Texans close out the week for “worst moments”

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On Thursday, we had our first “Murphy’s Law” episode of PFT Live, including a power outage that limited my prep time, an Internet outage, a last-minute scramble to get the closed-circuit live feed up and running, a monitor that wasn’t displaying images of the show and the graphics, the first no-show from a guest, and the curious failure of Sam Francisco in San Francisco to place a call for the weekly open phones segment.

Other than that, things went without a hitch.  (And, frankly, Matt Casey and crew did an excellent job holding everything together, and also coaxing me to abandon the fetal position I had assumed on the floor of the PFT Live studio.)

On Friday, we’ll wrap the week with a look at the Texans “worst moments,” which will be hard to identify since they technically are undefeated in the postseason.  But do your best to identify the worst moments in the comments.

We’ll also be joined Friday by Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert and NFL Coaches Association executive director Larry Kennan.

Make sure you join us, because it will be the last full-blown edition of PFT Live for several weeks.  Next week, we’ll be shutting down completely as the NBC Sports Group gathers its assets for coverage of the U.S. Open.  The following two weeks, as NBC Sports blankets Wimbledon, we’ll return with taped segments, including a daily installment of the “worst moments” series and other takes and interviews as events warrant.

10 responses to “Texans close out the week for “worst moments”

  1. As a Texans fan, in our 9 year history we do have a lot of bad moments. Hopefully 2011 will be the start to great things.

    1.The Sage Ros-En-Coptor was hard to swallow after like a 17 pt lead late in the 4th at home vs. the Colts.

    2. Hailmary Pass vs. Jags last year.

    3. Extending David Carr

  2. Limited history prevents any real doozies:

    Cushing’s drug issues and subsequent excuses

    Not protecting Carr with any semblance of an offensive line

    OT loss to Titans on a long TD run by VY

    Johnson/Finnegan scuffle–looks unprofessional but that punk deserved the beatdown 🙂

    Not making the playoffs yet/not being able to play good defense and good offense consistently in the same year…although my fav team has yet to figure out how to beat these guys

  3. “the Texans ……are technically undefeated in the postseason”.

    Funny Mike, real funny………. if it wasn’t so sad.
    Anybody out there want to swap coaches?Anybody?Sure Texans fans are willing to throw a first and second round pick in to close the deal and see Kubiak in a different uniform. Must have been our worst moment when he set foot.

  4. uhhh…

    Sage rosen-copter to help lose the game to the colts. That was when the backup did a 360 in midair fumbled and the colts scored…

    The time the Rams came back and scored 14 points in like the last two minutes. This included an onside kick recovery and two td’s..

    Chris brown getting stopped at the goal-line…

    The overtime game against the ravens..

    D-lineman after d-lineman getting drafted high and not producing..

    David carr era???

    Their infamously legendary secondary.. I believe it allowed a league avg qb rating that was the best in recent history..

    hmmmm not making the playoffs yet..

    All the horrible losses to the jags and titans.. I mean CJ2K had 100 yards rushing and receiving in one game. Several come backs by vince young to win… Blowin big leads and had complete dud’s for games against the jags.

    Extending Carr.. Extending Jacoby (small hands) Jones.. contracts that is.

    O and frank bush as defensive cord… The guy who had no experience at the position. Just an in house guy who the team liked.. WOWWWW bad choice!!

    Drafting amobi over Revis?? I liked him in that draft too!!!

    I’m sure there are many other things but these are just a few that jumped to mind.

  5. As a Texans fan, I can sadly give you three:

    First, the Rosencopter game. Blowing a 10 point lead over the Colts by allowing 3 TDs in 2 minutes and 10 seconds, not to mention the image of Sage spinning around in the air because he can’t remember that Quarterbacks slide.

    Second, Rory Fitzpatrick, November 2005. The Texans go into halftime ahead 24-3 with both Marc Bulger and Jamie Martin out at QB. The Texans look good to boot, more so considering 2005 was a terrible year for them. In comes Rory Fitzpatrick, the third string rookie nobody, at the time. He leads the underwhelming Rams in a comeback that ends with them winning 33 – 27 in OT.

    Finally, the Colts Texans game in 2009. Texans take a 20 – 7 lead over the Colts into half. 4 Indy TDs later (two in a 25 second span), the Texans are down 35 – 20 and end up losing 35 – 27.

    Give an honorable mention to the 2005 season. Ended 2004 7-9 and get the first hint of playoff buzz. A year later, 2-14 and some of the most embarrassing losses in Houston history (see the Rams game above). Every game you couldn’t imagine how it could get any worse, and the Texans lived up to the challenge every time to prove you wrong.

  6. Have there been any “best” moments?

    Completely dominating the Colts on opening day last year, while watching Arian Foster rush for over 215 yd, and another 30 receiving.

    History will repeat itself 9-11-11 in Houston!

  7. Have there been any “best” moments?

    Winning the first ever game in prime time against Dallas in 2002 comes to mind.

    Beating the Colts for the first time in 2006.

    Dominating the Colts in the opener in 2010 as whitemike55 mentioned.

    The Saints – Texans game in 2007 which felt like a vindication for passing on Reggie Bush. Bush had 15 carries for 34 yards and 70 receiving for zero scores , losing two fumbles. Mario Williams had a sack, forced fumble, and was giving Drew Brees trouble all day.

    These moments certainly don’t live up to most other teams, but they certainly were enjoyable at the time.

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