The most meaningless set of rankings yet


Without much to talk about this offseason, various networks and websites have compiled a lot of rankings to pass the time.

Our corporate cousins over at Rotoworld wanted to get in on the fun, so some hack put together the Top 25 fantasy wide receivers of the last 15 years to keep people occupied.  Randy Moss narrowly finished first.  (We did quarterbacks and running backs previously.)

The rankings were worth the time, just to remember how lethal a combination Scott Mitchell and Herman Moore were for a few years.

(Oh by the way, Rotoworld will have its usual draft guide ready to go July 15, lockout or not. It’s already for sale and you get your money back if there is no NFL season.  We may never get our sanity back if that happens, though.)

13 responses to “The most meaningless set of rankings yet

  1. This list is far more interesting.

    My personal rankings of the most evil persons in and out of football for the past 100 years:

    1. Dr. Evil (no one can match me)
    2. Jeffrey Kessler
    3. D. Smith
    4. Josef Stalin
    5. Adolf Hitler
    6. Pol Pot
    7. Al Davis
    8. Kenny Britt
    9. Mao Tse Tung
    10. Number Two

    Number one billion: Scotty

    I hope you did not enjoy my list

  2. @drevilstolemymojito

    it’s bad that Kessler and D. Smith are above Stalin and Hitler, but what’s even worse is that i completely agree. hahaha

  3. Were these rankings based on average fantasy points per year or total fantasy points for every year each QB played?

  4. I love how on each title it says “Top 25 Fantasy Running Backs of All Time,” and right below each it says, “Gregg Rosenthal ranks and analyzes the top 25 fantasy running backs since 1995 ”

    Is it all time, or since 95??

  5. Personally, I love lists. Love making them, researching them, crunching the numbers for them, reviewing them… Everything.

    How bout a PFT Planet poll for the Top 100 NFL Players? Or Top 10 RBs of All Time? QBs? Super Bowl winners? One vote per person.


  6. Well given that fantasy football started gaining momentum in the mid-nineties, I wouldn’t hang Rosenthall over it….

  7. Only in a fantasy world is Moss is the best ever.

    What a major disappointment this guys has been, a big time waste of talent.

  8. “derklempner says: Jun 28, 2011 8:23 PM

    Were these rankings based on average fantasy points per year or total fantasy points for every year each QB played?”

    Fantasy Football has only been around since about 1995. The rankings wouldn’t consider players who played their careers in the 70s and 80s, and fantasy football did not yet exist.

    “All-Time” in fantasy football means from the beginning, which was about 1995.

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