The Tim Tebow statue, home edition

Former Florida and current Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has gotten a full-size statue in his honor in Gainesville.  For those of you who’d like to honor him in your own homes, you can now do so.

For only $12,000.

According to, sculptor Franco Castelluccio has developed a Tebow statute that measures 16 inches in height by 24 in width, featuring Tebow and a defender who is trying in vain to bring the big fella down.

If you’re interested, you’d better move quickly, because apparently there’s only one of these things available.  And if you’d like to pay less than $12,000, you can get it before the bronzing is applied.

We’re certain that someone is going to buy it, bronzing and all.  We’re nearly as certain that whoever does will tuck it away in a closet it and name it Jobu.

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  1. I don’t mind Tebow, he seems like a good kid….but this statue stuff is ridiculous to say the least…..anyone who buys one really needs their head examined

  2. This can’t be for real … right? Jesus Tebow turned into a ‘golden idol’? Can’t write this stuff.

  3. They said he couldn’t be a high school QB. They said he couldn’t get a D-1 scholarship. You can’t make it, you’re not good enough, you’re not skilled enough. They said he couldn’t win a Heisman. They said he couldn’t win a national championship. They said he wouldn’t be a first round draft pick. They said he couldn’t play in the league.

    Tebow appreciates the motivation.

  4. At 16″H X 24″W it will take an extremely voluminous rectal cavity to hold it.

  5. Look, Tebow is as talented as any college qb there has ever been, but you cannot underestimate what the stupid Gator fans will buy or do. Living in the heart of Gator country, it’s bad enough watching the fans looking like clowns in orange and blue. Muschamp could be a good coach, but when Brantley melts down from pressure and Charlie Weiss passes out from the heat, it will be all down hill from there.

  6. Didn’t have to be a genius to predict that the haters that are up in arms over his religious views would hit this one hard. Jealous much?

  7. Think of it as an investment. If he actually turns out to be good at the pro level, in ten years it could be worth $14,000!

  8. Didn’t this same artist make the Burt Reynolds “Deliverance” statue that was so wildly popular?

  9. Statutes?

    Cam Newton better get cracking.

    Tebow’s going to beat him to cultural icon status if Cam’s not careful.

  10. Notice that the statue is RUNNING the ball and NOT PASSING it; it’s as if the sculptor immortalized Tebow’s inability to develop an NFL skill set.

    Pigeons, get to work.

  11. Bigbeefyd, we don’t hate on Tebow because he’s religious. We hate on him because he thinks his religion somehow makes him better and/or more honorable than us. He’s welcome to believe whatever he wants, but when he makes it a point to share those beliefs with everyone else, we don’t like it. Football and religion have nothing to do with each other. Much like religion and politics are supposed to be seperate, even though it’s the republicans main platform……

  12. Talk about fleecing the flock…, the devout follower availing himself of every opportunity to make a buck, even at the risk of idolatry.

  13. i am a gator fan living in gainesville, so i appreciate the kind words 89seminole. you killed us last season. but once again i’d just like to remind everyone that there are 2 other statues, spurrier and wuerffel. most fail to include that in any article which leads to believe we just made a 100 foot tebow statue and we all kneel in front and pray to it. not so fast, my friend.

  14. The Kid needs to publicly say he doesn’t want statues made of himself. If he doesn’t then many would question his faith.


  15. Franco Castelluccio is an extremely talented artist. I’v seen some breathtaking pieces on his website ( and was amazed with the detail shown in each sculpture. Only truly gifted artists like Franco can showcase perfection in there talent. My favorite is the “9/11 pieta” he made in honor of all NYPD/FDNY officials that gave there lives to save others during the 9/11 attack… Lol I guess you can say I’m now a fan of his work 🙂

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