Dan Henning dissects time with Dolphins, but won’t talk about Brandon Marshall

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After Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning left the team in January, he went into hiding.

He finally resurfaced this week  to talk to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Bost, and Henning had a lot of interesting things to say about his tenure in Miami. He wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t fired and the plan was for him to leave the team after the season, no matter what happened.

Henning also defended Chad Henne and believes Henne will be the team’s starter in 2011.  Still, it was what Henning didn’t say that we found most interesting.

Asked about Brandon Marshall, “I’d rather not comment on that,” Henning said.

This was after a year that by Marshall’s standards was relatively calm.  Henning’s words (or lack thereof) are a reminder that Marshall is a talent that will have to be managed carefully.  And Henne knows it.

13 responses to “Dan Henning dissects time with Dolphins, but won’t talk about Brandon Marshall

  1. Chad Henne is the new Alex Smith….Every year they will see progress, and state “this will be the season Henne takes the next step”….give me a break.

  2. Vis a vis Henning’s “no comment on Marshall, it is wise to remember that Henning worked with some serious divas @ WR with no public issues too such as Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson. In fact Johnson loved Henning so much that he went to Carolina partly due to being able to play for Henning again.

    Henning has always been an outspoken guy on players (sometimes too much IMO) and to the point that John Fox shut him up in his last year in Car. So if he WON’T COMMENT on Marshall even though he is retired now it speaks volumes IMO.

  3. Marshall tends to leave many people speechless.
    Broncos Fans, Pat Bowlen, Shanahan, McDaniels, Cutler, The Denver Post, glass tables etc, etc. Glad to have Brandon Lloyd!

  4. “Getting rid of Henning is the Fins best offseason move so far.”

    Do YOU know who is the Fins OC right now?

    Brian Freaking Dabol… Compare this guys resume with Henning and get back to me….

    How could a team hire the QB coach from Eric Mangini’s Prolific Offense is beyond me…. This guy has done done little to nothing in the league so far… Guess he knows the right people.

    If I’m Henne I probably wish Miami let me go at this point so I could work with a real OC.

  5. Get a clue stampats….. if you watched the games you’d easily agree that hennings play calling was downright awful and they should have had him step down mid_season. Unfortunately, no one had the balls… they’re all parcells boys and tuna had just bailed.
    If your going to base everything on what you know from decades ago then your going to be way behind. Daboll did some nice things in cleveland and was highly regarded b4 he got there. Anyone with any knowledge of the situation knows anythings better than henning at this point. Nobody said daboll is going to be the next bill walsh… but to defend henning because of his resume shows you don’t know what your even talkin about.

  6. “Daboll did some nice things in cleveland and was highly regarded b4 he got there. ”

    HUH????? Nice things lol. As QB coach… ok.

    Dabol was highly regarded????? Link Please!!!

    He was a Pats Defensive assistant. Then a WR coach then a QB coach before Getting the Keys to the Miami offense this upcoming season.

    Rivalries aside, I just like to see my team hire coordinators with a track record and a good track record… Has this guy ever even called plays or Game planned or designed a play in his life????

    Maybe with HENNING holding his binky.

    There are actual Good Coordinators out there to hire – why would you hire a Position coach who has done very little in this league and hand him your offense….

    Hey, good luck. But, I’d be PISSED if I were a Miami fan… Almost like they didn’t want to completely change the staff with the lockout so they stuck with Sparano and “Whoever” as OC for one more year.

    Maybe that’s the way to go – Get a real HC and a real OC next year when they can install a real Offensive system with more time instead of the Ball Boy running Hennings plays for 1 more year.

  7. And Frank – Talk to real Football people.

    I won’t even begin to tell you my resume cuz you won’t believe it.

    But, Henning IS respected in NFL circles as a Great Offensive mind… He does need the pieces to work with though…

    Dabol is just silly – You do realize he was with the Jets as a lackey before his career sky rocketed in CLEVELAND.

  8. I was not aware of your “resume” as a “real nfl person” but your general distaste for a guy you claim never even called a play is quite obvious. What’s your reasoning?

  9. I wouldn’t comment on Marshall either, otherwise I might also get stabbed by Marshall’s wife. Too soon?

  10. Stampats-Daboll called plays for 2 years in Cle and was NOT their QB coach. Sheesh. If you’re going to insult a guy at least get the facts straight. Your hatred of him looks even less justified when you don’t know the basics of his career.

  11. “3 tds….
    oooh man, Brandon Marshalls ELITE!”
    (sterling sharpe giggles)

    henne = big arm version of alex smith.
    inaccurate, inconsistent, folds, should be cut.

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