Seahawks worst moments

We started our worst moments series on PFT Live to fill time during the lockout more than a month ago.

Unfortunately, the lockout continues.  (Although it was briefly enjoined.)  And now the series has finally come to a conclusion.

We present the worst moments for the Seahawk since the ’87 strike.  Bet you can guess what finished first.

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14 responses to “Seahawks worst moments

  1. You forgot one of the worst moments – the December 6, 1998 game against the Jets where the refs mistook Vinny Testaverde’s helmet for the ball on 4th and goal in the final minute and awarded him the winning touchdown.

    Cost the Hawks a playoff spot and cost Dennis Erickson his job (which maybe wasn’t so bad an outcome…).

  2. I guess those are OK… but take #3 or 4 and replace it with the day all Seahawk fans learned that Mr. Hutchinson is a big A-Hole and the term “transistion tag” became the joke of the league.

    I remember that day far more than the two playoff losses.


  3. Losing the Super Bowl to the Steelers probably came in first, but we all know it should have been the “We want the ball and we’re gonna score!” pick in OT.

  4. Hasslecrack losing to Packers
    Ugly uniforms
    Vinny 1 yard short given a td
    Horrible coaching in Super Bowl, plau 2 mossed FG’s, plus numerous dropped passess and bad tackling on Parkers 75 yard TD run!

  5. it has to be how stevie wonder sang the national anthem at the super bowl, and then reffed the game

  6. This basically should have been called “worst Seahawks playoff losses in history”

    The losses to the Rams, Oilers, and Packers all sucked.. but there were far worse moments in being a Seahawks fan.

  7. @pacificnw7722. oh yeah, we’re happy that someone else, other than Jerry Angelo is making the personnel moves. That tells you how bad he is. lol

  8. Wait, no mention of the great Bo Jackson and how he ran right over all the Seahawks defenders, over and over again, on his way to 221 yards?

    I’ve never seen anyone run as fast as Bo was going down the left sideline that night, unbelievable.

    It was Nov. 30, 1987 on MNF and it’s one for the ages.

  9. While the “we want the ball and we’re gonna score” comment turned out to be embarassing on a national level . . . no real Seahawk fan will blame Hasselbeck for that loss. Receivers that couldn’t catch or run the right routes (specifically on the deciding play, Alex Bannister) cost them in that one. Also they were a long shot to win that game from the start so the fact they even played into OT was a pleasant surprise. The loss to the Packers 2 years later in the playoffs, 42-20, was a much worse moment considering they were up 14-0 and if they won would’ve hosted the NFC Championship vs the Giants.

  10. I agree about Super Bowl XL and the 1987 playoff loss to the Oilers. Both terrible moments in franchise history. It is easy to forget that 1987 game but the Seahawks lost that one controversially. Fredd Young intercepted a pass in OT that would have given the ball to the Seahawks and prevented the Oilers kicking the game-winner. The referees botched the call, though. They battled back in that game and should have won it only to lose on a field goal. It was a devastating loss. Personally, it was the hardest loss for me to accept in the history of the franchise.

    As for the 2003 and 2004 playoffs losses. Meh, not that big of a deal in retrospect since they were building a winner. They went to the Super Bowl with the same team in 2005 so hard to be upset about those losses in ’03 and ’04. No Seahawk fan is embarrassed by the “We want the ball and we’re gonna score line.” I still think it was a great moment. Didn’t turn out well but the fact that he had such confidence is good.

    No list of worst moments is complete without acknowledging the botched call in the 1998 season-ending game with the Jets. It was monumental for the league as that game was the deciding factor in bringing back the replay rules as they exist today. And it cost the Seahawks the playoffs and Erickson his job.

    But, clearly, the day Ken Behring bought the Seahawks was the worst moment. It ushered in a lost decade that nearly cost the city its team as he wanted to move to L.A. in 1996.

  11. I’ll get flack for this but I think being the first losing team to make the playoffs has to be up there. I mean, you play in the worst division in the NFL and you can’t even be a legitimate contender?

    I don’t care that they beat the Saints. The Saints were bad this year too.

  12. Obviously you treated the Seahawks with the same lack of interest as you usually do, as it’s evident that absolutely no research was done for this piece, and it was the shortest of all of them.

    I’m very disappointed.

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