Redskins “worst moments” on display Thursday


A full 16 teams are finished.  And 16 teams remain.  As we make the turn and head for home in our franchise-by-franchise look at the worst moments since the last work stoppage, we’ll start with the team that won the Super Bowl that capped the last two seasons that were marred by lost games due to labor unrest — 1987 and 1982.

The Redskins, despite winning another Super Bowl to end the 1991 season, have had plenty of not-so-super moments since then.  We’ll count down the worst during a special edition of PFT Live* on Thursday.

Feel free to make your suggestions in the comments.  And, please, don’t get us sued.

38 responses to “Redskins “worst moments” on display Thursday

  1. Dan Snyder. Adam Archuleta. Dan Snyder. DeAngelo Hall. Dan Snyder. Jim Zorn. Dan Snyder. Albert Haynesworth. Dan Snyder. McNabb. Dan Snyder. Jim Haslett. Dan Snyder. Makin Michael Vick look. like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Barry Sanders all combined into 1 freak athlete against them.

    Did I mention Dan Snyder???

  2. First off great photo. I never been a skins fan let alone a team historian but I think when all is said and done the haynesworth signing , the mcnabb trade , and the father/son shanahan debacle will all be up there .

  3. That article is too easy to write.

    1-Team sold to Dan Snyder.
    2-Snyder still owns team.

  4. that 59-28 but woopin by the Eagles would be it for me. As an Eagle fan I was so mad that the Eagles didn’t try to break the all time single game score record (73 I believe). I mean two TDs would of tied it. They needed only 2 TDs with 5min still left in the “3RD” quarter. They seriously could of broke the record!!!

    Now I know it would of looked un-classy. But think about what it would of met to Eagles fans. You only get so many games like that, damn make it count, at least for the fans sake!!!

    I was very upset…

  5. Gus Ferotte nearly breaking his neck after on the endzone wall after scoring a TD has 2 make the list

  6. “You can always get a new couch! What am I supposed to do about my legs?!” ~ Rick James

  7. Clearly the worst moment is when Jack Kent Cooke died and the NFL screwed Cooke’s son and sold it to Snyder .

  8. LOL @ “Please, don’t get us sued.”

    The day Dan Snyder bought the time is probably the darkest moment in this franchise’s history.

  9. I live near DC and can pick up DC radio stations. The fans are great, but the radio is so funny with all the stupid moves, every year the fans think they are going to compete. Every year they stink.

  10. worst moments for my skins: 4- lose to 49ers in playoffs in jan 1993. 3- jack kent cooke sells the team/snyder buys the team. 2. dan turk’s bad snap vs bucs is 1999-00 playoffs (i curse him, wish him to die, he does a year later of cancer, i feel bad for wishing) 1- sean taylors murder. by far the worst moment! he was shot in his home defending his family not at a club at 3 am. miss u sean. #21 forever! hail!

  11. The day the “mighty” midget put his name on the door at Redskin Park.

    Everything else is fighting for 2nd place.

  12. The loss of 21

    The “body bag” game

    Heath Shuler

    Albert Haynesworthless

    Vinny and Dan doing everything possible to ruin a great franchise.

    Clint Longley

  13. Jim Zorns fake field goal attempt, that failed, which caused him to immediately try it AGAIN, which also failed, was the worst football play ever. Period. Of any team. Ever.

  14. Clearly the worst moment is when Jack Kent Cooke died and the NFL screwed Cooke’s son and sold it to Snyder .

    – sorry but mr cooke screwed the redskins- in his will he put the team up for auction to get the most money for some charities or something like that, Not the NFL fault.

  15. how about when the Cowboys cut Tony banks and we immediately sign him to be our starting QB in the preseason?

    Or LT crushing Theismann’s leg
    or the Jason Taylor trade
    or the TJ Duckett trade
    or letting Antonio Pearce leave via free agency
    or Jeff George debacle
    or Spurrier

  16. and one of the worst decisions ever for the redskins was firing greg williams! He should have been the head coach! and at minimum the defensive coordinator with a very long term contract!!

  17. How about when Cowboys owner Clint Murchison bought the rights to the song “Hail to the Redskins” and threatened to never let the Redskins play it in their stadium again unless George Preston Marshall cast a vote for allowing Murchison to own an NFL franchise in Dallas? OK that was way before the last labor unrest but its still funny as sheeyat.

  18. We’ve had plenty of awful moments, but I don’t think anything can even come close to Sean Taylor. Not even close.

    4. Eagles going ahead 35-0 on MNF this past season.
    3. The complete free agency haul of 2000.
    2. Botched field goal against Bucs in 1999-2000 Playoffs.
    1. Sean Taylor.

    Runner-ups: The whole Marty debacle. The end of Jim Zorn debacle. Jim Zorn’s fake field goal. Albert Haynesworth. Patriots waxing the Redskins 51-0 a few years back. Losing 11 of 12 to the Cowboys.

