Eli Manning: Giants’ workouts not great, but better than nothing


Giants quarterback Eli Manning has worked out with teammates at a couple of high schools, and his verdict is in: It’s hard to get much of a practice in without coaches and NFL facilities, but it beats the alternative of not working out at all.

“It’s kind of the best we can do under the circumstances,” Manning said Monday, per the New York Daily News. “It’s not great work, but it’s better than doing nothing.”

Manning said the best thing about the workouts was spending time with some of the Giants’ younger receivers, and that he’s not worried about working on timing with the Giants’ veteran receivers who didn’t attend.

“You can get your timing in training camp,” Manning said.

Unless there is no training camp.

3 responses to “Eli Manning: Giants’ workouts not great, but better than nothing

  1. Slightly off topic, but I am a little disappointed in Eli that he didnt visit Plax in prison. Plax made Eli into a good qb, bailed him out dozens of times with leaping catches on high throws, and won a SB with him. Hard to think a guy like Brees or even Sanchez wouldn’t visit their star/top receiver in prison. Not like Plax raped someone. Eli should have visited him.

  2. Yo Bruschi….. This the same guy who beat your undefeated “super prepared for everything” Patritos?

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