Plaxico Burress is interested in the Bears, but the feeling may not be mutual

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Plaxico Burress’ redemption tour joined WMVP in Chicago Tuesday, where he said the Bears were one of his top three destinations when the lockout ended.

Burress is a fan of Jay Cutler and says he’s received a lot of “love” from Bears fans via Twitter.  Unfortunately for Burress, they don’t make the decisions.

Burress doesn’t fit the Mike Martz profile of a wide receiver, and Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times writes via sources the Bears would only want Burress “at a bargain basement price, if at all.”

Plaxico says his choice for a team won’t be all about the money.

“There are a lot of situations for me to go into. It’s not solely going to be based on how much I’m going to be making. It’s going to be based on me putting myself in a great situation,” Burress said.

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  1. I can only image an offense with:

    1. Andre Johnson – Best WR in league
    2. Arian Foster – one of top RB in league
    3. Owen Daniels -top 5 TE in league (now he is healthy)
    4. Matt Schaub – Very good QB who can sling it with the best of them
    5. Vonta Leach – Best fullb0ack (h0pe we can resign him
    6. Gary Kubiak – Great Offensive minded coach.

    Add Plaxico, a BIG receiver would make Houston’s offense unstoppable.

    With Wade Phillips now running the Defense and all of our guys back healthy, plus adding a solid vet. corner once free agency opens.

    Playoff Bound!!!!!

    Come to Houston Plax!!

  2. Plax-
    Screw Neil Hayes saying you don’t fit the system. Cutler has flourished in the past with Marshall. WHY DO YOU THINK HE GOES TO OLSEN EVERY TIME HE GETS IN TROUBLE. If Cutler is in trouble he has no faith in Knox/Hester to get up and will just THROW IT AWAY. Cutler was horrible at times last season, but considering O-line and lack of #1, it wasn’t so bad. Cutler has struggled in Chicago with 5’10” non-physical WR’s. But, I can remember 5-6 INTs where I said to myself, “if that WR was just UP THERE making a play on the ball at least it would be incomplete, not an INT. “We’ve got love for you in Chicago.

    Bears- sign Plax to a 1 year incentive-laden (still bargain price) deal. See if he can produce. But Earl Bennett and Plaxico out wide, Knox in the slot. Sub Hester in at times in slot, but for the large part, realize that the Devin Hester as a #1 wideout experiment has failed.

    Also, Plax gives the Bears a RED ZONE TARGET that they don’t have at WR.

  3. ^^^^That’s all if they don’t sign Sidney Rice. Whom I’m not sure I’d give the contract he will likely want. He has 18 TD’s in FOUR YEARS and has had knee/hip injuries. If I was Chicago I would NOT pay top $$$ for Rice.

  4. Redemption for what the guy shot himself in the leg. He didnt hurt anything or anybody. Physically ,emotionally, or mentally.

    He doesnt have anything to apologize for and he definitely shouldnt feel the need to redeem himself to me or anyone else who isnt an owner or coach. And the only reason he needs to do that is to let those guys know that he isnt going to do anything stupid thats going cause him miss time on the field and in practice.

    Other then that the guy doesnt need to prove anything to anybody.

  5. Burress is a fan of Jay Cutler and says he’s received a lot of “love” from Bears fans via Twitter.

    That’s because Bears fans are desperate for someone, anyone at the position.

  6. Has anyone had a more up & down career in the last 10 years than Plaxico??

    Never been any question he’s a good teammate, I hope he finds a team.

  7. It seems to me maybe Burress may have learned something from the Mive Vick trouble and wants to land in a decent setting like Vick did.

    Good for him,I hope he does well.

    For some odd reason.

  8. To all you non giant fans:

    Enjoy plax. Enjoy the guy who misses meetings and practices, does what he wants, and is more of a cancer to a locker room than TO or Ochocinco ever were. And continue praying for the same performance you saw when he was a giant. Please do not forget he is now two years removed from football and the real world, his stats were down before the incident, and he’s over 35. Dude is more trouble than he’s worth. Only way I’d want him is if I had a player friendly coach and was one or two pieces away from a title, with one of those pieces being a tall possession receiver who most likely won’t be a deep threat for at least a year, if ever. I can see the Jets if they can’t sign Edwards.

    To the texans fan from earlier, your delusional. You do have amazing offensive skill players, but you lack an entire 2/3 of a capable defensive team. Worry about signing/drafting at least 3 starters in your secondary, one cover lb, and a few backups who can cover. Cause with the defense you put out last year, you have no chance of winning a title even if Vince Lombardi resurrected himself and declared himself your head coach with bill parcels running the defense and bellichek running the offense. You will play a good defensive team who can hold you to 20 by stopping foster and doubling Johnson, and your d will have to keep you in the game and then one of your stars can make a play to win. If you think this is impossible, watch the last time the giants traveled to Houston.

  9. @ Whitemike55 – I realize Plax is 6’6…but Andre Johnson isn’t exactly a pipsqueak (6’3 220?).

    Also – why is it a given that this guy can play? He’s been out of the game since they won the SB and for some reason people think he’ll have his pick of teams.

    I hope he gets a shot but it seems strange that everyone assumes that he’ll be able to contribute.

  10. Plax and Tiki ought to start hanging out more often, these 2 shmos think that every team is an option for them to go to. Is really quite comical to watch this go on.

  11. who wears sweat pants to the night club? who owns a gun and doesnt know how to use a safety? he should definitely apologize, he’s lucky he shot himself and not someone else on accident… idiot

  12. I have to agree with daburgher on the sweat pants thing. Why would you go to a club in sweat pants? If had only worn a holster this could have been avoided.

    -side note the Glock safety is in the trigger. To be safe you don’t pull the trigger.

  13. “Plaxico says his choice for a team won’t be all about the money.”

    Sounds like he still has problems telling the truth.

  14. nnamdiawesome says:
    @ Whitemike55 – I realize Plax is 6’6…but Andre Johnson isn’t exactly a pipsqueak (6’3 220?).

    Whats your point? I know Andre is an absolute Beast! My point was, by adding ANOTHER 6’6 guy 230 lbs would be unstoppable.

    More BIG RedZone targets you have the better.

    As far as Giant fan goes, last year in Houston we were already decimated by injuries in week 5 when you came to town. This year WILL be different.

    Did yall make the playoffs last year? I didn’t think so…..

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