Fairley on the same line with Suh.

  9. I’ll add to it:
    Hiring Russ Thomas

    NEVER getting a real QB–starting with Milt
    Plum(Greg Landry MIGHT be an exception)

    The Purple People Eaters and Tarkenton

    Firing the best coaching staff ever after the Bears beat them in the first game of the season:
    Rick Forzano, Jerry Glanville, Joe Bugle, Floyd Reece and —yes thats right—-Bill Belichek.

    Wasting HOF careers Charlie Sanders, Lem Barney, Dick LeBeau and Barry.

    Wasting untold other careers of players like the original Silver Rush of Bubba Baker, Puriefoy, William Gay and Doug English. BILLY SIMS!

    Doug Williams to Kevin House for an 80yrd bomb to dash our playoff hopes in the ’80’s. Freddie Scott in the endzone having the ball pop off his pads for an incompletion which would have given us a win.

    Not signing our ProBowl OLine back, that was in front of Barry

    The Bears beating us out of the playoff race with Harbaugh crossing the goal line in the last second.

    Letting Kevin Kolbert walk out the door to the Steelers

    The Wind.

    Redskins steamrolling us 41-10 in our only Championship appearance since the Super Bowl started.

    Rodney Peete’s revenge as an Eagle blowing us out with probably the best team we had in the ’90’s.


    And GEORGE TEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If it wasn’t for how the Lions look good for once, I’d be seriously depressed right now.

  10. when Jeff Backus walks to mid-field in Indianapolis after winning Super Bowl 46 and pisses off the stage on all the media who talked sh#t for the last decade!!

  11. Hard to argue with 0-16 as an absolute worst moment.

    I think KJ1974 has the right idea with the back-to-back playoff losses to the Packers to end the ’93 and ’94 seasons. How about getting pasted by Washington in the NFC title game after the 1991 season? Or maybe Sanders suddenly retiring.

  12. It starts and ends at 0-16. You can’t go any worse.

    That and the Joey Harrington era.

    The string of 1st round WR’s. Mark my words Calvin Johnson will join that list just give him a few years. We were all giving Roy Williams the same praise a few years back now look at him.

    You forget about the overtime coin toss debacle.

    The decision to ummmm. Kickoff when they won a coin toss in OT and subsequently lost.

    This whole team reeks of awfulness.

  13. Electing to kick after winning the overtime coin flip. Oh and everything that Matt Millen signed off on.

  14. What could be worse than Dan Orlovsky running out of the back of his own end zone without realizing it in a game we lost ultimately 12-10 during the 0-16 season?

    I really thought Dan-O had some potential at least as a backup, but that play alone certainly sealed his fate.

  15. Fellas, cmon, it’s the Lions….let’s cut them a break, and list the best moments of the franchise. They’ve been through enough. Unfortunately, the franchise’s greatest moments are disintegrating in a film vault somewhere, and can’t be exposed to air. Just show a clip of Barry Sanders making cuts spliced with clips Matt Millen effigies being burned.

  16. Eddie Murry’s missed field goal against the 49ers after Gary Danielson led them on a closing drive to get them in field goal range. It was a crushing defeat.

  17. seanx40 says:
    Barry Sanders quitting. You have no idea how much that still bugs us in the Detroit area. He just quit on us.


    Pretty sure the team quit on Barry long before he quit on them.

  18. Oh boy….gonna need some therapy after this one….

    1. Renewing Millen’s contract
    1a. 0-16
    2. Hiring Millen in the first place
    3. ’93 Wildcard loss at home to GB – bomb to Sharpe
    4. Barry Sanders early retirement
    5. ’91 NFC championship loss at WAS
    6. 1 playoff win since ’57
    7. ’95 Wildcard disaster at Philly
    8. Wayne Fontes
    9. Reggie Brown’s injury
    10. Mornhingweg’s decision to kickoff to Chicago in OT to play the wind….lost – good call rookie coach!
    11. Decision to split up the core of a pretty good team in the ’90s by being cheap
    12. 2-9 on Thanksgiving in the 2000’s
    13. Mike Utley’s injury
    14. Scott Mitchell
    15. Lambeau losing streak
    16. Rod Marinelli

    Too depressing to continue….

