Labor talks set to resume next week, hopefully for more than two days

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In each of the last four weeks, the NFL and NFLPA* have met in undisclosed locations in order to attempt to hammer out a new labor deal.  Per Albert Breer of NFL Network, they’ll be getting together again next week, in yet another undisclosed (at least for now) location.

And if the past trend holds, they’ll meet for two days before breaking once again.

Look, we realize that they’re communicating when they’re not meeting.  And they’re likely making progress.  But there’s no substitute for packing up bags and heading to a neutral site and sleeping in a hotel bed in order make real progress.  Though marathon sessions could cause nerves to fray and tempers to flare from time to time, once the two sides accept the fact that they will continue to meet, every day, until a deal gets done, the two sides will move toward getting a deal done.

Besides, what other business considerations could be more important than getting the labor agreement finalized in time to have semi-meaningful free agency before the Bears and Rams open camp on July 22?  It all sends a bad message to the fans by creating a perception that the parties are moving way too slowly.

Of course, there’s a chance they’re closer than they’re letting on, making round-the-clock meetings unnecessary.  If so, they still need to be moving from handshakes to paperwork signed soon, so that the various courts can dot all i’s and cross all t’s ASAFP.

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  1. I’m sure there’s been an agreement and that they’re just drafting the damn thing now. I’m hoping by this Thursday June 30, a new CBA will be announced.

  2. That turtle kicks a$$. But they should have been meeting every day scince March. This whole process has shown that neither side cares about the fans in this matter. I mean it is their livelyhoods so i understand to a point, but enough is enough. Nobody is going hungry in the NFL so let’s go fellas.

  3. It was interesting that before the decertification and lawsuit Goodell said many, many times we are ready to work around the clock, etc. etc.

    We havent’ heard him say that for quite a while. Also we haven’t heard any of De Smith’s inflamatory statements. So it’s good that they aren’t deuling it out in the press anymore.

    I think the 2 day thing simply comes down to that is the max they can get the owners to attend (guessing). Also, the 2 day thing does seem to be working by all appearances. Hard to tell what they are doing the other days of the week. Perhaps those non meeting days gives them adequate time to digest the last proposal/concerns, create counterproposals, and run it up and down the flagpole to see if other owners or player’s reps are o.k. with it.

    If it is working (and it’s hard to really tell if it is) then I say stick with it. As long as they keep the lawyers out of the room they will create a deal that works for both sides IMO. It may come a bit late than what is ideal, but I’d rather see a late deal that works instead of lawsuits. Lawsuits don’t benefit fans, players, or owners, only lawyers.

  4. “7370355q says: Jun 25, 2011 4:54 PM

    I’m sure there’s been an agreement and that they’re just drafting the damn thing now. I’m hoping by this Thursday June 30, a new CBA will be announced.”

    And just how the hell could you possibly be sure of this???

  5. Write it down. Before the 4th of July. So Roger and De can look like the big HERO’s and the owners can say how much the fans deserved it to be over….. Watch

  6. REALLY? ….I think the media an the fans need’s to quit paying so much attetion to the lockout..By God if their to damn dumb to figure out how much money they’ll lose,then so be it!!!!!

  7. Sitting face to face 6/7/8 hours a day could cause renewed distrust and hatred. How about if they stayed in the vicinity until a deal is done, meet every other day, and on the off days huddle with their respective teams or have conference calls withe they player reps keeping them updated. I get the impression that the players are completely in the dark as far as what is happening.

  8. It’s not like they’re holding these meetings in some backwoods cabin in West Texas where it’s 110 degrees in the shade and there’s no AC. They’re meeting in world-class hotels, and if tempers flare, they can skip up to their luxury suites and kick back for a while with the cable and mini bar. So heck yes, these twits should be meeting in ongoing marathon sessions that last more than two days.

    But then it’s only team and stadium employees feeling the pinch at the moment, not these negotiators … some of whom will get paid more the longer this drags out. So apparently they have no sense of urgency.

    Ravens/Steelers week one, fellas. Make us lose that game with your dawdling and we’ll set the craziest loons in both fan bases on you. That should strike real fear into your hearts. 😯

  9. Right, that could pass for Al Davis..I was thinking it was a new pic of Favre’s junk.

  10. The reason they are not meeting everyday is because they don’t want to show desperation to the other side. The first side to ask for daily meetings will lose. They want to convey the nonchalant attitude that they can last forever without a deal so it must be a good deal.

  11. if they don’t start meeting up every day from here on out it’s not gonna get done in time. they need to hurry this up i don’t know what they’re thinking.

  12. Thats what i was thinking? We have a 9 billion dollar deal on the line and they take weekends off? Where is the sense of urgency!?

  13. I am a little old to play sports, but can anyone point me in the right direction to make a few millon dollars a year to work 2 days a week like these guys??????

