Channing Crowder clarifies his college jersey claims

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Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder made a big splash with the maiden voyage of his weekend radio show on WQAM.  With three separate newsy items emerging from only one show, Crowder and Zach Krantz could soon be relegating, say, Sid Rosenberg to the 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. time slot.

The biggest story from Sunday, which coincidentally became the subject of an Associated Press story only after it was posted here, related to Crowder’s hint that he sold his University of Florida jerseys.

“I’ll say hypothetically I don’t have any of my Florida jerseys,” Crowder said on the air, per Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “There were some Jacksonville businessmen who liked my play.”

On Tuesday, Crowder clarified his remarks.

I said hypothetically twice [Sunday],” Crowder said, per Kevin Lerner of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “I said, hypothetically, if I didn’t have any more of my jerseys because let’s say, hypothetically, some wealthy businessmen liked my play at Florida . . . and they took it and ran off with it.  As a matter of fact, I think so highly of myself and my mom thinks highly of me so I can’t sell any of my jerseys.  I’ve got to keep them all.”

Per Kelly’s account, Crowder said “hypothetically” only once.  And even if Crowder said “hypothetically” a million times, a reasonable person could interpret his use of “hypothetically” as cover, in the event that his words had the intended effect — generating interest in and attention to his radio show.

“We’ve got to bring it next week, people are going to listen now,” Crowder said.  “I think I took my ratings up a little bit.”

And they’ll stay up as long as he continues to say controversial things.  Hypothetically, of course.

25 responses to “Channing Crowder clarifies his college jersey claims

  1. If only this guy was half as good a player as he is a talker this linebacking corp would be set. As it turns out, he’s nothing more than Morlon Greenwood with no brains and a big mouth.

  2. Whats the over/under on days before he says something really controversial/offensive that gets him cut from the dolphins?

  3. Am I the only one who keeps hearing stuff from Channing Crowder and thinking…”who?” Yeah I know who he is, but…meh? What has he done to be talking this much? Ray Lewis doesn’t talk THIS much and he has a ring and hall of fame credential stats. Crowder is coming off a 39 tackle season with no sacks or forced fumbles. I’m supposed to pay attention to what he says on a radio show? Seriously man, how about you focus on improving from that 7-9 season, staying healthy for 16 games, and not jawing at Rex Ryan. Just like the other Miami team though–like bad cell phones–talk talk talk but no ring.

  4. Who gives a rat’s ass? How about lets get a deal done already. Too many idiots with too much free time making worthless news. Starting to loathe football players that are not playing football…

  5. Hypothetically we beat New Orleans in the NFC Championship went on to whip the Colts in Superbowl 44 and I love my hypothetical job cleaning the Viking Championship trophy case
    Pervy Harvin

  6. I realize Crowder comes off as an idiot, but he scored a 30 on the wonderlic, and basically just likes to mouth off.

    He sure as heck got attention for his radio show, which seems to be his main goal.

    Yet all the people falling for it are evidently brain surgeons………..hypothetically speaking of course..

  7. I don’t always pay attention to idiots, but when I do I prefer Channing Crowder.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

  8. Fin72 your exactly right. This Dumba*s gets busted a few years ago for leaving the scene of an accident…Allegedly drunk…. Then thinks he can TALK about what he thinks is okay in the NFL Much less college? He was a mediocre LB in Miami at best. Having tattoos and coming out of the University of Miami doesn’t make U a player. Just because he and his mommy had a public spat with Rexy doesn’t mean he is relevant. Channing didn’t do SQUAT as a linebacker for Miami besides getting paid to sit on the IR list for a year then try to talk sh*t to the jets for some PR in Miami. I haven’t seen this a-hole do anything for my team since he was drafted in the 3rd round so many years ago……And even then he was taken way too high….FU Crowder! Even if ur just in radio now U are still overpaid!!

  9. Ah, hypothetically…the most obvious cover-up word…along with when people say “allegedly”

  10. Is anybody else amazed that this worthless sack of scat even knows what hypothetically means? It seems his only fans (his mother and himself) have convinced him that he is relevant.

  11. Doesn’t he know that only the coaches and the schools are allowed to make money off their play? What a terrible terrible person. How dare he reap any benefit from his effort.

  12. “As a matter of fact, I think so highly of myself and my mom thinks highly of me so I can’t sell any of my jerseys. I’ve got to keep them all.”

    That made me chuckle.

  13. Tony Sparano almost losing his job, Stephen Ross showing that hes an idiot, Ricky Williams having mood swings, Chad Henne and other QB drama, Brandon Marshall getting stabbed, and now more Channing Crowder drama. Can we like get some good Miami Dolphins offseason news for once this year

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