    Even with all this I am encouraged for the future. Mayhem and Schwartz are the right combination to lead this team to success.

  19. HANDS DOWN the worst “moment” in Detroit Lions history is the year 1958.

    1958 – The trade, sending Bobby Layne to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the infamous “curse of bobby layne” begins. “Detroit won’t win for 50 years…” Steelers go on to win the most Superbowl’s in the history of the NFL.

    also in 1958 – March 12th, the birth of Matt Millen…responsible for the complete destruction of a franchise that culminated 50 YEARS after the trade of bobby layne with the only 0-16 record in NFL history.

    does anyone still doubt the curse?????

  20. I am surprised that no one has mentioned Andre Ware yet. Or the crap heap that has been the QB situation since Bobby Lane was traded. It is bad when the best QB drafted by the Lions is a tight race between Rodney Pete and Eric Hipple.

    Which leads me to the next item, I also can’t believe that no one has mentioned the Lions trading away Bobby Lane.

    Finally we will throw on, running Joe Schmidt out of town. The only coach to have an above .500 win percentage under Ford. A HOF player from the dominant 1950’s teams. You would think that kind of thing would get him some clout in the organization. Instead he famously said “coaching isn’t fun anymore” on his way out of town.

  21. I used to live in Michigan for a few years. Such a passionate fanbase that has become so sick of losing. I would be watching the Lions game (a new experience, pre-fantasy football, if the Packers weren’t playing), they would give up a TD early, and I swear, a roomfull of college football fans would just turn the TV off.

    “Too painful” they would say.

    “They’re going to lose, it’s just a matter of when.”

    Anyways, I am channeling them with this list:

    1.) Ford family purchases, continues to own, and meddle with, the Lions team.

    2.) Matt Millen is hired as GM. Shortly thereafter, Millen conducts his first interview pool-side clad in suspenders.

    3.) Ford family refuses to get Barry Sanders help, and also to let him leave. A true tragedy, Sanders retires far too early with more to give (although he is still very healthy for a RB).

  22. Gotta be 0-16. I’m surprised that after that season, there wasn’t more talk about stripping Detroit of their annual Thanksgiving home game de-pantsing. Seriously, when was the last time the Lions won on Thanksgiving?

    Still, as a Bears fan, I am starting to fear Detroit. At least, Suh/Fairley. Not so much Stafford. Not yet, anyway. Let’s see if Stafford can play an entire season without injury before I start worrying about that.

  23. also, the trade of bobby layne wasn’t until October of 1958…AFTER THE BIRTH of matt millen that march.

    I think it’s safe to say millen is the detroit lion “anti-christ” – 6 months after his birth layne is shockingly traded away

    the lions were arguably one of the best NFL franchises until the birth of matt millen and the 50 year destruction of the franchise that would follow

  24. Under Millen, the Lions drafts went as follows:
    2002: 3rd overall – Joey Harrington, QB – Oregon.

    (On the board at the time: John Henderson, DT – Tennessee, Albert Haynesworth, DT – Tennessee)
    2003: 2nd overall – Charles Rogers, WR – Michigan State.

    (On the board at the time: Andre Johnson, WR – Miami)

    34th overall – Boss Bailey, LB, Georgia.

    (On the board at the time: Charles Tillman, CB – Louisiana-Lafayette)
    2005: 10th overall – Mike Williams, WR – USC.

    (On the board at the time: DeMarcus Ware, LB – Troy, Shawn Merriman, DE – Maryland, Jamaal Brown, OT – Oklahoma) Actually, those were the next 3 picks.

    Other notables from the 2005 draft:

    24th overall – Aaron Rodgers, QB – California

    27th overall – Roddy White, WR – UAB

    Lots of GMs miss on picks, even high picks. But to miss as often and as often and as widely as Millen did, you have to be pretty inept.

