Roethlisberger: Playing with Plaxico “would be awesome”


During his rookie year, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger played with Plaxico Burress. He’s hoping to get the chance to do that again.

Roethlisberger says he’s been in frequent contact with Burress since Burress was released from prison, and he’s excited about what Burress can do when he returns to the football field.

“I’ve talked to Plax a number of times in the last couple of weeks,” Roethlisberger told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I told him, ‘Hey, if you came back here that would be awesome, but I’m just happy to see you playing again’ because he’s a good guy.”

Roethlisberger has said previously how much he’d love to have a taller receiver (sometimes angering the Steelers’ shorter receivers in the process), so it’s no surprise that he’d like to get Burress back in Pittsburgh. It would be a surprise, however, if the people who make the decisions in Pittsburgh agree with Roethlisberger.

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  1. “Roethlisberger says he’s been in frequent contact with Burress since Burress was released from prison, and he’s excited about what Burress can do when he returns to the football field.”

    Allergic to pronouns my friend?

  2. Plax could help cover the ladies room door while he rapes the underage co-ed that he got drunk.

  3. If Roethlisberger doesn’t slip u a roofie – and u somehow manage to survive a cha-cha dual with Hines Ward…u still have to worry about getting SHOT in the leg! Nightlife in Pittsburgh is gonna be rough this year.

  4. I’d rather have Santonio back. Hated that we dumped him for nothing in return. Would have destroyed GB in the SB if he had still be on the team.

  5. “He’s a good guy.”

    Why yes, I supposed to a guy accused of rape multiple times only going to prison for an illegal gun charge would constitute good guy status.

  6. tripnasty says: Jun 22, 2011 7:48 AM

    “Roethlisberger says he’s been in frequent contact with Burress since Burress was released from prison, and he’s excited about what Burress can do when he returns to the football field.”

    Allergic to pronouns my friend?
    Allergic to education? A pronoun is :

    1. The part of speech that substitutes for nouns or noun phrases and designates persons or things asked for, previously specified, or understood from the context.
    2. Any of the words within this part of speech, such as he or whom.

    Check the quote you cut and pasted. I do believe he used 3 pronouns.

  7. Roethlisberger: Playing with Plaxico “would be awesome”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  8. These two would make a dynamic duo. Ben sees a girl who wants to “get to know” at a run down college bar. Plax can then shoot himself in the leg to distract everyone while Ben has his way with the girl in the bathroom without anyone noticing.

  9. of course Ben and Plax are buds, they are really on a roll in Pitt if they add Plax. Are they trying to bypass the Mendenhall fiasco by adding Tiki and Plax

    At least Ben can help him get back on track with women as he has only been a guys girlfriend for 2 years. He should have a few high school girls lined up

  10. The Steelers’ hating is a little out of control.

    writtenbyross RAPED ME!!

    writtenbyross RAPED ME!!

    There. Now you have been accused of rape as many times as Ben…and with just as little proof. I hope you rot in prision 🙂

  11. I find it admirable that Ben reaches out to promote Plax even tho he knows there’s no shot at that happening.

    With Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown and Emanuel Sanders, the Steelers are deep at WR. And don’t forget Limas Sweed. Just kidding. But who knows, he’s back and the Steelers must’ve seen something to draft him in the second round.

    With Plax, who they chose not to re-sign and instead re-sign Ward, and Sanotonio Holmes, who they basically gave away, the Steelers seem to look at WRs as dispsoable and replaceable parts…with the rare exception of a Hines Ward.

  12. Unless Plax learned how to play corner while he was in the joint there is no room for him on this team.

  13. Both lacking moral character? plax needed a bodyguard not have a weapon on him. fool. Big ben needs to keep his little ben under control. That’s why they call us humans. WE CAN do that. Jerk.

  14. And this won’t happen. The Rooney’s won’t allow Plax to play for the Steelers. We aren’t the Jets who take all the rejects, we are the Steelers. Although I would trade Plax, and Sweed for Antonio Holmes any day. We would have beat GB if we had that play maker

  15. Oh my … the infantile idiocy is thick on Steelers threads today. This post must have gone up during recess.

    @tomthebombtracy …

    The Steelers don’t necessarily look at WRs as disposable, but the Rooneys have a policy of not overpaying for players who only touch the ball a few times a game. Limas Sweed has the height Ben wanted and is an exceptional route-runner. Unfortunately, he psyched himself out on being able to catch the ball, and we can’t know if he’s resolved the issue until he’s tested in a game. Plaxico could be a useful addition if he doesn’t cost much and if he still has the goods.

  16. @the Santonio wishful-thinkers …

    Holmes would have made the difference in Super Bowl XLV? Tell that to the Jets. I don’t like to play what-if over lost games. But if one thing could have could have made a difference, it would have been a healthy Troy Polamalu.

    I’ll always be fond of Santonio, but let’s remember what really happened. He’d had several disciplinary issues over a couple of years and decided to compound his nightclub altercation by publicly announcing plans to break the substance abuse policy.

