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My original slate of assignments for our team checklist series already wrapped up.  I’ve offered to help Florio finish his teams a few times, but he kept resisting. Apparently a family “vacation” was all it took for him to change his mind.

See, I’m a team player. But not such a team player where I won’t give Florio crap for not writing up Baltimore’s post-lockout to-do list.

1. Re-sign Marshall Yanda.

This could be tricky with the Redskins reportedly entering the mix.  But the Ravens seem to love Yanda, who will make them a better running team at right guard.

2. Look for tackle depth.

It’s a lot to ask rookie Jah Reid to start at right tackle right away.  With Michael Oher’s position flexibility, the Ravens could be creative if necessary looking for left tackles.  Jared Gaither seems very likely to leave.

3. Make a splash with Nnamadi Asomugha.

The more we think about it, the more Baltimore seems like the perfect fit for Asomugha.  Baltimore isn’t known for making big free agent splashes, but they also aren’t afraid to be aggressive to get guys that fit what they do.  (Think Anquan Boldin.)

Asomugha fits.  His press corner play would work perfectly on the physical Ravens defense. He wants to play for a winner.  Baltimore paid big bucks to defenders before (usually their own, but also Domonique Foxworth) so the idea isn’t so crazy.

4. If  No.3 doesn’t work, re-sign Chris Carr or Josh Wilson.

It’s probably going to be Carr because Wilson is coming off a strong season and will cost a lot. There is a thought Carr could move to free safety.  The fact the Ravens rebuilt the value of both of these players shows they don’t have to overpay for good, not great talent. The Ravens aren’t barren at cornerback with Lardarius Webb and rookie Jimmy Smith in the mix.

5. Let Dewan Landry go.

He’ll get big money somewhere in a safety-starved league.  Landry is a good player, but they can find someone else to play next to Ed Reed. They always do.

6. Cut Willis McGahee, rebuild the backfield.

This is a unit in transition.  McGahee can’t return for $6 million and should get released. Fullback Le’Ron McClain wants the ball more, although he could be brought back in a fullback/backup role.

Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun has said the Ravens want more of a traditional fullback, so perhaps Houston’s Vonta Leach is an option.

7. Find a backup quarterback. 

We expect Marc Bulger to get a better job than being Joe Flacco’s caddy for another year. Luckily for the Ravens, the backup quarterback market is fairly deep this year.  Unfortunately for the Ravens, John Beck is already taken.

29 responses to “Team Checklist: Baltimore Ravens

  1. Is it possible to bring Le’Ron McClain back as the other running back to compliment Ray Rice by doing the bruising while Rice does the dancing AND get Vonta Leach to lead the way and open holes?

    What would be the hold-up? McClain wants it & they don’t know who our other back would be with McGahee gone.

  2. You might as well give the Ravens the Lombardi if they have Asomugha patrolling their secondary.

  3. I think Asomugha would be a good fit as well. They will be a much better secondary, which is what they really lacked last year.

  4. All of the sudden there’s talk that Yanda will be targeted by the Redskins. Why would Yanda want to leave a playoff contending team for NFL oblivion? The Redskins have no QB, no strong Running game to block for.., it’s NFL Purgatory for at least 3-4 years. I can’t imagine the financial difference between what the Ravens offer and what the Redskins offer will make that worthwhile.

  5. I like Landry, but doubt he gets big money offers in free ageny.

    I think Gaither is more important to retain than Yanda, but would like to keep them both and get the ’09 OL back intact.

    Asomugha on the Ravens would be awesome. I think he could have the type of impact Revis has for the Jets and Woodson has had over the last couple years for GB. The Ravens have a lot of other talent on D to help out, and they play more than just cover 2 man all game long.

  6. Honestly is there a team where Asomugha doesn’t fit? Plus there is no way I would want to get in a bidding war with the redskins.

  7. wow….the squealer fans have all come out of hiding to comment here…..where were all of you the last week or so when squealers were being arrested and trashing their own team mates?


  8. pistol0928 says: Jul 14, 2011 4:38 PM

    Why is there a picture of Mike Tomlin and Willie Parker?
    Hey Genius this is a picture of Mike Tomlin and
    Willis McGahee! Not Williw Parker get ur facts right

  9. @ baggataway: LeRon wants to start, and wants starter money. LeRon is a good brusing RB/FB, but Ray Rice is one of the BEST RBs in the NFL, especially as a pass recieving threat out of the backfield. Sitting Ray to play LeRon makes the Ravens less explosive.

