Ike Taylor sounds like he’s ready, willing to leave Pittsburgh


From time to time over the past several months, the Steelers deftly have tried to get the word out through the media that cornerback Ike Taylor will be staying in Pittsburgh.  We’ve been told that Taylor plans to instead test the market once free agency opens, and Taylor himself later said he won’t give the Steelers a hometown discount.

Since the Steelers rarely get into bidding wars for free agents, especially when those free agents most recently played for the Steelers, Taylor seems to be resigned to the fact that his next contract will come from another team.

“I’ve been [in Pittsburgh] for eight years,” Taylor told Hunter Paniagua of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, via NFL.com, from Taylor’s annual “Face Me Ike” football camp in Gretna, Louisiana.  “I’ve been in that city more than any other city in my whole life, but time will tell.  I see myself being anywhere I need to be.  Wherever you put me, I’m going to make home.”

With Champ Bailey re-signed by the Broncos and only a few big names hitting the market at the cornerback position (Nnamdi Asomugha and Antonio Cromartie) and plenty of teams having to spend plenty of money to comply with the expected minimum cash requirements of the salary cap, Taylor could be in high demand.  But he says he’s not thinking about how it will all shake out.

“I just leave it up to my agent and Pittsburgh,” Taylor said. “When it comes down to getting serious, I’m sure my agent is going to call me.  Other than that, he’ll let me know when the time is right.”

Given that the time can’t even begin to be right until the lockout is over, here’s hoping that the right time is coming soon.

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  1. This guy is going to get over paid! He is a mediocre cornerback at best, but some dumb team will buy into the Steeler’s hype. The only DB I would take from the Steeler’s is Troy P.

  2. he’s good but he’s not good enough to draw the type of pay he’s asking for.

  3. Ike is demonstrating more business savvy than I would have expected from the “swagger” guy. Either he understands his market value, or his agent has managed to get it across to him. It’s well-known that Ike is personally close to the Rooneys, but he can’t allow that to affect his business judgment anymore than they’d allow it to influence theirs. These statements are exactly what he should be saying to keep from hamstringing his agent in negotiations.

    The bottom line is that we’re weak at corner even with Ike on the roster. That’s especially worrisome with Troy suffering more injuries. Unless the coaches are aware of an unheralded secret weapon ready to step into his place–unlikely since they haven’t been able to watch new acquisitions practice–they’ll have to work a deal with Ike or bring in someone who can at least match his talent level. One way or another, I expect Colbert, Tomlin, and Rooney will work it out.

  4. The perfect scenario…Pittsburgh either overpays for an average CB or they lose their best CB…

  5. In the words of Lil Wayne… “Throw it up, touchdown on Ike Taylor.”

    It was painful watching stone hands for this long.

    On another note, How ’bout them Bucs!

  6. Pittsburgh was 2 cb’s away from a superbowl ring and if ike leaves they will be three. at the same time you can’t really argue with the way pittsburgh does business, i bet they let him go.

  7. Ike been trying to get out of Pittsburgh for the past few days, but no one picks up large black male hitchhikers.

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I’ve never seen a CB that have dropped as many balls as Ike. Games are won on turnovers not incompletions. Sell you mediocre talents elsewhere.

  9. this is too bad i hope the steelers resign Taylor cause i dont think ive seen anyone get burned more often then Ike does and the whole steeler secondary as time and time again they prove they cant stop a good passing team and i love watching them get picked apart and unable to do anything about it. You know the samething GB did to them in the SB

  10. I think Ike looks better than he really is thanks to the pressure Pittsburgh’s front seven can consistently put on a QB… that would make any cornerback look good. However Pittsburgh, remember that its easier to keep your own starter than to get a new one and try to intergrate him into your defense. Steelers would be wise to try to hang on to Ike.

  11. I agree the Steelers have some issues at corner, but lets look at this from a business perspective. Nothing against Ike, I’ve enjoyed watching him play, but I also find myself holding my breath every time he is thrown at. If we are going to go spend the kind of money he wants, I would much rather spend it on a Nnamdi Asomugha or a Brent Grimes (who is just as good, if not better than Ike with more upside).

    There’s no doubt our defense needs to get quicker, and younger at the DB position. We have a good crop of talented DB’s that have been around for a bit, and I have to trust that the coaches know better than we do. They have been in the Superbowl 3 of the past 6 years, they are obviously doing their homework.

  12. If he had caught most of the balls that he should have he would be in the top 20 for INT’s in league history. The fact that he played 8 seasons for the Steeler’s will surely make some desperate team over pay him

  13. Jonathan Joseph is better CB than Taylor or Cromartie. Guy never gets burned and is good for 6 picks a year, but gets no mention. No wonder players want out of Cincinnati…

  14. No Ike Taylor then Carlos Rogers will be floating around. Carlos can cover better but what a mirror image of each other when it comes to dropped potential interceptions.

  15. He’s the best man CB the Steelers have, bar none. The Steelers are hardly ever in man defense though.

    At the end of the day, I can’t see them paying him big bucks. Nobody covers up weaknesses in the back end like the Steelers, with zone dogs.

  16. Hey Ike, you better Larry Foote!..You can play for a chance to win a Super Bowl every year for 8 million dollars…..or you can get 10 million to play for a bad team

  17. @erniecohen . . .

    The deadline for applying the franchise tag already have come and gone. Besides, the Steelers used their franchise tag on LaMarr Woodley.

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