Underwood’s wife says she was never harmed


Three weeks after Packers cornerback Brandon Underwood was charged with disorderly conduct for a domestic disturbance, his wife Brandie Underwood said the entire case was blown out of proportion.

Although Brandie Underwood filed for divorce last month, she claims she is not afraid of her husband and he has never harmed her.  The police report filed on June 16 indicates Brandon Underwood ripped a necklace of hers and dragged her from her car.

“The last thing I wanted was for him to get in trouble,” she told the Green Bay Press-Gazette after a court appearance Wednesday.

The couple is working to “mend” their relationship and still live together.  Underwood’s next court appearance is July 15th; he signed a $1,000 bond Wednesday.

14 responses to “Underwood’s wife says she was never harmed

  1. As a Pack fan..I loved it when they didn’t dress this pain in the a$$ in the Superbowl and randomly dressed Jarius Wynn who spent all Sat/Sun in the hospital while his wife gave birth.

    He’s talented but I doubt he’ll ever amount to much. I would pull the plug in GB and maybe he’ll get his head right somewhere else.

  2. Don’t hit your woman go for a walk stay away from night clubs why be in the street after 9:00pm.
    Take care of your self life will be good for you.

  3. He was soliciting hookers while she was giving birth, and for whatever reason, became violent with them. And this altercation apparently resulted in him physically dragging her from their car. But it’s just another day in the Underwood household. No harm, no foul, and they hope to work it all out. The whole thing sounds pretty sad. And he’s not a good enough football player to be worth so much trouble to the Packers.

  4. I agree with Deb above. The Packers (yes Im a homer) are a team that is serious when they talk about character as well as ability. This is now two separate occurrences in about a years span with the indiscretion involving the hookers and now he drags his wife from a car. I wonder if their child was also in the car to witness this. He has now proven to Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy that his character is low or poor at best, and I think the Pack will end up parting ways with Mr. Underwood.

  5. “The last thing I wanted was for him to get in trouble,” she told the Green Bay Press-Gazette after a court appearance Wednesday.

    Yeah, because she knows if her idiot husband/ex-husband isn’t getting paid, then she isn’t…. so really, that is the last thing she wants, trouble for him equals ZERO money for her.

  6. and that will be all from Mr. Underwood in Green Bay. Better luck next time hopefully someone will give him another chance. Maybe Tampa Bay as Underwood hasn’t shot at anyone YET.

  7. For those sympathetic souls who believe she’s only protecting her income, I can assure you that a woman with her looks would have no problem attracting any number of possible husbands with good incomes. A lot of women who get divorced from jerks just can’t seem to completely give up what they once felt for them. She’s also probably trying to salvage something for her child too in terms of her/him being on good terms with the father.

  8. I agree with Deb here and have been in broad agreement with her since she got her head on straight. To that end, @ briman141, the Packers are no more “serious about character” than any other team in the league. They’re hypocrites, but they’re your hypocrites. Let’s not try to pretend anything else. And yes, I hate the freaking Packers.

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