Eagles could run more Cover 2 this season


Eagles safety Quintin Mikell is expected to leave the Eagles this offseason. Perhaps one reason why is that the Eagles want to adjust their defensive approach in 2011 under new  defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

“I know Coach Reid has wanted to run the Cover 2 for a long time,” Mikell told Geoff Mosher of the News Journal. “It seems like the past couple of years we’ve been slowly progressing toward that. It might be moving toward that.

“I think he [Castillo] is going to kind of tweak things here and there. It’s gong to be kind of the same 4-3 but I think it’s going to be a little less based on scheme and more based on guys just kicking somebody’s butt.”

Castillo spoke with admiration about the Bears defense and simplifying things this offseason. The insane variations of blitz schemes from Eagles defense past may be dialed back. While we don’t expect a complete defensive scheme overhaul, the Eagles clearly are changing things quite a bit with defensive line coach Jim Washburn also in the mix.

The offense gets all the attention, but Andy Reid’s bold gambit to hire Castillo and re-form the defensive staff will matter more towards the success of the 2011 Eagles.

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  1. Juan definitely can’t do any worse than McDermott did with the the Eagles defense. Washburn is going to get a lot more out of the D-line than Rory Segrest ever even dreamed of. All and all I’d say the Eagles defense will be immediately improved from last year. Now end the lockout so the Eagles can go ahead and sign Asomugha!

  2. If this move to cover 2 is accurate, then Philly shouldn’t sign Nnamdi Asomugha. He’s a man corner, and having him sit back in a short zone is a waste of his talent and Philly money/cap space.

    Ike Taylor makes more sense, and would be cheaper. Doing so would give them a chance to sign a DE like Ray Edwards too.

  3. A move to Cover 2 makes less sense to me as I think about it more.

    First, all the trade talk about Rodgers-Cromartie to Philly for Kolb doesn’t make sense b/c cover 2 corners generally have to be solid tacklers; Rodgers-Cromartie isn’t.

    In that vein, Asante Samuels is a horrible tackler.

  4. malblack says: Jul 19, 2011 2:32 PM

    If this move to cover 2 is accurate, then Philly shouldn’t sign Nnamdi Asomugha. He’s a man corner, and having him sit back in a short zone is a waste of his talent and Philly money/cap space.

    Ike Taylor makes more sense, and would be cheaper. Doing so would give them a chance to sign a DE like Ray Edwards too.


    Good post!

    So many are enamored with Asomugha, they can’t see the trees.

    A great player no doubt, but not really suited to a true Cover2 scheme. There are better players available that are better fits for the Cover2. Ike Taylor is one of them.

  5. djax10isthebomb, I didn’t call it a horrible idea. But if you’re paying for Asomugha and want a total return on investment, you want him shutting down the best WR so the rest of your D doesn’t have to worry about him (i.e. no safety over top). If a cover 2 D signs him, they’re getting a good corner. But why pay premium price on a player who will sit in a zone even 50% of the time?

    He’d essentially be playing away from his strengths, and a team shouldn’t pay a premium to a player in this situation.

  6. Is Nnamdi even fit the Eagles budget? They have young players like McCoy, Jackson and Maclin all needing new contracts in the next 2 year window. And honestly Desean deserves his now. He was quiet on the contract last year and has been until now. But he will look to get a new deal. What about Mike Vick? He will be due for a re-signing next season too. I dont think the Eagles can afford Nnamdi long term. But I am certainly not against it.

  7. As a Viking fan, I absolutely hate the Cover 2. It’s an outdated defense unless you have at least 3-4 guys who can realistically reach double digit sacks. In this pass happy league it just gets picked apart nowadays with QBs dumping the ball off before the rush can be effective. Havent seen it consistently effective since Tampa won the superbowl.

  8. Cover 2 with the Eagles makes no sense. The DBs can’t tackle at all and none of the linebackers can cover. The only guy who supposedly can tackle in the secondary is the rookie Jarrett, and we haven’t even seen him play yet. Signing Asomugha and running man to man schemes makes more sense to me with the type of players that are currently on the roster

  9. Whatever scheme they use, they’ll be better without Shawn McDermott. ‘Opie’ was clearly overmatched as a DC, so I’m sure they’ll be improved under Castillo;cover 2, fire zone, or whatever. If they can even improve to average , they’ll have a chance to go all the way with the offense as talented as it is.

  10. I’m just going to take a minute here to sit back and enjoy people talking about football. I don’t even care if people are right or wrong… they are talking about football for the first time in recent memory!

  11. Y’all got no plan.

    Cover 2 simply means that the safeties are in a Cover 2 shell, it doesn’t say ANYTHING about the underneath coverage run by the CBs or LBs.

    You can run a man coverage in a Cover 2, or a pure zone.

    Or you can run a mixed coverage where some DBs are man and the others zone.

    Thus, it does make sense to sign Asomugha, because he will mainly lock down the No.1 WR of the other team.

  12. it wasnt the scheme mcdermott used. the scheme has always been successful under johnson but mcdermott took the fall because reid didn’t get enough defensive playmakers.

    when johnson had playmakers like douglas, trotter, sheldon, corey simon, our defense was top 5. scheme only takes you so far.

  13. ike taylor is a man to man corner like nnamdi. where are you idiots getting your information?

  14. luckynumberlucas, “Cover 2 shell” isn’t even a significant change worthy of a post, so it seems unlikely such a change is Philly’s intent.

    And sdffa11, Pittsburgh run the zone blitz more than almost anyone. Ike predominantly plays the deep third.

  15. malblack says:Jul 19, 2011 2:32 PM
    “Ike Taylor makes more sense, and would be cheaper. Doing so would give them a chance to sign a DE like Ray Edwards too.”

    Man…can I hire you to be my GM for Madden Franchise Mode?

  16. Eagles fan boys:

    I’ve read a few “it can’t be any worse than last years” and I must intervene. This interview sounds eerily familiar to the one conducted by bill Sheridan two years ago after being named giants defensive coordinator. He said the same thing, I’m keeping the same defense (pressure blitzing defense) and making small tweaks. Well small tweaks turned a SB winning defense into one of the worst in the league. Be careful what you wish for Philly, cause I’ll certainly love to see your defense give up 30 per week.

  17. Eagles can hire Buddy Ryan as their defensve Cord. and bring back the 46 defense but its NOT going to mean squat as they will NOT win a SB this year either!!


  18. Im more concerned with who the Eagles plan to have as a back up. I know that I will get a lot of thumbs down for this but, McNabb would be a excellent back to Vick. McNabb always responds to competition. He knows the system.

  19. I like the idea of bringing in Vince Young to back up Vick..take a year or two and teach him work ethic..we build his reputation up and then sell high

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