Communications continuing between not-so-secret meetings


And yet another small piece of good news emerges regarding the 91-day-old lockout.

At a time when when NFL and the NFLPA* are engaging in not-so-secret negotiating sessions, they also are engaging in not-so-secret communications beyond the confines of the meetings.

The latest wrinkle comes from Albert Breer of NFL Network.

It’s not a shock, given the amount of work to get accomplished and the number of satellite issues that need to be addressed.  After weeks of little or no communication, there’s a lot of catching up to do.

Even if that catching up process seems to be going awfully slowly.

So after an extended period during which the parties couldn’t agree on matters as simple as the content of the calendar or the normal path of the sun, it’s encouraging that they are talking this extensively.  The more they talk, the more issues they’ll resolve.

Eventually, they’ll resolve them all.  We just hope that “eventually” comes sooner rather than later.

20 responses to “Communications continuing between not-so-secret meetings

  1. It’s funny, the title gives all the information you need, while the body of the article is an exercise using words to say nothing.

  2. Is it just me, or did Cinnamon Toast Crunch used to pack a little more crunch?

  3. It’s all an evil ploy to get the deal done in the 11th hour to make all parties look like heroes. Marketing genius. Now if they could just find a way to keep the eagle that will perch on Goodell’s shoulder from attacking the doves that will be sitting on the olive branches curled around Smith’s head as the deal is announced, they’ll be golden.

  4. At this point they should be meeting every day. I don’t understand this meeting twice and then taking several days off. Its as if there is no sense of urgency to get this done. I still get the feeling that these talks are going to fall apart at anytime now and we’ll be back to Square One.

  5. As I have been saying all along (despite what one particular troll on here seems to think) This whole thing has pretty much been mapped out from the start.

    Both sides have known exactly what the milestones were to get this thing done in time to not miss any regular season games.

    What they are doing now is hammering out all of the non financial issues so that the framework will be in place once the 8th circuit rules.

    They are probably also sketching out three scenarios on what the settlement will look like financially: one if the owners win, one if the players win, one if the decision is ugly for everyone.

    I still don’t believe the agreement will actually come before the 8th rules. Both sides know they could potentially get a better deal if they win the appeal, and there will still be plenty of time assuming the court rules in the next two weeks.

  6. @realitypolice

    Dude, my god give it up!!!!!

    You said you bet there would be no games missed a few months ago.
    WOW, bold 4 month wide open window of a prediction!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I said I knew a deal would happen on or about July 1st(give or take a couple of days)
    Thats a 5 day window.

    Lets see, by using your method to make such BOLD predictions I will do the same.

    Hmm. ok

    School is out for the summer but I bet you it starts again by November

  7. @ mushin9

    Everyone was shocked when the players decertified because it seemed that the players didn’t want to be heroes. The owners certainly did with their last minute offer.

  8. Reality

    dude, the myballs guy called his shot ahead of everyone and in a tight timeframe and it is looking pretty good so far and you are hatin.
    i agree, picking a window of 4 months isn’t too impressive Einstein. kind of like bragging about getting lucky with a girl when she was passed out, which you would probably know all about.

  9. Talk is cheap. They can talk about all of the small issues, but until there is a fundamental agreement on the main issue – $$$ – , nothing will happen.

    There are two ways to approach this: (1) try to resolve the little issues and then tackle the main issue or (2) resolve the big issue and then tackle the little issues. I have always found that when you resolve the main issue first, then the little one fall into place. Whereas, when you resolve the little issues first, then a deal is likely to fall through on the main issue.

    We are not in the room, but has D. Smith given any indication whatsoever that he is willing/ready to make a deal?

  10. Isn’t that Ryan Mallett struggling to catch up, in the picture? You can barely see, off in the distance, but it looks like him.

  11. All this optimism is great but until the Ambulance chaser decides that he can be a man and make his own deals,instead of going to his Mommy the Courts to get something handed to him,there will be no deal.
    Smith probably realizes that his plans have miserably failed and the 8th Circuit is certainly going to rule in favor of the owners,so he will now try to cover his failed butt and pretend he is getting a great deal for his players,while he is getting the same deal he could have had in March.(and lucky the owners are not vindictive,or the players would be crushed and would wind up paying the owners to play !).

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