  19. eventhough this is my ALL TIME favorite play in Saints history…. u gotta rank the Meachem Miracle up there with your worst moments… that would’ve made me want to put my head through the wall had I been a Skins fan. Sorry guys coming from a Saints fan… I know how rough it is! Cheers

  20. well at least we have won the superbowl three times eagles fans!!! who is the last team in the nfc that ever will win a superbowl? the eagles!!!! history can’t change that!!!

  21. we all can agree weasel wonder boy buying this once proud org and bringing down to the level of the detroit lions with their losing ways the last 20 yrs plus.

    As a boys fan though I love that he is in control as this org will fail for many many yrs to come.

    How about my boys beating this team 14 times out of 15 games in the 90’ about total domination and i see why the 4skin faithful are so bitter towards my boys…..that was a great memory for the boys fans and all time record is 60-40 so they will never catch up to my team in my lifetime..LMAO.

  22. There’s so many to choose from… but at the end of the day, every one of them seems to stem from Snyder taking over. It makes the rest of them all blur together into one decade-long bad moment, really.

  23. Hey Boysroll the last time I checked your beloved Cowboys haven’t won crap and just recently finally won a playoff game!! Just like your team you sound good on paper but when the time comes to step up you just fall down and look stupid!!

  24. The whole LaVar Arrington situation epitomizes how inept this franchise has been since Dan Snyder bought the team. From 2000-2005, LaVar Arrington was the only good thing about that team and was one of the hardest hitters and premier linebackers in the NFL. Had he been on a winning team he would’ve been a Defensive Player of the Year candidate. He loved the fans and they loved him. Dan Snyder, Joe Gibbs, and Gregg Williams deemed LaVar a freelancer and a detriment to the team and forced him out. In Gibbs’s first two years back, LaVar got hurt and was benched for no real reason for Warrick Holdman. LaVar gave money back to the Redskins in 2006, signed with the Giants and was on his way to becoming a force again when he tore his achilles and in 2007 was in a career-ending motorcycle crash.

    Also, how things went down with Donovan McNabb is also frustrating. The Shanahans basically blamed the offenses problems on Donovan and basically said he was out of shape and didn’t know the offense. He had no offensive line, no running game, and only two reliable receivers. In his last few seasons in Philadelphia, he had TO, Brian Westbrook, Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, and Brent Celek with Pro-Bowlers like Jason Peters, Tra Thomas, Jon Runyan, and Jamaal Jackson blocking for him. In DC, all he had was Chris Cooley and Santana Moss. Clinton Portis was donesky and Ryan Torain is an injury waiting to happen. The other receivers were Anthony Armstrong (talented, but definitely more of a slot guy), old balls Joey Galloway, and Roydell Williams (who’s a scrub). Aside from Trent Williams, his blockers were an aging and undersized Casey Rabach at center, Kory Cheeseburger at left guard, an ineffective Jammal Brown, and Stephon Heyer who can’t play and is such a joke that Joe Buck was laughing at him when he let Clay Matthews just run past him in the Packer game last season. The offense’s woes can be pinned to the whole team and coaching staff, not just Donovan McNabb.

  25. 2009: Delhomme runs through D-hall arm tackle to secure first win of Carolina’s season


    Archuletta: Highest paid safety of all time

    Last years botched snap and loss to the bucs after Torrain had over 100 rushing yds in first quarter

    beating the 2009 rams 12-9 on 4 field goals: followed by boos from fans (sadly I was there and paid 70 bucks for tickets)



    Losing to the fitzpatrick led bengals in 2008 on 3 straight 1 yard to go on the goal line in the 4th qtr

    how bout Matt stafford has 3 career victories: 2 vs the skins (why cant we beat the lions….soon they will be good)

    Plaxico….wait that hasn’t happened yet

    giving up 59 to the eagles at home last year


    Cerrato making decisions….on anything

    every time we play the Giants lately we get destroyed (except for everyone’s boy; Todd Collins!)

    the only good qb we have had in the last 17 years is Todd Collins

    Carlos Rogers

    For some reason, Stephon Heyer has made the team for like 5 straight years…I would rather have a…a….chair at right tackle. thats right, at least it might get in the way of defenders


    Jason Campbell had like 5 years to prove himself…he was always garbage…everyone knew that

    how bout when Campbell ran past the line of scrimmage and THEN threw a pick to the Giants…

    how bout that overtime loss to the chargers of 2006 when LT ran for 60 on the first play

    Jeff George

    Gus Ferrotte

    Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly

    ZORN!!!!!!! WHY!!!????

    ALL SNYDERS FAULT what a jerk

  26. Sure, the Redskins have their “bad moments”…..but the good part is:

    In the morning, I’ll wake up a Redskin fan, and you all will wake up as whatever “loser team you support” fan.

  27. Hey Boysroll the last time I checked your beloved Cowboys haven’t won crap and just recently finally won a playoff game!!


    They won playoff games before that one. That was their 33rd playoff win.

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