Chargers remove 36-percent share from market

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At a time when AEG claims to be looking for a team to buy, one of the potential candidates for purchase has removed the portion of the team that was for sale from the shelf.

According to the Associated Press, the Chargers have ended an arrangement with Goldman Sachs to find someone with a sufficient sack of gold to buy 36 percent of the franchise.

Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani, who moonlights as Lance Armstrong’s mouthpiece, said that the extension of the George W. Bush tax cuts for two years made it unnecessary, for now, to raise money for payment of estate taxes upon the passing of 87-year-old owner Alex Spanos.

Of course, none of this means that the Chargers absolutely won’t move to Los Angeles.  Instead, it means only that AEG won’t be buying, at least for now, the 36-percent share that had been on the market.

8 responses to “Chargers remove 36-percent share from market

  1. Since the players are ready to be owners, why don’t Brees, Manning, and Prissy Boy from New England dig in and show their mettle, since they view themselves as owners?

    Maybe such a move would give us football this year.

  2. It would likely take more than a 36% share to move the team. Pulling that piece may mean that 100% of the team will be sold to AEG.

  3. …they were going to sell 36% of the team so they could afford to pay estate taxes when their owner who isn’t dead dies? this sounds like it came straight out of the dodgers/mets playbook.

    the bush tax cuts: saving old rich people from having to tighten up their belts so they can donate money to politicans who tell US that WE need to tighten up OUR belts. thank god for george bush, and thank god obama extended them.

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