Saints “worst moments” on display Tuesday


Recently, the New Orleans Saints have had some very good moments.  Not as recently, not.

We’ll delve into the worst moments since the last work stoppage during Tuesday’s special on-demand edition of PFT Live*.

Until then, feel free to nominate candidates for the final list, and for the honorable mention category.

24 responses to “Saints “worst moments” on display Tuesday

  1. Bobby Hebert flapping his arms like a bird in a Falcons uniform while running around the Superdome deserves a mention.

    3. Al the bandwagoners that jumped on when they went to the Super Bowl who were Cowboy and Packer fans before!

  3. The game a few years ago where on the last play they kept pitching it and pitching it because they were down 20-13. They somehow scored but missed the extra point and lost..

  4. There are many, the self destructing vs. the Eagles in a 1992 playoff game, all of the Ditka years, 2005 Aaron Brooks, Adrian McPherson lining up behind the guard for a snap or getting rolled over by Titans mascot T-Rex, but here is the best one the River City Relay in Jacksonville back in 2003.

    The Saints pull off one of the most amazing plays in football. They run a crazy shoots and ladders play from their own 25 yard line as time is expiring. Then after a bunch of flips and lateral passes and a whole lot more yards than the 75 that show up on the stat sheet Jerome Pathon dives into the end zone making it 20-19 Jags.

    The Saints just need to hit the extra point to tie the game and go to overtime. John Carney one of the more accurate kickers in the NFL proceeds to then go out and shank the extra point.

    Loss and eliminated from playoff qualification.

    That was one of the biggest swings of emotion in football I have ever witnessed.

  5. stairwayto7 says: Jun 20, 2011 9:43 PM


    JIM MORE ERA? are you nuts? Jim Mora might not have won a playoff game but he made the organization a competitor having the first winning season in the team’s history.
    Had it not been for some horrible offensive philosophies they might’ve done a lot better. It also didn’t help having Joe Montana in the same division.

    My nomination for worst moments goes to: Jim Haslett starting Aaron Brooks after he hurt his shoulder and sitting Jake Delhomme. He didn’t want to give into the fans demands and Brooks was bad enough when he wasn’t injured. The Saints needed to win ONE game to get into the playoffs. Instead they dropped all four of their remaining games, missed the playoffs, Brooks had offseason shoulder surgery, and then next year Jake Delhomme took the Carolina Panthers to the Superbowl.

  6. The last game of the 1983 season against the Rams in the Dome.The shock and pain were so severe that fans, subconsciously,blocked it from their minds and don’t speak of it still today.
    With a 8-7 record,all they needed was a win for a 1st ever winning season and playoff appearance.
    Leading the entire game and up by 2 with under a minute left,they opted to punt at the Ram’s 34 yardline instead of a 51-yard field goal for a 5 point lead.
    They punted into the endzone,Rams,with 0 timeouts, drove 50 yds in 3 plays and kicked the game winner.The Dome was so quiet,it was deafening.

  7. 1. The Hurricane Katrina season including playing a ‘home game’ against the Giants in New York when many neutral fields were available, and the lousy home games in Baton Rouge when the team was tanking and fringe-level fans from Baton Rouge were revolting and throwing paper planes as Todd Bouman led the team to the top of the draft.

    2. The entire Jim Haslett era where one year of success with Ditka’s players led to about 6 years of constant excuses about how he would have to watch the tape, the team did just not execute, and next year the running backs or linemen would gain or lose 20 pounds to gain power or speed that would magically fix everything, while all the time Haslett tried to turn an athletic running qb into a pure passer who was instructed never to leave the pocket under any circumstances.

    3. The expansion Cleveland Browns win their first game in ‘franchise’ history as Tim Couch successfully completes a hail mary pass to steal victory from the Saints.

    4. The Saints have to play the New York Jets in their first home game after 9/11 and the NFL wants the Jets to win so much that when a Jets defensive player grabs the saints qbs helmet on the ground and continues to shake it violently after a tackle, Saints offensive lineman Kyle Turley is the only player penalized, for pulling off the defender and removing his helmet to defend his QB.

    5. Saints corners Fred Thomas & Jason David getting burned constantly from 2006-2009.

    6. Russel Exleben, crappy kicker and future felon picked #11 overall.

    7. 49ers hire Bill Walsh as head coach and draft Joe Montana. Saints could have had a lot of chances to go to the playoffs with Jim Mora if this had not happened.

