Negotiations continue Wednesday in Boston


The best part about the fact that the Chicago ownership meeting lasted only one day is that the league and the players can promptly reconvene for more negotiations on Wednesday.

Per multiple reports, the next wave of talks will commence tomorrow, in Boston.

In the past, the parties would meet for a couple of days and then break until the next week.  At some point, however, the engagement needs to be more extensive, if the deal is going to be resolved in time for meaningful free  agency and a full training camp and preseason.

On Tuesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell suggested that the two sides are willing to do whatever needs to be done to finish the deal.  “I speak to fans all the time and the anxiety level is very high. I think the best thing I can tell them at this stage is we’re working as hard as we possibly can and we’ll go the extra mile to try to reach that agreement,” Goodell said.  “We know how important football is to fans, and we want to deliver on that.”

Time will tell whether the parties truly will be going the extra mile, or whether they simply want us to think they are.  Either way, time is getting short for getting a deal done, especially if our June 30 prediction has any chance of coming to fruition.

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  1. Keep keeping the lawyers out and it’ll get done. Let them back into the room and they’ll screw this up just as they’ve done with our country!

  2. What the heck is with all the different locations? Can someone find a greasy washed-up blogging shrimp-like lawyer to explain that? Couldn’t they get something done if they would just stay put somewhere, instead of tall this packing, unpacking, reservations, hotel rooms etc. etc? What’s the deal?

  3. This is good, and what I’ve been calling for. We’re close to the finish line. Push the pedal . They should meet Friday too.

    We’re nearing 100 hundred days, so come on already.

  4. From Chicago to Boston. Maybe they’d get more done if they booked a conference room at a Motel 6 off an interstate, rather than two of the best party cities in the country.

  5. We have a better chance playing pick up sticks with our but cheeks then getting a deal done with lawyers involved.

  6. Negotiate. Get the deal done by June 30th. Give every team in the league 6 days to review the rules. Free Agency begins July 6th.

    As always, fingers crossed.

  7. What is interesting to me is that both sides have agreed on 48% of total revenue. Which is pretty close to the proposal the players offered during mediation in March. The players starting offer was 50% of total gross revenues. The owners liked it so much their negotiation team walked out of the mediation and made a big scene about how the players were not serious.

    I guess the players initial offer in March was not that bad after all. I wonder what has changed on the owner’s side other than the possibility of losing preseason revenue.

  8. “Keep keeping the lawyers out and it’ll get done. Let them back into the room and they’ll screw this up just as they’ve done with our country!”

    You cannot have democracy without recourse to the law. It would be unlikely a democracy would function if all individuals and groups/companies had to do their own legal work, i.e., there were no lawyers.

    Some lawyers are evil, but collectively…they are a very necessary evil.

  9. Just an uniformed comment from an uninformed individual. Any time billions of dollars are on the line, you bet your a$$ you need lawyers in the room. I pray to God you aren’t representing anyone else’s finances in the near future. Better get back to the tv because Glenn Beck is almost on.

  10. ‘At some point, however, the engagement needs to be more extensive,’

    Man.. if only there was this invention where you could hit some numbers and you would be connected to a room where a bunch of other people were also connect. And you could all talk and hear each other… if there was such an invention, I would call it a conference call.

    You should ask me my thoughts on another invention I shall call Electronic Mail.

  11. Owners do not care about fans! Roger works for the owners! Fans are dollar signs, period! Roger just talks the talk hoping he says what fans want to hear. If the NFL thought they could make more money in China they would move immediately, no second thoughts – fan, fanaticism…controlled victims of NFL marketing wake up!

    We often think of sports as a metaphor of American life, sadly this could be true for too many people. The owner creature manunkind, if you will, is surrounded by their world, never getting beyond the image of themselves as they rummage around in their little circle of materialism and ego-entitlement – they are vicarious creatures like Don Quixote pretending to be courageous from the owner’s box, nothing romantic to write home about!

    The owners do not care about any of you FANS…..they only care about artificially attaching their egos to great athletes and taking money from fans, I repeat, TAKING MONEY FROM FANS……

  12. Instead of hopping from city to city, luxury hotel to luxury hotel, to hold their talks, I think the NFL and NFLPA* reps should hunker down in a cheap motel in the middle of Kansas. No distractions. No face-to-face contact with family or friends until a deal is worked out. The isolation might light a fire under their collective behinds.

  13. If I’m an NFL owner of a small-mid market sized club, THE #1 thing that I care about is that unrestricted free agency return after 4 years of accumulated service time, not 6 as was the case without a new CBA in place last season.

    The average career length in the NFL is only 3.8 years and by having unrestricted free agency after only 4 years teams like the Patriotcheats can’t simply continue to sandbag guys on the bench who otherwise would be starting elsewhere.

    Unrestricted free agency… good for the small-mid market owners, good for the players too.

