Panthers’ “worst moments” on parade Friday

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We’re wrapping up the final day of our on-demand PFT Live* segments on Friday, and we’ll ponder the “worst moments” since 1987 of the Carolina Panthers.

Of course, since the Panthers didn’t exist before 1995, it’ll be a little easier.

Post your thoughts in the comments, and we’ll count them down tomorrow.

11 responses to “Panthers’ “worst moments” on parade Friday

  1. The Super Bowl loss will obviously get mentioned, but Carolina gave the Pats a helluva game, Delhomme was a beast (especially in the 4th quarter) and there’s really no shame in losing a tough game like that to a team that everybody predicted would win anyway. To call it “heartbreaking” is appropriate, but “worst moment” in franchise history? Not in my view.

    Losing 15 in a row to close out the ’99 season, and the George Seifert era, is about as bad as it gets.

    Or handing Delhomme a $42.5m contract a couple offseasons ago after he threw 5 picks in the playoffs vs Arizona.

    And finally, two words: Rae Carruth.

  2. Here are some of the Panthers worst moments (in no particular order or “odor”) —

    1) 2-14 in 2010
    2) George Seifert and 1-15
    3) Sean Gilbert trade/contract
    4) Rae Carruth
    5) Home playoff game collapse vs Arizona
    6) Kasay’s out of bounds kick at the SB
    7) Kevin Greene punching Kevin Steele on sideline
    8) Kerry Collins quitting
    9) Steve Smith punching teammate(s)
    10) The flop of the overhyped D-line in 2000 of Eric Swann, Sean Gilbert, Reggie White, and Chuck Smith

  3. Steve Smith beating his teammate Ken Lucas, punching him in the face and breaking his nose in 2008 has to rank up there. What an embarrassment for the organization.

  4. The Fred Lane murder

    Steve Smith breaking his leg, which was a major momentum killer to start off the ’04 season

    The firing of Bill Rosinski (“Yes, Charlotte, there is a Super Bowl, and we’re in it!”)

    The creation and selection of one of the worst logos ever in the history of sports

    Not being able to hang onto the hearts and minds of Kris Jenkins and Julius Peppers

  5. Jerry Richardson insulting the players during the negotiations that led to the lockout.

    The other commenters have put together a heck of a fine list. We’re just writing your articles these days. 🙂

  6. Just be honest and use the term Quarterback. Also sticking with “The Fox Way” despite that fact that everyone knows it’s not working anymore. Don’t feel bad about that last one Panther fans Denver just bought into the same philosophy. I’m sure in three years Bronco fans will be saying the exact same thing, well that and why is Brady Quinn still on the roster?

  7. Julius Peppers never getting a fair deal would be an honorable mention. Home-grown star, those types should never have to leave a franchise. The team screwed that up for three or four years.

    The 1-15 season has to be up there, but as a die-hard anti-Viking fan, it was a great season for me. They won the opener AT the Metrodome =) Plus, it wasn’t a total loss of a season, that season’s draft had Dan Morgan, Kris Jenkins, and Steve Smith.

    Keeping Marty Hurney has to be the biggest current mistake. The greatest thing about having the #1 pick this year? That good ol’ Marty didn’t trade it last year for a 2nd rounder.

    Someone mentioned John Kasay’s kick out of bounds against the Patriots. Watching that game at home in Carolina, I can tell you that was definitively the worst moment of that season. Losing wasn’t the problem, it was HOW they lost. And it wasn’t an “idiot kicker”, he was the Original Panther. Heartbreaking.

    Rae Carruth wouldn’t be as big of a “worst moment” if it wasn’t right around the time that Fred Lane was murdered, and Bobby Phills lost control of his Porsche while racing his Hornets teammate. It was the combination of the three that rocked Charlotte.

    Jake Delhomme’s contract extension after the Cardinals playoff game was absolutely baffling. This guy can’t start in Cleveland, and we gave him that big of a deal?! Who the hell thought that was a good idea? Oh yeah, MARTY.

    One downside of having Big Cat as an owner is that he doesn’t know when to make changes. He let Dom Capers go too early, let Fox stay too long. Kept Delhomme too long, let Julius walk. Kept Keary Colbert/Dwayne Jarrett too long, is going to let DeAngelo Williams walk. Rarely do you see a former Panther light it up elsewhere, because they are already past their prime (and/or no good) when they leave Carolina (Peppers and Jenkins are notable exceptions).

    Sam Mills would have to be an honorable mention as well. He was the soul of that defense.

  8. Julius Peppers screwed the Panthers. He was the first one to mention to the press that he did not want to be here. If he would of been a man and talked to the panthers , the Panthers could of traded him. but after his coming out to the press. No one would give the Panthers anything for him. And they paid him 1 million a game. Poor Julius.

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