  14. Can’t wait until the day we finally see the words: Deal is done & signed. That is, if I don’t give up on them first and ignore all things football. Until then….

  15. Still say they should’ve locked them up in a room with no food or bathrooms. Things would have been solved months ago!

  16. My wish list includes the Eighth Circuit issuing a ruling on the appeal by July 1, nearly one month after oral argument, and an agreement in principle to be reached shortly thereafter between the owners and players—preferably by July 8. Don’t buy into the notion that an Eighth Circuit ruling would derail a timely settlement of this labor dispute. Realistically speaking, the odds of that happening are about the same as the Earth being hit by “Asteroid 2011 MD” on Monday. For purposes of future litigation, I do think it’s important to establish case law squarely on point that the district court either had or lacked jurisdiction to enjoin the League’s lockout.

  17. They should extend the time-frames. meet monday/tuesday and thursday/friday until a deal is finalized and presented.

    I’ve noticed (at least lately) that you refer to the potential outcome as a new “labor deal” or “labor agreement.” Do you foresee a “CBA” that would need the union recertified, or a legal settlement with no certified union in place?

  18. We the owners and players believe in the golden rule. We got the gold we rule. You the fans are our bee-otch give me what ever I charge and wait with great anticipation until I say How much.

  19. I think we should start a lock out of our own. If the owners and players can’t come to a agreement by July 1 we boycott this season.

    I understand if you have season tickets this is hard to do for you can lose your tickets. But we can boycott tv. If the ratings go down I am sure the networks are not going to be happy. Unhappy networks means no Billion to divide.

    Who is readyto join me in NFL Fans Lock out the NFL.

  20. @Deb

    I like the last part of your comment and I’m in. Just tell me when and where.

  21. KUDOs to both:

    those that facilitate organization/marketing of NFL~Football, AND, those what play the game!

    Gents, keep-on keepin-on and do not worry whether an early(er) agreement makes it look like they or y’all got an upper hand.

    We fans will not care one iota come Ground-hogs Day.

    This ‘gettin-er-done’ mentality/imperative that’s become obvious increasingly in recent days IS exactly what we fans want and hope for!

    Carry~on! and, please:


  22. deb said “Ravens/Steelers week one, fellas. Make us lose that game with your dawdling and we’ll set the craziest loons in both fan bases on you. That should strike real fear into your hearts.”

    hahahaha yeah those fanbases arent ish!!! EAGLES FANS ALL DAY BABY!!!! Steelers fans are a bunch of spoiled fancy wannabe rednecks! lol..

  23. i love how people think there is a sensor in their tv, and if they dont watch a show, the people on the show loose money. hah! all those veiwership numbers are estimates extrapilated from comparitively small surveys. if you and most fans ‘boycott’ the season… there is a very small chance any of you would even effect the ratings a small amount. its actually funny that we have this image in our heads of our tv’s sending viewership info to the networks or something.

  24. It’s all lip service at this point. If both parties were truly dedicated to hammering out a fair deal, they would certainly meet more than 2 days a week!!!

    Until they begin to feel the squeeze on their bottom line they will undoubtedly continue the snail pace.

    After all, do you really believe they care about the fans?

  25. @mississippibred….. If fans dont fill the stadiums,I be damn if that wouldnt effect both NFL&NFLPA.You can say what you want but both sides have told the fans “screw you”…you have nothing to do with I’ll keep my money from now on..


    The rest of the country is suffering an these numb n…s are being a… holes over billions.

    Football is a stress reliever; it takes us from our every day cares for a short time each week. For God’s sake show some drive/desire and NEED and get this done.


  27. What bothers me is that the Comm. and Smith go in front of the news people and tell us how hard they are working and how difficult this is. I have no idea but then why are they only working two days a week without bringing up phone calls. I only hope this does not go flat because the fans will really get upset with them only working two days a week. The month of July is close and these leaders better get moving.

  28. You keep hammering on and on about this ‘meeting every day’ thing, and now you’ve put out a survey with an extremely leading question just so you can prove that everyone agrees with you.

    Well yay you. Has it ever occured to you that just maybe meeting every day would simply not be practical? We’re talking about a handful of owners negotiating on behalf of 32 owners against a handful of NFLPA representatives representing over 1000 players. It’s not just a case that you can lock them in a room until they havesigned a deal. Owners have to talk to other owners to make sure they are on board and will sign up to the agreement (and the same to a lesser extent on the players side). Both sides have to talk to lawyers (oh noes, lawyers!) to make sure that what they are agreeing to doesn’t leave them completely shafted on a technicality and, most importantly, is actually legal. Often something that is brought up in a meeting will have to be researched by both sides to get precise numbers or to fully investigate the impact.

    Honestly, the way you are presenting this issue is completely naive.

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