It may be time for Eighth Circuit, Judge Doty to issue rulings

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Forgotten in the four-plus weeks of two-days-or-so-per-week talks has been the fact that two courts are holding in their back pockets (if black robes indeed have pockets) rulings that could potentially alter in significant ways the dynamics of the negotiations.

We’ve firmly believed that the primary role of U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan over the past month has been to funnel information to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, which eventually will (in theory) rule on the effort to lift the lockout, and Judge David Doty, who eventually will issue a ruling requiring the owners to pay the players 59 percent of the value of the money left on the table when the owners traded increases rights fees for lockout insurance.  With continuous progress, neither court has issued a ruling, even though the appeal of Judge Susan Nelson’s order lifting the lockout supposedly has been expedited in all other respects.

We’re now starting to think, with mounting evidence of the talks sputtering, that it’s time for both courts to drop the gavel.

Otherwise, the talks will continue, even as they sputter.  The players, who walked away from the table in March to widespread criticism, can’t afford to do it again.  The owners likewise don’t want to be perceived as abandoning the process.

Thus, there’s only one way to shake things up.  Actually, two ways.  A ruling from the Eighth Circuit, and a ruling from Judge Doty.

Before that happens, Judge Boylan should stand up and tell the two sides that if they don’t have a deal by Tuesday, July 5, he’s going to give both courts the green light.

What, the owners and players don’t want to work through the Fourth of July weekend?  Too bad.  Plenty of other people will be working this weekend on jobs far less important than saving the football season.

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  1. Everything I have heard says that the owners are playing games and it has screwed up the negotiations.

    As someone who has firmly been on the owner’s side and firmly against the players and DeMaurice Smith, this pisses me off beyond belief.

    It’s obvious that the owner’s don’t give a crap about the fans if they continue to play these B.S. games in negotiations.

    The hell with them.

  2. What, the owners and players don’t want to work through the Fourth of July weekend? Too bad. Plenty of other people will be working this weekend on jobs far less important that saving the football season.
    There is a difference between “important” and “popular.” Please do not make this out to be something more than it is.

  3. AlbertBreerAlbert Breer

    Also, sizable number of folks in town for these meetings have plans to stay until tomorrow afternoon. Could change. But that’s where it is.————————————————————————————————————————sounds like Judge Boylan may have given them july 5th

  4. I can argue that the job of football is not that important in the grande scheme of life and is actually at the bottom of imporant jobs. Thus jobs you deem as less important are actually more important than a silly game. I certainly think the ride operator who is getting paid $8 an hr. on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ is more important this weekend than any football players job.

  5. Millionaires fighting with billionaires about money and fans paying for it all. This is messed up.

  6. good news…no wait..bad news…no wait……screw ’em all:players and owners. Should have been done looooooooong ago. Thanks DeMoron

  7. The players did not leave the table to widespread criticism

    Maybe in your pro-owner world, but the rest of us with brains understand why they did it

  8. Splitting 9 billion dollars should not be this difficult. Everyone on both sides will still have their memberships at the country club and $80,000 cars and their family members will still never have to work a day in their lives….REGARDLESS OF THE RULING.

  9. Get it done Doty, “F” the owners and players.. Do it for the fans now.

    I heard Doty was a Big time Raiders fan, he’s know’s the Raiders will be on top so a ruling should come real soon fans.

    Go Raiders!!

  10. Yes thats what should happen,…having a bunch of lawyers who dont like football are involved isnt enough, lets get a judge incolved who also hates football,…what will be the end result?…what Iv said all along…no NFL in 2011,..sooner or later you will all finally agree with me,…one more time,..there will be no NFL in 2011!!!!

  11. I would state that very few people with jobs less important than saving the football season will be working this weekend.

    I would equate saving the football season less important than working the grocery store… and about par as working at the movie theater.

  12. The owners and players really need to get knocked down a peg . You guys pocketed $9.3 Billion last year and cant come to an agreement ? Are you effin serious ?

  13. You mean ‘far MORE important than saving the football season.’ right? Because at this stage, I’ve warmed to the fact that there is no football, and as of yet, there’s been no fatalities.

    I know plenty of EMT’s and Fire Fighters who WILL work this holiday weekend, and their work WILL be a matter of life and death.

    If both parties want to screw themselves by missing games, then I say ‘have at it’. I, like many devoted fans, am sick of this rubbish.