    And no matter what, we would not be entering 2011 with Santonio on the roster. He’d be a free agent wanting more than the Steelers would pay. The team just let him go a season early.

  17. We don’t even need Plax. The Steelers signed a guy named Wes Lyons when there was a break in the lockout. He is 6’8″ and can jump nearly 11′ at his fingertips. Watch for him if there is a season, he’ll be wearing number 15.

  18. Any one that remembers Plaxico’s play will remember that the guy had alligator arms, wimp across the center of the field, he was afraid to take a hit. Dropped way to many balls and had an attitude. That is why we dumped his skank heinie in the first place.

  19. I am reminded of an old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

  20. Considering the Steelers organization management these days, it is actually not beyond the realm of possibility. Think about it, they kept Pig Ben Rottenberger after what happened in “Millie”.

    The Devil Went Down to Georgia…and it had nothing to do with violins.

  21. @formersteelerfan …

    What happened in “Millie” was that three sorority sisters conspired to make a false rape allegation. According to dozens of witnesses, the accuser repeatedly propositioned Roethlisberger and he declined her invitation to a private party saying it was a lawsuit waiting to happen. Her sorority sister started ragging him about the Nevada civil suit and he tossed her from the party.

    That woman and a friend later came up with the rape allegation and persuaded the accuser to go along after she’d repeatedly told police they didn’t have sex. Those two were also the only ones who told the bodyguard-at-the-door story–which was refuted by all the other witnesses and didn’t even match the accuser’s written account. The accuser’s medical exam showed she didn’t have intercourse with anyone that evening. All this is why DA Fred Bright said in his public statement more than a year ago that he hoped the sorority sisters had learned their lesson.

    If you’d ever been a Steelers fan, I’m sure you would have read this information in the police files. The links were provided through the Pittsburgh papers.

    Nice try though. 🙄

  22. Plaxico did not perform well UNTIL he hooked up with Ben in his rookie season.

    Rooney’s won’t buy this, but it would be nice to have a big target, if you are a Steelers fan.

    Tiki……….no way……when’s the last time a 36 yr old RB did anything productive in the NFL….very rare indeed.

    The Tiki/Francesca dialogue was pretty choice though, I enjoyed it.

  23. If this website wasn’t so obsessed with Ben Roethlisberger they would have ran a story days before Ben said anything when Gerry Dulac, Steelers beat writer for the PG, tweeted that the STEELERS COACHES are also interested in Burress but naturally it comes down to price.

    Dulac’s tweet below, notice the date dummies.

    #Steelers coaches are interested in Burress but depends on price. They would release randle el to make room.

    12:59 PM Jun 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  24. Hey Deb, master of disinformation. Where do you get this stuff? The sorority sister who asked THE PIG to come back to her sorority house was from another sorority. The sorority sister who got thrown out of the bar was so because she tried to open the locked door leading to her friend and THE PIG. I have what you don’t have, Deb, I know some of the people involved. Here is one for you, Deb, one of the sorority sisters you accuse of being a liar has deep roots in Pittsburgh. It broke her heart to have to say what she knew as the truth. The stench in Pittsburgh these days is no longger coming from steel mills and buses without pollution control, but it is now coming from a football hero gone bad.

  25. Hey lady that replied to me…the NFL wouldn’t suspend big ben for no reason. r u serious. even bradshaw trashed him and told him to grow up. Get real lady. plax with a gun? get a bodyguard. These clubs ask for trouble.

  26. Pittsburgh Fans can truly be unforgiving. America is supposed to be a land of a second chance. LET HIM THAT IS WITHOUT SIN CASTE THE FIRST STONE–(and there was a great silence). You have to remember these guys were young and young people make many errors in judgment. I truly believe the Plaxico is ready to make life count for him and his family alone. Forget football for a second. He lost his freedom and his dignity and had to think about it while he was in prison. Imagine going to jail for shooting yourself. It was ridiculous he had serve that much time in first place. I look forward to a more mature and mentally invigorated Plaxico Buress to make a positive mark in football and society where ever he plays. God Bless Plaxico

  27. You’re not very attentive skane2005, are you? As I recall, Big Ben is not yet married and the date was set for July 23, 2011.

    I wish everyone would get off Big Ben’s back. The guy made some mistakes. We don’t know of the mistakes you’ve made, do we? Why? Because nobody knows who you are and nobody cares for that matter!

  28. @formersteelfan …

    Oh, are we playing oneupsmanship? I have a close friend who worked the case, sport. And I’ve been posting that since the story broke in March of 2010–it’s not something I came up with more than a year after the fact. So I’m supremely confident in saying you can call any cop or prosecutor involved in the investigation and you won’t find anyone who believes a rape occurred.

    But I’m getting my info from the police files and from the medical report and from the videotaped statements and from the DA’s statement and from interviews with the investigators. And as a rape survivor myself with a long history of working with rape victims and covering legal and medical issues, I’m very good at researchnig all this stuff.

