Beanie Wells surprised the Cardinals took a running back

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When the Cardinals drafted running back Ryan Williams in the second round in April, it sent a strong message to Beanie Wells.

Taken in the first round just two year ago, Wells was supposed to be the present and future of the Cardinals backfield.  Quickly he realizes he could be running out of time to prove himself.

“This is definitely going to be my year without a doubt,” Wells said on The Fan AM 1060, via Thursday. “This is my third year and three strikes and you’re out, and I’m definitely not striking out. I am ready to tear it up. It’s my time and I am ready to go out and prove that.”

Wells was a big disappointment in his second year, although he showed plenty of promise as a rookie. He just needs to show he can stay healthy.  Perhaps drafting Williams will help him do that — and motivate him.

Wells says it was “shocking” when the Cardinals took Williams.

“I didn’t think we really needed a running back, especially in the second round,” Wells said. “But obviously they did. I just take it on as more competition and prepare the same way . . . I wasn’t angry. You know the ins and outs of the business. If they don’t like the production at a position, they’re probably going to get another one. This game is like a candy store — if you don’t like the candy you taste, you get another piece.”

Williams could wind up replacing Tim Hightower on passing downs more than he replaces Wells. Either way, the team’s young backfield is one of the deeper spots on a roster with plenty of holes.

13 responses to “Beanie Wells surprised the Cardinals took a running back

  1. I am a big fan of Beanie. The Cardinals finally have a top-tier running back, and Whisenhunt gets his panties in a wad over Beanie’s self-confidence, and keeps him on the bench. Any other coach in the league (with a brain) would LOVE to sign Beanie, at which point Beanie would become a league leader in rushing. Other than Fitz, Beanie is the most exciting player on the Cardinals. Let’s draft a new COACH next time. One that doesn’t think he is the one who got them to the Super (it was Warner) and who isn’t jealous of his own players.

  2. dwoofer is an idiot.

    Beanie didn’t play because he can’t block, can’t catch as well as hightower, and he didn’t run well last year.

    He has to own up to that and improve this year.

  3. “This game is like a candy store — if you don’t like the candy you taste, you get another piece.”

    Thanks for the tip, Dan Snyder.

  4. Dwoofer-are you Beanie’s agent? That’s the only reason I can come up with for you to say something dumb like that. The guy hasn’t done much of anything in 2 years

  5. That’s football. You can never have too many rb’s. They have a shelf life that’s less than a gallon of milk and are at risk for severe injury every play. If I ran a team i would take an rb every other draft even if just a late round pick.

  6. I was surprised the Cardinals took Beanie Wells. He’s lazy, injury-prone & got no heart.

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