Arian Foster has no plans to hold out

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Arian Foster was the league’s most productive running back last year and is set to make only $480,000 in 2011.  A lot of players in a similar situation would seek more money immediately, but Foster will be patient.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle wrote in a chat this week that Foster says he’ll report to camp instead of holding out a new deal. Even though his coach Gary Kubiak heartily endorsed Foster as a top-100 NFL player, the third-year player is fine with proving himself again before getting his reward.

Since Foster was an undrafted free agent, he’ll be a restricted free agent in 2012.  That’s when he should get paid.

14 responses to “Arian Foster has no plans to hold out

  1. “Since Foster was an undrafted free agent, he’ll be a restricted free agent in 2012. That’s when he should get paid.”

    That’s how it should be.

  2. That’s classy. He should be making millions a year with the output that he’s been producing. Also might allow the Texans to have some wiggle room with their cap space so when free agency starts they can be a little more aggressive in getting the guys they need.

  3. It’s nice to see an underpaid player take the high road and pay for the contract he was initially given. I’m glad he’s not pulling a “Chris Johnson” here…

  4. Thats ridiculous man. Pay the man. as soon as the lockout ends. I want to be one the highest paid RB in the league. 480K is insulting for what he did last year. Heck he even had a great 09 year in limited action.

  5. Just hope he doesn’t get hurt this year. Some type of bonus system could have offered additional compensation for last season.

  6. devinmr711 says: Jun 12, 2011 10:32 AM

    Thats ridiculous man. Pay the man

    They are. They’re giving him what was stipulated in the contract that he signed. You know…he’s actually taking what he himself agreed to take, which is an incredible rarity these days. He’ll be paid accordingly when the time is right.

    Don’t be such an idiot. You sound like a wannabe NFL player with a greed streak a mile long.

  7. Don’t get hurt, or else you can kiss that contact goodbye I.e. leon washington. Get the money now!

  8. “Foster says he’ll report to camp instead of holding out a new deal”

    No way he takes a snap even in a preseason game w/out a new deal, he’s just saying the right thing at the right time which is smart!

  9. Nice that he isn’t holding out but the Texans should give him a new deal ASAP. He has easily outplayed his contract. For those who say he signed a deal and he should honor it; if he had been playing poorly he would have been cut and the team wouldn’t be honoring the contract they agreed on. No guaranteed contracts in the NFL and RB’s have the shortest shelf life in the NFL so he deserves to get paid.

  10. He won me my fantasy league last year. Credit to the other owners in the league for making me pay $32 for him at the auction draft. – Smart of him to say the right thing but they won’t make him play for 480K.

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