    By the way, you are aware that the sorority women’s statements were videotaped and those videotapes were released to the public, right? Apparently she forgot to mention that lock-picking story on the record. She said she was throw out of the party after an argument with Ben–just like I said. Then she and her pal asked the club owner how to bypass the bodyguard to get back in because they were worried about their friend. And he told them, but he said they blew it off and never bothered.

    It’s all in the official record.

    @gdeli …

    Roger Goodell’s letter suspending Roethlisberger was released to the public, too. It clearly stated that NFL Security had investigated the case and found no reason to dispute the findings of the Georgia authorities. He said he was not suspending Ben because the NFL believed him guilty of sexual assault but because of a pattern of reckless behavior and public drunkenness. He went on to talk about his buying alcohol for a crowd of people who already were heavily intoxicated and said that’s not the kind of example the NFL should set.

    You boys should read more. And in formersteelfan’s case … BS less.

  29. Deb, the master at disinformation, you can’t read or you can’t understand what you read or you don’t want to believe what you read and understand.

    To all who read this posting, go ahead, read all of the publically available information cited and see if you come to the same deluded conclusions as Deb.

    The Devil Went Down to Georgia…and it wasn’t Johnny he was after.

  30. Ooooo … what a powerful comeback from the gamer. Now what makes me think this isn’t your first go-round on these threads? ROFL

    Darlin’, Steelers fans already have read the files and reached their conclusions. Most understand the investigative findings and realize no intercourse occurred. The rest don’t care; they just enjoy jerking our chains. And if that “Devil Went Down to Georgia” riff is for my benefit, you’re wasting your time. I’m telling the truth about knowing through my own case contacts that the accuser and her friends lied, so nothing you post matters to me. And for someone with my real life experience, women who lie about rape get no quarter.

  31. Deb, the master of disinformation, you just called people I know (one of them since her birth) liars. Also, your real life experience does not carry weight with me. My sister was brutally raped and then suffocated to death at 16.

    Here is how I am going to leave this exchange. I won’t convince you, and you won’t convince me. Everyone else is on their own. Have a nice life. As for me and my life, I will wait until THE PIG is off of the team before becoming a loyal Steelers fan again. I can wait. A woman’s right to say no is far more important than football.

  32. @formersteelerfan …

    You’ve certainly been lighthearted jacking up the Steelers fans with this “Devil Went Down to Georgia” stuff for someone who suffered a tragedy of that magnitude involving a sexual assault. But if your story is true, you have my profoundest sympathies.

    Yes, a woman’s right to say no is more important than football. So is a man’s right not to be accused of something he did not do. Unfortunately, false rape claims are increasingly common–particularly where high-profile athletes are concerned–and they make it more difficult for real victims to get justice. If you know people who were at Cap City and are saying something other than what the investigators, DA Bright, and forensic reports from the state crime lab have said, yes, they are lying. Roethlisberger is a jackass, but the evidence shows he didn’t rape anyone.

  33. I am so sick and tired of woman who in those type of circumstances, put themselves out there as “game” and then act shocked when “shot,” run their mouth and want the PIG to get “gutted and stuffed”. The old saying is if you want to be treated like a lady, ACT LIKE ONE. I don’t feel one bit sorry for that girl in Georgia, simply because I think even if he forced himself on her, she put herself out there! I know that alot of woman agree with me on this. I am a woman who used to hang out at the bars when I was young and I’m ashamed to say I put out those vibes. Men need to be in control of themselves, but when woman make men think that they are free for the taking, and then expect men to be mind readers and hormone control police , then woman are being unrealistic. The way young woman dress and act at the bars these days, gives men all the wrong signal. If I am way off base here, I don’t give a s……

  34. Thanks, Deb, it was unexpected and I believe you were sincere. Any chance you could also express your sympathy to one of the sorority sisters you claimed conspired with others to accuse an innocent man of rape? I understand she, too, lost a relative to brutal rape and murder. Hmmm, hard to imagine someone like that would want to join the conspiracy you described.

    As for The Devil Went Down to Georgia thing, it was an experiment. While it induces the same level of emotion down in Georgia, there is a different twist. Most people there believe your imagined conspiracy group sorority sisters were telling the absolute truth.

    I am truly signing off now, Deb. Have a nice life. Really.

  35. @formersteelersfan …

    Yes, if one of those sorority sisters has that background, it would change my attitude–not on the events, but on her part in them. When I heard the Nevada accusation, I presumed Roethlisberger guilty because my background predisposes me to lean toward accusers. My brother & sis-in-law are criminal defense attorneys and it took a lot of research and seeing firsthand through a couple of their cases to make me realize some women do lie about rape. Given the circumstances and Roethlisberger’s behavior that night, I can see how a woman who’d had that life experience would believe that’s what happened and want to protect her friend.

    I dove into researching these cases because I needed to know for my own peace of mind if our QB was a rapist. Fortunately, there was strong evidence in both cases, but I still wouldn’t feel completely confident if not for having the inside contacts in Georgia. Regardless, I do believe he has some character issues to resolve and pray he is doing that. Take care.

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