Kenny Britt faces lawsuit over bar fight

Getty Images

Last season Titans receiver Kenny Britt was benched for the start of a game after he was accused of getting into a bar fight. Britt played brilliantly in that game once he got on the field, but he still can’t put the incident behind him.

The Nashville City Paper reports that Harold E. Pointer, one of the men involved in the bar fight, is suing Britt.

Pointer is also suing Bradford Miser. The initial police report in the incident said Miser was in a fight with a man whom Britt stepped in and punched.

A grand jury indicted Miser for assault, but authorities said that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to charge Britt.

Pointer is also suing Broadway’s Karma Lounge, where the incident took place. He claims that Karma encouraged him not to press charges and served Britt and Miser alcohol when they were already visibly intoxicated.