Plaxico Burress is staying busy


Plaxico Burress’ preparation for his return to the NFL continues on two fronts.

First, the former Giants player is trying to get back in NFL shape quickly.  Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated reports that Burress is working out at IMG Academies in Bradenton.  After watching Burress work out Tuesday, Trotter writes Burress “looks good.”

Burress hasn’t been tackled in a while, but he pointed out to Trotter that perhaps no one can be “season ready” before going through real football work.   It’s a fair point: Burress won’t be the only one playing catch up this year.

Plaxico also continues to rehab his image.  The NFLPA* rookie symposium is also being held at IMG, and Burress spoke to the rookies about his struggles, as mentioned by his agent Drew Rosenhaus Tuesday morning on WQAM in Miami.

6 responses to “Plaxico Burress is staying busy

  1. Since he got out of prison this constitutes the longest stretch in his life where Plax has not done or said something incredibly stupid.

  2. What is the IMG/NFLPA* thing? Has a bad smell to it. Along with everything else associated with IMG.

    I wonder how much of The Petty Thief’s contract they absorb on behalf of their new business partners the Carolina Panthers? No point shelling out for an Icon if he isn’t the top pick of the draft.

  3. sitdownandstfu says: Jun 28, 2011 4:09 PM

    he should invent some bullet proof thigh guards


    Just like Vick should invent a “Dog fighting” video game

    Leave Plax alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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