    8. Saints trade 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick for QB Steve Walsh and help the Cowboys build a dynasty. This was worse than the Ricky Williams trade since it helped a hated rival succeed and buried the Saints at a time when they did have a chance to win. In contrast Ricky was a high quality player who the Saints paid too much for, but who did help them win games, and probably would not have been able to lead them to a Superbowl if he was a little better or they had a few extra picks and less at RB, and the Saints did eventually get a 1st and 3rd back from the Dolphins for Williams in addition to what Williams contributed in his time with the Saints.

  8. 1. 2005 Season. Hands down, no competition from any other ball club in the league. Not even close. Its a step or two down from Univ. of Marshall. The entire staff had to relocate to San Antonio and try to run a team, find housing for their family as well as some on the team and their families, and a fan base that was completely scattered to the wind.

    2. Choosing Aaron Brooks over Jake Delhomme. Yes, that really happened.

    3. Johnathan “All You Can Eat” Sullivan and what we had to give up to get that lazy SOB. We sent him to New England for a sandwich. Which he promptly ate.

    4. New Orleans 19 Jacksonville 20. December 21, 2003. If any game represents what the Saints used to be like, its this one. Down 20 to 13 with time for one play and sitting at their own 25 yard line the Saints attempted the play that never works. A short pass to someone and then lateral the ball like crazy and try to somehow score a touchdown. It never works. Except it did. The Saints scored a touchdown making it 20 to 19. And then John Carney, God bless his heart, missed the extra point. The sad thing? If you’re a real Saints fan, you knew that was going to happen. Before Payton came to town, nobody snatched defeat from the jaws of victory like the Saints baby.

    5. I was going to say Rickey Williams, actually had it typed out, but changed my mind. The number 5 reason, for me, is how we handled Sam Mills at the end of his tenure with the Saints. It was an absolute disgrace. And the most humiliating part for me is the fact that Sam Mills is one of the greatest players the Saints ever had and deserves a statue in front of the stadium. Which in fact he has. In Carolina. How Benson treats those players who leave the team is just horrible. But how that entire affair was mishandled was just humiliating.

  9. The missed FG after the Saints miraculously tied it against Jacksonville a few years back.

    How about that time when the Saints kicked off and they thought it was gonna be a touchback. Saints started getting off the field and the other team picked up the ball and ran it for a TD.

  10. rcunningham says: Jun 20, 2011 11:34 PM

    Getting blown out by the Vikings a week after winning their first playoff game.

    Not even close. But if you think so…guess the Saints rectified that, didn’t they? Pahahaha.

  11. I would say it was the season where I think Jim Hazlett was the head coach and they roared out to a 5-0 record and then fizzled the rest of the way.

    Or the Jim Mora Experience.

    Or the Ditka draft. That was loads of fun trading away an entire season worth of draft picks to get Ricky Williams. Woo hoo!

    Or how about that one game where the Saints had a 35-7 halftime lead and ended up losing. Yeah that one.

  12. The Saints did lose the final 4 games of the 2001 season after playing decent football most of that year, but I would have to say the worst would have to be the end of the 2002 season. The Saints started that season 6-1 and looked like a great team. They were later 9-4. They needed only one victory over their last 3 games against easy opponents in order to make the playoffs. The first of those was a bad Vikings team. The Saints let the Vikings hang around all game. At the last minute, the Vikings scored a touchdown and could have tied the game by kicking the extra point. Instead, they went for 2 to win the game and put an knife through Saints fans’ hearts. At the time, I figured it wasn’t much of a big deal since the Saints got to play the 1-13 Bengals the following week. I thought that surely they’d secure a playoff spot then. Didn’t happen; they lost to the worst team in football. They had one more try against a mediocre Panthers team in week 17; they managed to pout up only 6 points in that game. What made things even worse was that the Saints beat Tampa Bay twice that year, who went on to win the Super Bowl. Needless to say, a very, very disappointing end to what started out as a very promising season.

  13. How about in the 2009 NFC Championship game when Brett Favre led the Vikings on a cold-blooded last-minute drive down the field when the game was tied. After an inconceivable 12 men in the huddle penalty, Favre coolly rolled out to his right and threw an 8-yard completion to Bernard Berrian, who was standing alone near the sideline. Ryan Longwell kicked a field goal on the next play, and the Vikings went on to win the Super Bowl!

