Ryan Kalil starts campaign to bring Jake Delhomme back to Carolina


Shortly after Silva posted an item Friday night that Jake Delhomme’s “days were numbered” in Cleveland, Panthers center Ryan Kalil responded.

“Delhomme’s days with Browns “are numbered?”’ Kalil wrote on Twitter. “Dear Marty Hurney, (slow chant) bring him back..bring him back..bring him back…BRING HIM BACK!”

He followed that note up a few minutes later with the following quote:

“‘We’ve got to talk about where we want to head as far as the veteran back up is concerned.’ – Ron Rivera #BringJakeBack”

The tweets reveal two things:

1. Kalil is a closet member of PFT Planet.

2. Delhomme would be welcomed back to the Panthers locker room with open arms.

Kalil is a bit of a jokester — he got some blogs talking with a message about Hard Knocks earlier this week. But the Delhomme message sounds genuine.

“Kalil jokes around a lot,” Panthers beat writer in exile Darin Gantt wrote. “But if Delhomme was available, there would be a groundswell in the locker room to bring him back to Charlotte.”

It’s not that crazy a notion.  The Panthers will be looking for a veteran that can help Cam Newton become a pro, not one that challenges for playing time.  We suggested Chad Pennington before, but Delhomme makes even more sense.

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  1. Except for the fact that Delhomme has not been an NFL caliber QB for at least 2 seasons now. So if he actually has to PLAY in a game, the Panthers would be pretty screwed. Veteran leadership is one thing but a guy should at least be able to contribute if needed.

  2. Yeh, but you also want a vet that can it done if needed and sadly(I used to be a big fan of his) Jake simply seems to have lost it. I wouldn’t trust him to get it done in the cruch even as a back up.

  3. It’s going to tough, but Cleveland fans could probably be talked into letting Jake go.

    A pity he had to lay in the Mangini/Daboll offense last year. Probably the worst QB ofense in the entire NFL. Had they had some sort of professional offensive structure Jake wouldn’t have been on he run all the time looking for WR’s that had been trained to block downfield and not get open for passes.

    Once play resumes Browns fans are going to see that Robiskie and Masa can get open and even catch the ball. All they need is pass patterns to run with other offensive players taking away some of the defense so they can get open.

    The Mangini/Daboll pass offense ranks as bad as any I’ve seen in over 50 years of watching pro football.

  4. They should absolutely bring Jake back. Like him or not, he had a lot of success for us in the past.

  5. Why not… i mean CLE already gave them the gift of 7 million when they payed him that last season for absolutely no apparent reason. Considering the Panthers owed him 19 mill and not a single team was going to pay him anywhere near that. Has anyone seen him play?? Even Steve Smith hates Jake as a QB.. he said it to his face. I’de pass on Jake taking the lead on teaching Cam Newton anything if I were the Panthers Organization.

  6. In the words Bill Simmons


  7. Delhomme is the best fit for Carolina.
    I strongly believe Clausen wouldn’t have sucked that much last year if he had been taught the Panthers offense by Delhomme instead of Matt Moore

  8. Jake Delhomme makes sense? Cam Newton is a QB that needs to develop the fundamentals of what it takes to be an NFL QB. What can Delhomme team teach him about that? How to handle the adversity of being terrible? Delhomme stinks, I wouldn’t want him within 5 miles of my rookie QB. I’d rather get a Jeff Garcia or someone that had actual success in the NFL.

  9. It would be impressive for a team to have three of its blunders at the same position on the roster at the same time.

  10. Well Delhomme has always been a great locker room guy and an exceptionally hard worker but his play in the last couple of years has been below mediocre. I would definitely have him on my roster to tutor a young QB (especially one like Newton who needs all the help he can get) but if he has to play more than a game, it would be a problem.

  11. LOL, not exactly a ringing endorsement of the large strange Newt, when his new teammates are lobbying for Jake Delhomme. Publicly.

  12. As much of a problem it would be if Delhomme had to come in and play for any length of time, I think it would be a bigger problem to have Cam Newton play for any length of time, until he can ride the pine a while and learn the ropes.

  13. danj3678 says:
    Jun 11, 2011 11:56 AM
    Has anyone seen him play?? Even Steve Smith hates Jake as a QB.. he said it to his face.
    Glad you took that literally when at the time it was said it was his way of joking. Though I do think that good relationship they once had is over now. Too bad you didn’t hear Ronde Barber the other day pretty much talking about how SS really hasn’t ever done anything much since Jake was his QB. That is the truth. Yes SS had more natural talent than JD, but they brought out the best in each other. Maybe one day SS will realize that.

    I find it pathetic to see so much smack talk on an article about how some of JD’s old teammates would welcome him back, DESPITE the fact that the last year he played for them he did not play well in most games. Hard to believe those same teammates would want him back then, huh? I wonder why? Guess he isn’t as “worthless” as all you smacktalkers think.

    Hey NYG fan, at least he never led the NFL in INTs like your QB did last year. Sheesh.

  14. Colt McCoy played better then ALL of Carolina’s Qb’s last year.

    Colt McCoy says he was preppared because of Jake Delhomme who also convinced coaches that McCoy was ready.

    It’s a no brainer, Carolina NEEDS Delhome. The guy might not have the physical skills needed to be a starter but he still knows how to do it.

  15. Sounds like the culture of losing is firmly entrenched in Carolina!

    kidding, kidding. but come on, wanting Delhome? No way is that a winning move.

  16. I don’t get how these horrible quarterbacks develop such fanatical followings. Jake Delhomme in Carolina, Alex Smith in San Francisco – if you imply that either of these guys suck these weirdos come out of the woodwork to defend them.

    Are there folks in Detroit insisting Joey Harrington just needs one more chance?

  17. You can’t go home again. But, just get him out of Cleveland so Colt won’t develop any of Delhomme’s traits.

  18. In all seriousness, everyone loves Jake as an individual. But the elbow called, and it said, “once again, the answer is no in 32 cities. Final answer.”

  19. I have to say I was on the fence with this one…Jake is definetly through ( in my oipnion) as a starting QB, but his value maybe on the sideline as a babysitter for Cam… and PROBABLY can hand the ball off to Stew or (hopefully Deangelo) in a pinch…this is a great scenario to debate…BUT!>!>!>!>! the fact remains we do ned a vet back up QB…so, if not ol #17…then who?

  20. I wouldn’t bring back Jake to be the starter but more of a veteran presence/emergency backup, mentor. The problem is with this abnormal off season lockout, brand new coaching staff, #1 rookie QB draft pick and horrible rookie from last year – I think Carolina needs a veteran QB to actually start for at least this year and be backup for next season. I think Billy Volek would be the best stop-gap QB for CAR as he can not only manage games but win them. He is also familiar with both Co. Rivera and Off Coordinator Chud who were all in San Diego together.

  21. jake doesn’t stink, he just hasn’t ever overcome the arm injury and let me remind everyone that no qb has ever successfully come back from tommy john surgery…jake is a class act

  22. Take my Jake, please.

    PS- “The tweets reveal two things:

    1. Kalil is a closet member of PFT Planet.”

    Headlines about Delhommes days being “numbered” in Cleveland have appeared in places other than PFT. You guys and your collective ego… 🙂

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