  25. Joey “Sunshine” Harrington coming back on Turkey Day and kicking out butts…. That one still hurts…

  26. Oh, and letting Gary Moeller go… At least he got to leave the Lions with winning record. Probably the only one that ever will.

  27. 1. 0-16 has to be the lowest moment.

    The previous year, the defense couldn’t stop a middle school Pop Warner team from scoring 35 points, but Mike Martz’s Detroit version of the greatest show on turf won games that were shootouts. (Remember when John Kitna said we’d make the playoffs).

    Millen and Marinelli decided that an offense that scored points was incompatible with a defense that sucked, and so they fired Martz. The result was an offense that sucked just as bad as the defense, and a team that couldn’t win a game.

    2. Hiring Matt Millen
    nuff said

    3. Hiring Rod Marinelli
    has to be one of the worst head coaches in NFL history

    4. Andre Ware becoming a bust
    The Lions in the 90s were actually a very good team. What we lacked was a star qb. Andre Ware was supposed to be the guy who’d take the Silver Stretch run-and-shoot to the next level. He ended up being the guy we let play in games just to rub the other team’s face in the beating they took. Jimmy Johnson likes to try to rewrite history and edit out the fact that his Cowboys team got beat so bad that we let Andre Ware into the game. (the last playoff game we won)

    5. Thanksgiving Day – 1980, Bears return the opening kickoff of OT 95 yeards for the game winning score.

    6. 1980 – the Lions lame version of “another one bites the dust.”

    7. Assistant Coach whatshisname getting busted for driving naked and drunk – just a few years ago.

    8. The Darryl Rogers era. The team instantly got better when he was fired mid season.

    9. 1991 Season opener, 45-0 loss at RFK to Washington. The score could have been worse. Towards the end of the game the Redskins stopped trying to score.

    10. 1991 NFC Championship loss at RFK to Washington, 41-10. This loss bookended the ass whipping we took at RFK at the beginning of the year, and is the closest we’ve ever come to the Super Bowl.

  28. @jimmylions

    I am surprised that more people have not mentioned Rod M. He was dangerously underqualified to be a head coach. That and his military mindset of “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it or if it IS BROKE we definitely won’t fix it” did not help things either. He somehow went through the mental gymnastics required to think he was playing with the 2002 Bucs defense. Like preaching “good pad level” would somehow change the outlook of a defense that was scored on more than an all girls catholic school. That whole staff certainly “pound the rock” into NFL infamy.

  29. TokyoLionsFan: Domo arigato gozaimasita!

    I can not believe that of all these posts you’re the only one that had Mike Utley (1991 paralysis)…and I can’t believe that of all these posts only 1 person had Eric Andolsek (1992 death). I don’t think people understand just how bad those 2 things were for this team. Basically, we had 2 stud OL players that were gone within a short period of time. I truly believe that is partially what led to Barry’s retirement as well because after we lost them the OL went down hill.

  30. Not a Lions fan but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find many worse moments for that franchise than Matt Millen’s miserable run as GM as well as Barry Sanders basically saying he was tired of losing and retiring early. Also, 0-16 in 2008, although I admit I was kinda rooting for that to happen just because it’s history in the making, haha.

    I don’t laugh at you Lions fans, I laugh with you. I know your pain. I’m a Bills fan.

  31. spartyfi says: Jun 9, 2011 3:52 PM

    I can not believe that of all these posts you’re the only one that had Mike Utley (1991 paralysis)…and I can’t believe that of all these posts only 1 person had Eric Andolsek (1992 death). I don’t think people understand just how bad those 2 things were for this team. Basically, we had 2 stud OL players that were gone within a short period of time. I truly believe that is partially what led to Barry’s retirement as well because after we lost them the OL went down hill.
    Dude, we had Lomas Brown, Kevin Glover, Jeff Hartings etc to move people off the ball. Letting those guys walk is what did it.

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