    At least that’s the way I remember it.

  14. Saints first playoff game in their history in 1987. After finishing the season 12-3, they play the 8-7 Vikings in the first round. Saints take a 7-0 lead, but the Vikings dominate the rest of the game to win 44-10.

  15. rcunningham says:
    Jun 20, 2011 11:34 PM
    Getting blown out by the Vikings a week after winning their first playoff game.


    We also lost our very first playoff game ever to the Vikings. Would y’all trade those two wins for the 2009 NFC Championship? 🙂

  16. 2005 season.

    River City Relay and Carney’s missed extra point.

    Ricky Williams in a wedding dress.

    Ditka era, his comments to SI about New Orleans.

    Giving the new Cleveland Browns their first win in 1999 with a Tim Couch hail mary at the last second.

    Vikings playoff losses were bad (first playoff game ever and the game after the first playoff win), but losing to the Falcons in the Superdome in the playoffs in the early 90s bothers me a little more.

  17. So many for us Saints fans to chose from. But I have to go with the 83 game against the Rams to end the season. The entire stadium had their collective hearts ripped out as we fall one point short of making our first playoff apperance. It was at this point in time that I truly realized that we were a damned franchise….until Payton and Brees showed up in town

  18. So many moments…So little time. Here’s my top five list…counting down (and Ricky Williams and bag heads isn’t even on it). And I was there for all of ’em.
    After reading this, maybe some of you will begin to understand our 2 year celebration of Super Bowl XLIV.

    5. 2003, Jacksonville. With 7 seconds left, Aaron Brooks throws a pass and several laterals later, the Saints unbelievably complete the River City Relay. With no time left and trailing 20-19, only thing left to do is to kick the extra point for overtime. Need I say more?

    4. 1988, Finally…finally, after 20 years the Saints are in the playoffs against the Vikes. Saints take a 7-0 lead. And the final result? An ugly 44-10 slaughter. (Fast forward to the 2009 NFC Championship Game…Payback’s a bitch ain’t it).

    3. 1978, Falcons beat the Saints 20-17 on the final play of the game with 57-yard Hail Mary pass from Steve Bartkowski.
    Two weeks later, again playing the hated Falcons, the Saints get called for interference in the end zone during another Hail Mary…again on the last play of the game. One play later with no time on the clock…Touchdown. The score? 20-17 of course.

    2. After starting out 0-26 in their first two seasons, guess who Tampa Bay gets their first win against. I can still see John McKay lighting up that victory cigar…AAARRRGGG.

    1. And the winner is…
    The 1980 Season: 15 losses & 1 win (NO 21 – NY 20. Thank you Jets…and thank you too Detroit). Bye bye Archie…Hello Bum.

    Honorable Mentions:
    – QB Danny Wueffle looking through his ear hole after a sack during the Ditka years. Don’t know the game…Those 3 seasons are all blurred together.

    – 1979, with the 11th pick overall, the Saints pick Russell Erxleben , kicker/punter from Texas. A kicker…really….a kicker. Com’n man!

  19. all of the Saints QBs after Jim Everett and b4 Jeff Blake. jason david…BUM…Fred Thomas…DUMB…the numerous times the 49ers came to New Orleans and kicked our a$$ but it would take a Morten Andersen FG for us to beat them…Mike Ditka stressed Ricky Williams out to the point he started smokin..Danny Wuerrfel…JOKE…Heath Shuler…WTF…Kerry Collins…DRUNK…Y CANT WE WIN IN CHICAGO? Randy Moss ran all go routes and we knew it was coming and still couldnt stop him…the meltdown of 1992 when Cris Carter caught the winning TD in the back of the end zone late in the 4th..the same thing when Michael Haynes did it 4 the Falcons..the hail mary of the Browns..THE 6 TD PASSES PEYTON MANNING THREW ON US IN HIS HOMECOMING TO NEW ORLEANS AND THEY BEAT US IN OUR HOUSE ON SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL BY ALMOST 50…THE SEATTLE LOST WHEN FOR SOME ODD REASON GREG WILLIAMS DIDNT BLITZ A QB WITH A HORRIBLE HIP TIL THE FOURTH QTR AND WE DOWN BY FOUR…

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