Wade Phillips likes his new defense, but unsure about the secondary


New Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips more or less agrees with conventional wisdom regarding his new team’s defense.  He likes the front seven, but he’s not sure about the team’s secondary.

Starting with last year’s first-round pick, Kareem Jackson.

“I think technique-wise he needs a lot of work,” Phillips told John McLain of the Houston Chronicle. “I guess he was able to play at Alabama without a lot of technique without worrying about staying low enough or moving his feet, those kinds of things. I think that caught up with him. I think we can coach him. We’ll drill him enough that we’ll go over and over and over.”

A lot of the talk about the Texans defense this offseason has centered around the front seven. Brian Cushing will move inside, Mario Williams will play linebacker, and DeMeco Ryans is getting healthy.

But Phillips likes that talent and believes Shaun Cody and Earl Mitchell are better than people think on the defensive line.  The biggest question remains in the secondary, which the team figures to address in free agency.

More than anything, they need Jackson and this year’s second round pick Brandon Harris to come through.

9 responses to “Wade Phillips likes his new defense, but unsure about the secondary

  1. They will do fine when nnamdi or jonathan joseph come to town. Just don’t overspend on a crap player like ike taylor. If either of those guys show up and they can move quinn to saftey the secondary will do its job.

  2. The Texans will sign an experienced free agent to start at corner back and be glad they DIDN’T draft Prince. The last thing they need is another rookie at CB.

  3. Dang! That loud smack I heard is Phillips bitchslapping Saban’s coaching ability vis a vis Jackson. I know Saban was a DB coach in Hou…not sure if he was there with Wade’s daddy or not. In fact Hou is where I believe Saban got the epithet “Nick Satan”.

    OTOH..Belichick doesn’t draft Saban’s DBs either. Even the year Webster and Daniels came out and I thought FOR SURE BB would grab one of them. Nope. Only one he’s ever had AFAIK is the undrafted Randall Gay (who I am fond of, nice kid).

  4. I hope Wade has a good year because he sure took lumps in Dallas. I also trust he realizes now that he’s not ever going to be a head coach and will be satisfied with a defensive coordinator job for the rest of his career — because he’s terrific in that position. I sympathize with the man because I think he has a good heart and that he cares for his players (probably cares too much). Better to be a hard-hearted bastard who cracks the whip and releases players right and left if you want to be a winning head coach.

  5. As a Lions fan I can assure you that Shaun Cody is not better than anyone thinks. Plus he doesn’t really fit a 3-4 very well.

  6. “They will do fine when nnamdi … come to town.”

    Except that he’s already made it known that he has no intention of playing in Houston. So, yeah, other than that …

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