Brandon Marshall says wife didn’t stab him; new 911 call emerges


The aggravated assault case that remains open against Brandon Marshall’s wife Michi Nogami-Marshall remains open for a few reasons.

1. Brandon Marshall refused to speak about the incident for almost two months after it happened. Eventually, he was subpoenaed.

2. Nogami-Marshall admitted immediately after the incident that she stabbed her husband.  According to a police report, she said she did it in self-defense.

That testimony could prove tricky for the couple to overcome, especially because Marshall says now his wife didn’t stab him.

“I can’t talk about the details of the incident because it’s still an open case, but I did talk to the state attorney’s office last month and the one thing I made clear was my wife did not stab me. She didn’t assault me,” Marshall told Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “We were having a marital dispute that got heated, but it didn’t happen as reported.”

Those reports came directly from the police.  Who got the testimony directly from Marshall’s wife.  Marshall has a history of domestic disturbances dating back to his days in Denver.

Marshall has been working out in Boston, in part because he’s not allowed to be near his wife because of a restraining order against her. (Which she violated.)

“Like any young couple we have issues and hope to work through it. But it’s hard to pick up the pieces and try to move forward with the distance that the situation has created. I’m hopeful that we can move forward because I love my wife,” he said.

The courts could have a say about that distance. reports that a female from Marshall’s residence called 911 in a separate incident back in January, screaming for help before she hung up.

When the dispatcher called back, a man answered the phone and said everything was fine.  The female then confirmed she no longer needed help.

21 responses to “Brandon Marshall says wife didn’t stab him; new 911 call emerges

  1. “Like any young couple we have issues and hope to work through it. ”

    The “issues” most young couples face, however, are things like who puts out the garbage, not stabbing each other!

  2. damn, people need to grow up. i know i had my share of crazy things wit girls but when u got millions and are over the age of 22, times to grow up

  3. Brandon Marshall is probably the most precariously perched piece of pootential in the NFL right now. Extremely talented physically, but a mere child emotionally & mentally – and someone that will never grow up. Carnage and mayhem will always follow in his wake. Sad, but true.

  4. Sounds like a husband covering for his wife… simple and plain and as stupid as it sounds, most of us would do the same thing.

    Unless she snipped a member and threw it down the garbage disposal.

  5. A couple of small points of clarification on the link to the story.

    1 – The female in question is positively identified as Michi Marshall on page 2 of the dispatch notes.

    2- Michi called 911 screaming, then hung up. When dispatchers called back, a male answered saying no help was needed. However, the female again repeated to dispatchers that she needed police quickly. She did not confirm that no help was needed.

    Thanks for the link to the article,


    Todd Shepherd,

  6. It was Dan Henning who stabbed Marshall
    They had a love /hate relationship mostly monkey love

  7. Marshall slaps women around….he’s tough.
    How can this clown have any credibility? Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

  8. “Sounds like a husband covering for his wife… simple and plain and as stupid as it sounds, most of us would do the same thing. ”

    Exactly. People on here act as if what hes doing is so far out there and crazy, its not. 911 gets call and hangups every day, from non millionaires most of the time.

    Its pretty obvious hes covering for his wife. Legally he doesn’t have to testify against her. So it doesn’t matter at all how many times she changes her story. What will make or break the case is marshals testimony. Which there wont be one.

    It wont be tricky to get around her admitting she did it. All it takes is Brandon to say other wise and the case is worthless with no other witnesses and the only witness saying other wise.

    Enough with this old story that ended when Brandon marshal denied his wife stabbed him.

    Thats all it takes.

  9. Brandon can easily have a HOF career he has the physical talent WRs would die for but he needs to stay out of trouble luckily hes still young enough to turn it around but if this keeps up hes gonna screw himself up.

  10. I hope he cleans up his private life because he has too much talent to waste it away. If the woman is crazy, just divorce her & move on.

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