Lions “worst moments” — too many to pick just one?

Florio’s discussion of the Lions’ worst moments on Thursday’s installment of PFT Live was of particular interest to me because I’ve lived through many of them.

I grew up in the Detroit area during the Monte Clark/Darryl Rogers/Wayne Fontes era. Little did I know that stretch of futility was actually good by Lions standards — at least they made the playoffs a few times, even if playoff losses during the Barry Sanders years broke Lions’ fans hearts.

In more recent the Lions became nothing short of an NFL embarrassment, with Matt Millen running the show. Basically it was a decade of nothing but one huge “worst moment,” highlighted by little “worst moments” that stick out in the memory, like quarterback Dan Orlovsky running out the back of the end zone for a safety, or assistant coach Joe Cullen going through a Wendy’s drive-thru naked.

In 2010 the Lions had another “worst moment” candidate, when a seeming Calvin Johnson game-winning touchdown in Week One was overruled on instant replay. At least that “worst moment” involved a player who seems poised to lead a resurgence of football in Detroit.

Enjoy Florio’s look at the Lions’ worst moments below.

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10 responses to “Lions “worst moments” — too many to pick just one?

  1. Two word: Matt Millen.

    If he owned the team I’d say he’s worse then Mike Brown but he doesn’t.. so.. there’s that…

  2. @philyeagles5

    ask Patriots nation about 18-1.

    I’d say they’re pretty close.

  3. The Detroit Lions have had all the worst moments they possible. Seems like the great moments are to finally come. Its about time.

  4. Even as a Packer Fan, I can’t really ….get on lion’s fans or rip on ’em…

    it’s like, at least with Chicago or Minnesota, they’re contending and they get under your skin and when they choke and we win, it’s great but detriot, ….man, it was akward sitting next to their fans during games, you wanted to trash talk, you knew your team was gonna win by 3 plus touchdowns, but man, that’d be like spitting on a cripple or a …or something, idk.

    It’s like playing Mortal Kombat against your kid brother, you know you’re gonna win, but you don’t wanna get too hard on him.

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