Steve Breaston’s lockout lament


Several of you have pointed out a video from Cardinals receiver Steve Breaston regarding the lockout.  We’ve finally had a chance to watch it.

Breaston’s message is authentic and heartfelt, and he demonstrates an interest in the fans not as sources of potential leverage in the labor dispute but as human beings who devote their ever-shrinking money and time to following football.

Hopefully, his inspirational words will cause both sides to strengthen their apparent commitment to getting this thing done, hopefully before a July 4 holiday that would provide plenty of reasons for shooting off fireworks.

And when this thing is finally over, NFL Films may want to consider hiring Breaston to be a writer.

10 responses to “Steve Breaston’s lockout lament

  1. My god. This is amazing. DO they even care about me?? Is my 2 cents worth so little? Way to hit it on the head Steve.

  2. Not bad. I like the Pirates hat although I think I saw a Braves hat in there too which makes no sense. Although he was probably in 1st grade when Sid Bream ruined my life(and the life of Steve’s neighbors).

  3. That was worth less than 2 cents. Made me want to puke. The “bidness” is what puts millions in your pocket jerkoff….millions. Shut up with the disingenuous play to the fans. You’re just frustrated because you want to play the game you love and pocket more millions.

  4. Backindasaddle:

    Your ignorant. Yes I’m sure he wants to play and earn his money, but to get on a guy just for stating a one
    Minute poem which tries to state the situation from a fans perspective is ignorant. You’re not smart, you probably belong to the tea party or a union and lack the necessary intelligence to understand anything about labor negotiations. And since you’re that mentally challenged, labor negotiation means the lockout.

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