NFL may expand training camp rosters


Whether NFL training camps open on time, or whether the lockout delays them, one thing is clear: Teams have had far less time to assemble their training camp rosters, as the lockout has delayed free agency and canceled minicamps and organized team activities.

In an attempt to compensate for that, NFL teams are considering expanding the size of training camp rosters from 80 players to 90 or so. Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that multiple NFL general managers have voiced support for the idea.

I don’t know anyone in my position who wouldn’t support it,” one general manager said.

Presumably, the NFLPA* would support the idea as well: Ten more players on each training camp roster means 320 more opportunities for professional football players to find jobs. Having more players in camp might also allow each individual player to take fewer reps and therefore lessen the risk of injury.

If nothing else, the fact that NFL teams are discussing the rules of the road for training camps is a good sign that NFL teams think they will have training camps.

4 responses to “NFL may expand training camp rosters

  1. Trade expanded rosters for expanded seasons. Put a “snap count limit” on all players over the 18 game season. Everyone wins, and hobartbaker becomes famous and admired.

  2. So, what about regular season rosters. Players have not had the time to get in football shape that they normally do so I expect to see alot more injuries this year. Is the NFL going to expand the regular season roster? I worry more about that than training camp. And I am sure the players wouldnt mind it either.

  3. No one likes my idea? Add 10 players to the roster, add 2 games to the season. No player on the team is allowed to play more snaps than they normally would in a 16 game season. Garbage time you take out the starters and put in backups. Gives you a chance to watch the lesser known players in game situations. If you don’t want to watch the two extra games, don’t, but lots of people will. Baseball and hockey regular seasons are TEN TIMES LONGER than football. Lots of people watch them all.

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