Ndamukong Suh gets backlash in Detroit


Chris McCosky of the Detroit News begins his takedown of Ndamukong Suh by stating that he doesn’t mind Suh blew off the local media last week Friday in favor of NFL Network.

“Shoot. I’ve been disrespected by much bigger ‘stars’ than Suh,” McCosty writes.

It gets harder to believe that this isn’t personal the more you read.  It also gets clearer we need this lockout to end because we are out of things to write about.

The case against Suh is that he didn’t show up at seven straight player-only practices until he showed up with a camera in tow Friday for a segment of NFL Network.

“That stinks. Whether he had talked to the local media or not, that is a brazen piece of self-promotion,” McCosky writes.

This is the NFL. Self-promotion, especially in the offseason, is part of the game. There is worry in the piece that Suh is setting himself apart from teammates and that he’s too worried about his brand.

We’re in the middle of a lockout.  It’s June.

Unless a player is getting arrested or gaining 50 pounds, it feels a little early to be questioning whether he is pulling his fair share of the team rope.

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  1. Amen. I follow the Lions and I read the Freep and Detnews and I can’t remember another article Chris McCosky has written. Sounds like a hit job.

  2. Unless a player is getting arrested or gaining 50 pounds, it feels a little early to be questioning whether he is pulling his fair share of the team rope unless his name is Dez Bryant.


  3. Yet this beat writer would probably give anything to follow Suh around with a camera. Stop bein’ jealous bro… its not good for your look.

  4. Much ado about nothing – Suh is a very giving and considerate person. Chris McCosky is thin skinned and paranoid – this is another non-story.

  5. Suh had a sponsor commitment to compete in the Gumball 3000 rally, in Europe this summer. He got back in time to attend the last workout, and the NFL Network asked him for some face time.

    As far as McCosky’s comments go, he’s right. He’s been blown off by bigger stars than Suh…mostly because he gets blown off by almost any pro athlete who’s been on a Detroit sports team more than half a season. This guy could give Drew Sharp of the Free Press lessons in shabby criticism, and if Suh avoided him, it only goes to show that Suh is really as smart as he’s said to be.

    :shrug: Suh is said to be a good interview, and reliable about showing up. If he skipped McCosky, that alone should tell us something.

  6. Yeah, he is a terrible team player. Just trade him to my team now before it is too late and he ruins everything the Lions have built over the years.

  7. You mean it feels a little too early to question whether a player is pulling his fair share of the team rope………… if you like the player.

    You had no problem throwing Michael Crabtree under the bus for missing fewer player organized practices than Suh has.

  8. The Player workouts are a joke and will end the first time someone sprains an ankle. Suh is a force to be reckoned with and will be one whether or not he goes out to play with his friends for a couple days.

  9. I have no problem if Suh is pulling away from the Lions… the more he pulls away, the easier it will be for AD to smash through their line.

    But, let’s face it, he isn’t pulling away. He’s probably just being cautious.

  10. Have you seen Suh on Twitter? He is all about self promotion and advertising.

    If I was him I probably would be too….some cash in the lockout 🙂

    He is no dummy

  11. just because you have a pen doesn’t make you god, or the center of the universe. people don’t owe you, it’s not an honor to get a piece of your time in the form of an interview, and you don’t need to create false controversy just to get attention.

  12. Guys, I agree – that McCoskey chump has not been “disrespected” by a bigger star in Detroit.

    Thing is – that was McCoskey’s attempt to vent his spite with a not-so-subtle shot on Suh.

    What a whiney bitch that McCoskey sounds like.

  13. I think the real headline here is, ‘Prissy reporter get his panties in a bunch b/c Suh doesn’t speak to him’. I doubt that Detroit will find an arbitrary reason to be upset with Suh anytime soon.

  14. ‘Prissy reporter get his panties in a bunch b/c Suh doesn’t speak to him’

    hahah so true, this is why the media sucks and players have no respect for these fat losers who couldn’t be athletes so they report on them.

  15. If there’s one guy on the Lions who doesn’t need player-only workouts in the middle of a lockout, it’s Suh.

  16. I don’t know why the elite sports media such as NBC, CBS, ESPN/NFLN and SI, and their affiliates simply don’t dictate to us fans which athlete to like and dislike based on their spunned opinions…Oh sorry, you have been do that. My bad.

    The favoritism shown to certain athletes on this site is blinding. So blinding that you really want to convince us of this deceptive quote, “Unless a player is getting arrested or gaining 50 pounds, it feels a little early to be questioning whether he is pulling his fair share of the team rope.” REALLY!!!

    And it’s the fan’s memory you sports folks call short.hmmmmm

  17. just because Naomi Suh would rather be a Diva on TV then a team leader during the off-season is just fine with me… quit blaming the messenger for the Diva’s shortcomings.

  18. self promotion is only a problem when it hurts your performance on the field – or court LeBron James – so I’ll wait to judge Suh once we see him play again in 2012

  19. Until long time beat writer Mike O’Hara retired, Chris McCosky was primarily the Detroit Pistons beat writer. I think he’s been covering the Lions for approximately two years. McCosky doesn’t have the same relationships with the Lions players that he built up over time covering the Pistons and is less knowledgable about football.

    That being said, he’s neither a bad guy nor a bad writer. Mike’s right though–it sounds kind of like a personal beef.

  20. the vikings had a crappy year and they still had the same record as the lions. But the vikes have to step it up cause the lions won the last game and they are better on paper this year. eh

  21. This sounds just like the time when I got upset at Natalie Portman for not returning my phone calls. Suh probably doesn’t even know who this McCosky fellow is. Now excuse me, I need to go wait by the phone all day. I’m expecting a phone call from Mila Kunis anytime now…

  22. He talked to the associated press on the phone later that night. It doesnt really matter who interviews him, and/or when, because there’s nothing going on right now, so whats the big deal?

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