Brandon Marshall finally speaks to investigators

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The Broward State Attorney’s office say they usually take about a month to decide whether to press charges in a case like the one Brandon Marshall and his wife Michi were involved in.

It’s been two and a half months since Michi Nogami-Marshall was arrested for aggravated battery and we still haven’t heard anything.

One reason for the delay: Brandon Marshall refused to speak to police until recently.  Alex Marvez of reports Marshall finally talked after being served a subpoena.

“He indeed appeared at the Broward state attorney’s office and gave a statement to investigators,” Broward County sheriff’s office spokesman Ron Ishoy told Marvez. “The investigation continues.”

Michi Nogami-Marshall initially told police she was acting in self defense, which could be a problem for Brandon Marshall considering his long track record of problems with the league.

16 responses to “Brandon Marshall finally speaks to investigators

  1. Little does the Nuggets mascot in that picture know he is about to get shanked by Mrs.Marshall

  2. Since the McDonald’s wrapper excuse was already used, perhaps this time it will be that she was holding a knife, and slipped on a banana peel…

  3. The cheesy grin that Brandon is directing to the plushy cow is the same look he gave to his wife Michi, a couple of weeks before she justifiably decided to royally beat him up.

  4. Those 2 second round picks the Broncos got for Marshall are looking more and more like the deal of the century.

    Hey Brandon, quick favor here. Could you start hanging out with Bron-Bron? I’m sure your presence would be a wonderful influence on him.

    Go Broncos !!! Go Cavs !!!

  5. Yeah Denver dude, that trade will look real good when Marshall torches his ex 4-12 team this year in Miami! Oh I forgot you guys have TEBOW! Nevermind!

  6. @Skleech22

    Thats if he is allowed to play this year and whos throwing him the ball Henne? We’d rather have Tebow than Henne. So Brandon will most likely play as much as you and me this year. None. And if he does play Champ will shut him down just like he does every number 1 receiver. Ask Dwayne Bowe.

  7. Brandon Marshall is the next T.O.

    He is already on his second team and the rumor is he is pressing his luck in Miami.

    Dan Henning, What was it like to work with Brandon Marshall? NO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!

    Henne might be the next one to say that.

  8. that chick looks like the love child between a black karl malden and snufuluphagus from sesame street! an nfl WR cant get a decent lookin broad?

  9. “Brandon Marshall is the modern day Jerry Rice of beating women.”

    Good safe post

    “Freedom of speech is only allowed for journalists”

    Gets deleted

    wow, just wow.

  10. Chump Bailey is the most overrated CB in the NFL! Remember when Jerry porter burnt him for 3 tds on Monday night? Give me a break? Jerry Porter/Brandon Marshall? We’ll see you in Miami punk!

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