    If LeRon was willing to continue to be Rice’s backup, for backup money, fine. But LeRon wants to start, and so… goodbye, LeRon – if he can find a buyer.

    Unfortunately for him, RBs are a dime-a-dozen, so he’s not going to get the payday he’s dreaming of. He may be back with the Ravens for a reduced price, but I don’t think so…

  10. @ YouMadCauseImStylingOnYou – Sure, just like Nnamdi did for Oakland, Champ did for Denver, Revis Island did for the Jets… Oh, wait,.. they didn’t. Shut down corners are great, but pass rushers are better… The two teams that led the NFL in sacks were Pittsburgh (48) and GB (48). They met in the Super Bowl… and the Steelers aren’t stellar at CB.

    The Ravens need a pass rush, Flacco to learn to lead the team during crunch time, and a consistent O-Line. They’re good, getting close, but not – IMO – ready to win the Trophy… yet.

  11. 8. Smash the Steelers with Ben under center
    9. Put Hines Ward in a Coma
    10. Destory the Steelers AGAIN in their hometown and silence the city ONCE AGAIN! but this time with Ben under center
    11. Laugh at all the ignorant Steelers fans that have absolutely NOTHING to say after they get their butts handed to them by the Ravens this year…
    12. Win the Super Bowl

  12. tsutton84 says: Jul 14, 2011 6:34 PM

    @ baggataway: LeRon wants to start, and wants starter money.

    I dont know how true any of this is. He knows he’s not going to be THE guy. Heck in 2008, he shared touches with Rice and McGahee. And he only got as much work as he did because the other two were hurt at times. In 08, McClain had 251 total touches. Rice had 140 and McGahee had 194 (keeping in mind they both missed 3 games while McClain played in all 16). Thats still only about a 3rd of the workload and he was happy with that.

    I dont think McClain expects or wants to carry the rock that much. The problem for McClain is that each year his role as a RB has decreased significantly. In 2009 he had 67 touches and in 2010 that fell to 48.

    I think if the Ravens could get McClain 150 touches( I mean receptions and rushes), he’d be happy AND that would cut back on Rice’s workload significantly.

    As for the issue of pay, I am not buying that he wants to be paid big money. I think he wants a RB contract because RB pays more than FB. But the Ravens could pay him as a backup Rb and he’d still be the highest paid FB in the NFL. I think he’d be ok with that. And if he’s not tough luck because thats about the best he will get from any team, not just the Ravens.

    This is going to be a Suggs type of thing is he a LB or DL, for McClain its is he a RB or FB? McClain obviously wants the former and the Ravens tried to press him into the latter because its better for them financially. They will meet somewhere in the middle.

  13. better fans?


    Hummm, dummy….I think maybe the 158 consecutive sellouts prove just how much you know about football.

  14. raven4life21 says:

    10. Destory the Steelers AGAIN in their hometown and silence the city ONCE AGAIN! but this time with Ben under center

    what exactly do you mean by again? You mean for the second consecutive time after beating us in the closing minutes with Charlie Batch under center? Check the last 8 meetings with Ben under center before you start throwing around ‘AGAIN’ especially in all caps. clown

  15. Hey Mike Tomlin, don’t you have better things to do instead of commenting on blogs. Shouldn’t you be finding you’re dancing WR’s a dd, or keeping one of your “star” players from exposing your team as the trash you are(I’ll give you credit for being able to mostly conceal that fact till this offseason other than Ben “No Means Yes” Rapistbanger or just keeping them from turning on each other for the second consecutive year. All that’s missing from this offseason is an overrated running back making some anti American remarks. Wait……..
    I’m sure these are the same inbred steeler fans that stil bring up Ray’s murder case.

  16. It’s funny, u look at the Steelers blogs and not one word about the Ravens, and it’s because we always kick their butts every year! But, when u come on here that’s all u hear about is how you’re gonna beat the Steelers, face reality, WE (The Steelers) OWN U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t have to obsess over it, we have bigger fish to fry like winning ANOTHER Super Bowl! RAVENS SUCK and so do their FANS!!!!!

  17. And if u have anything to say, the numbers don’t lie, and u all are purple! It took u all the last second to beat Charlie Batch last year and when Ben came back u all went down twice, like the year before! Get on youtube and watch that video where Hines knocks Ed Reed on his ass, or the one where Harrison clobbers him on a punt return, that is what happens. Steelers 7 rings, Ravens 1 with Trent Dilfer lmao!!!!!

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