The worst Bucs moments since 1987

Looking for something to pick you up after the depressing labor news of the last 24 hours?

Let’s revel in the misery of others for a bit by looking back at the worst moments in Bucs franchise history.

Of course you may not find it so amusing if you were a Bucs fan through all the hard times.  But 31 other teams got the treatment, so it’s only fair.

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6 responses to “The worst Bucs moments since 1987

  1. Congratulations on completing your 32 celebrations of schadenfreude.

    Now you can use your newly-found spare time to wonder why everyone hates the media.

  2. Forget the playoff losses, and the Keyshawn fiasco….. the #1 worst moment was when Mike Alstott injured his neck, while taking out Joe J’s knee….

    ….the already weak offense of Jon G/Brad J., didn’t stand a chance after that moment, and was never the same again.

    …….you go Joe, you go!!! ~Gene

    Close behind, and for the #2 spot was the meltdown, after Monte announced that the following season, he would coach under his knuckleheaded son!!

    Some say he mailed it in after that, concentrating more on Tenn’s recruiting, than disguising defenses for the Bucs!!

  3. The Colts-Bucs OT game was in 2003, not 2000 as you have posted on the video. I think losing Alstott and Jurevicius on one play against the Panthers (and Grammatica missing every kick possible) was pretty bad too.

  4. The bucs got screwed in the Washington game. Simeon Rice forced like 3 fumbles that were ruled incomplete passes. Any one of them would have changed the game, let alone all three. And I still say it was a TD!!

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