    The second most important issue to me would be to implement a major change to the IR. I’ve always found it absurd as to how many guys get shelved for the rest of the entire season because teams feel compelled to put them on the IR due to current roster limitations.

    There should be something like a 6 week IR in addition to the end of the season IR.

    Finally I’d favor a “combat pay” provision, whereby players who are either stuck at or willing to play for hell hole franchises like Jacksonville get a special automatic bonus from a league pool over and above their contracts at the end of every season.

  14. And I thought the owners didnt want to play this year…flip floppers…can’t trust em.

  15. For all those people “sick and tired of watching this” Then why the F are you watching? Its not like reading every or any article about it is going to move them closer to a result. Sure you want to know when it will be resolved. But even if you took a vacation to Nova Scotia and buried your head in the sand when an agreement is reached you will know.

    95% of football fans are uneffected by this event. The only way they will notice is if the season does not kick off on time. Most still dont know that LT2 is a no longer in SD unless their team played the Jets last year.

    We are a different breed on this site. We live and breathe the game. We are the ones who pay attention to team needs, hope our team gets the back-up left tackle that will be the final piece to the Super Bowl trophy. But we are a minority.

    But too many of us post like spoiled brats. I want my free agency in April, not July. I want to know now if my team filled its need.
    Some of us claim to have given up our season tickets over this. Really, you had tickets for YEARS moved up to a great location between the 35 yard lines after a series of seat upgrades and because free agency has been delayed and OTA’s have been canceled you gave that up?
    (personally I think you for that as my upgrade went great this year).

    I fully expected (actually hoped) 2 preseason games would be cancelled before this got resolved. So getting it done around now would be a quicker resolution then expected.

    What will matter is when it is done are the reports going to be that either side got screwed and what is the length of the deal. Will we be saying the players gave up a justifiable amount from the previous deal.

    If you recall, as soon as the ink dried on the last one there was a gush of predictions that the owners would opt to exercise the out clause (as they did). It was an OK we will see how this works deal, and many predicted it obviously would not work for the owners.

    Lets hope the stories after this coming deal is signed are about how the deal looks like it will work for both.

  16. NFL columnist Brad Biggs is reporting today that one of the points that has been agreed on is that unrestricted free agency will revert back to four years of service time.

    If I’m the GM of a small-mid market team, I turn the New England Patriotcheats into my personal farm system. The minute that free agency opens, my “A” list of targets is all Patriots and I go hard after as many as I can!

    This will be GREAT for us fans as well as small-mid market teams, as the rich won’t be able to continue to get richer.

  17. @purdueman:

    If your “small market” team knew what the hell they were doing, knew how to scout FA’s and draft the right college kids, and had a coach with a good system, you wouldn’t NEED to “steal” players from a big market team.

    Of course, then you’d be Bill Belichick, wouldn’t you?

    By the way, you realize you’d be getting New England’s cast-offs, right? You know, the players they decided NOT to re-sign?

    Small market = small mind

  18. richm… I’m a lifelong Bears fan; I don’t live in a small market now, nor am I a fan of any professional teams (regardless of the sport), from such markets either.

    You make one valid point, but then offset that with an invalid point.

    Yes, I agree that if any team (especially where there’s parity due to a salary cap as is the case in MLB), is run correctly they wouldn’t need to depend on “stealing” players from any other teams (regardless of market size).

    No, I don’t agree though that teams signing any 4 year New England free agents will just be signing their “cast-offs” by a long shot. With a salary cap hard decisions have to be made, as the idea behind one is so that clubs can’t keep all of their best and/or up and coming players.

    Offensive linemen in particular oftentimes mostly sit except for special team play for at least 2 years, and sometimes a lot longer.

    So if you’re in this example New England, even if you have an up and coming young left tackle, if you have a bundle already committed to the guy who’s there now, you let the young guy go as a FA (as we all know trades are very rare in the NFL).

    I purposefully targeted New England though in my example, because unless your a Patriotcheats fan you’ll likely despise Belincheat due to his personna (or lack there of), if for no other reason.

    Patriot fans are among the biggest gas bags in all of sports too. Until Tom Brady came along the Patriots were irrelevant even in New England, then all of a sudden the bandwagon broke down from so many “life long” fans jumping on board.

    Bottom line? Returning the 4 year free agency rule should hurt the Patriots more than any other NFL team, and it couldn’t happen to be a bigger jerk than the Hoodie Man.

  19. Correction to prior post… I meant parity due to a salary cap in the NFL of course, not MLB.

    Sorry about that, but I have the Padres-Red Sox game on live in the background (hence the slip).

  20. LOL @ purdueman.
    He calls them the Patriotcheats then says they have players worth signing.
    Guess that means cameragate wasn’t the reason they won then, huh? Maybe it was their coaches, players and personnel people? 😀
    The last big market teams to play in a SB was 07 anyway.

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