NFL responds to quarterbacks statement


Well, that didn’t take long.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello quickly responded to the statement released by Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees that said “it is time” to get a deal done.

“We share the view that now is the time to reach an agreement so we can all get back to football and a full 2011 season. We are working hard with the players’ negotiating team every day to complete an agreement as soon as possible,” Aiello wrote via Twitter as an NFL comment.

So that’s settled.  Both sides agree it’s time for a deal.

And don’t worry guys: Both sides will get their share of the blame if it doesn’t happen.

22 responses to “NFL responds to quarterbacks statement

  1. It was time to get a deal done months ago. How much longer can they possibly drag this out? Stop talking about how it’s time to get a deal done, and get a deal done!

  2. When did posting via Twitter, exactly, constitute as having responded to a statement release?

  3. In related news, owners also agree that now is the time to make a deal on which wine to have with lunch.

  4. “We are working hard with the players’ negotiating team every day to complete an agreement as soon as possible,” Aiello wrote via Twitter as an NFL comment.”

    Sure, every day except Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, holidays………..

  5. Well, at least Brady, Manning and Brees are releasing the statement and not Brady, Manning, Brees and James Harrison…”Let’s get a deal done now you devil, clown, dictators”

  6. I love how people think its easy to split up 9 billion. No one person is actually getting 9 billion. And of that 9 billion you have expenses. And if you think someone else is taking part of that 9 billion that they dont deserve, would you let it go?

    If you and me bought a lottery ticket together and won 100,000 and I said it should be split 70/30 and you telling me you wouldnt fight for more?

  7. Well, thank God that Brady, Manning, and Brees finally got involved. I’m going out on a limb and saying that the owners probably aren’t paying any more attention to them than they would some idiot kicker. The owners that those 3 don’t play for are asking “Why should I care?”.

  8. There is no bad time to get a deal done. There is no bad time to roast burgers and brats in your backyard with friends while you’re talking about your fantasy league, etc….

  9. Why don’t they all just cut the bs before fans start cutting ties with the NFL period wich includes the players also

  10. BREAKING NEWS- Ben Roethlisberger made a statement today that if the owners didn’t agree to a deal then we should just drug them and do them from behind. The NFL has not responded as of yet.

  11. The owners side has been saying that same thing for Months,but until recently it had fallen on the deaf ears of the union.
    Funny how knowing their scorched Earth policy of going to court has totally failed has changed the union’s mind on finally getting serious about actually sitting down at a table and negotiating for real !
    Man did the players miss having a real leader like Gene Upshaw !

  12. the commissioner should be fired at this point…..and the leader of the union should also be replaced….they have both proven throughout this process that they suck.

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