  14. PLEASE tell me there is something in these negotiations about about a cost-break for the fans…please…since every dollar either side ends up with comes from fans, it would only make sense that..wait what?….no? Oh… yeah, didn’t think so.

  15. I think everyone that is nailing him to a cross for saying that football is important needs something more important to do with there time. Football IS important sure its not as important as a doctor, police officer, teacher, fire fighter etc etc etc.. But it’s a lot more important than the guy sitting downtown selling hot dogs to people walking to the fireworks. I do believe these are the jobs he was referring too.. Tell me how non-important football is when it’s September and you have none to watch on Sundays..

  16. Dear NFL players and owners,

    Please get a friggen deal done already.


    The Hard Working People That Made You Billionaires/Millionaires

  17. Neither the owners nor the players care about the fans. We should reciprocate that care. If the fans boycott games the total revenue goes down and both the owners and the players will feel pinch. We do have a voice folks .

  18. “We’re now starting to think, with mounting evidence of the talks sputtering, that it’s time for both courts to drop the gavel.”

    Drop that som-bitch and call it a day!

  19. im to the point now where i could care less if there is no nfl. yes i’ll miss it bt the pleasure of knowing that these rich bums will ne losing money will comfort me

  20. Someone needs to channel Wellington Mara (his son ain’t doing it) so these turds on both sides can get a deal done.

  21. This notion that the Eighth Circuit might be—or should be—delaying its ruling based on the progress made during these “secret” settlement negotiations strikes me as utterly absurd, particularly where, as here, the parties reportedly still have material differences (including, among others, the central issue of revenue splitting). The record—which includes the briefs, oral argument, Judge Nelson’s ruling, etc.—has been before these three Circuit Judges for nearly 30 days. Now is the time for the Eighth Circuit to hand down its ruling on the appeal.

  22. I think Daddy Doty should send the owners and players to their rooms without dinner.

    If a bunch of millionaires and billionaires are going to act like children then treat them like children.

  23. I really do not care….I got the UFL. Season tickets in hand…so i do not care. I got my football…how about you?

  24. The importance of football is a matter of perspective. Football is very important to Mike because he makes his living off of it. I’m sure traffic to the site is down significantly and this threatens his livelyhood.

    It’s all how you look at it.

  25. Congratulations to footballfanatic3431 for nailing this thing in the first post on this thread. These are the games Big Business plays to get its way. The owners are deliberately trying to push this closer to the season to panic the players in hopes they’ll take a lesser deal. The only “DeMorons” in this thing are those who actually believe a bunch of players are victimizing these poor desperate owners who are trying to save themselves while looking out for the common fan. Uh-huh … and when this is over, the owners will be selling shares in the Brooklyn Bridge at a whopping discount. You guys should invest.

  26. Mark my words. There will be a agreement by next weekend the latest. Go to Vegas and book it, Easy money I promise. As a season ticket holder of 3 luxury boxes in 3 NFL major markets I have been told that this will END by next weekend. One of my 3 had to be paid in full for the 10 yr contract by 4/1 and the other 2 teams have have started sending notices for there money within the last few days.
    Just a gut feeling. It WILL be over soon.

  27. Can’t comprehend why the owners rescinded important terms hammered-out, and are back to off-the-top money posturing.

    Just makes no sense. Unless they figure they will come out on top in court, and would just hate themselves if they didn’t at least try to put the squeez on the players.

    Too bad, sounded like they could have wrapped it up by 4th of July.

  28. I love this game but this is B.S. But fans are the only ones who can do something about it. If there is a a 2011 season, don’t buy season tickets. Don’t buy NFL memorabilia.

    They take take the game away from those who pay for it. Obsurd.

  29. Go Owners !!!
    Crush Smith and his greedy players.
    They could have had a fair deal 3 months ago but Smith wanted to go to court all along. He won’t be kept in his job when his contract runs out next year,he failed his players !

  30. How about the judge freezes the bank accounts of every owner, player and lawyer involved in this mess until an agreement is reached? I’d bet we’d have a CBA by Saturday morning.

  31. “I’ll put your f–kin’ head in a f–kin’ vice and squeeze it until your f–kin’ eyeballs pop outa your f–kin’ head.”
    Joe Pesci’s quote from “Casino” so aptly describes the attitude of the owners toward the NFLPA for “going to the matresses”.

  32. I wish the owenrs would crush the player, more so the union, A loss here by the union, combined with eventual loss of boeing successfully defeating the NLRB, would be devastating for the unions, and union states and a grand ole time the economy as every major company in the us would move out of union states.

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