Braylon Edwards could face jail time for violating probation


Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards surprisingly pleaded guilty to a DWI on Friday, saying he wanted to put any negativity behind him with free agency on the way.

It’s possible, however, Edwards may have to put jail time behind him for violating his probation in Cleveland.  Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger reports Edwards is due in Cleveland court Wednesday.

Edwards received a conditional 180-day jail sentence in 2009.  Edwards didn’t have to serve it if he completed his probation without incident.

“It’s possible Edwards may not have to serve jail time, instead being assigned a lesser penalty, such as a fine,” a court spokesperson told Vrentas.

So Edwards may have to serve jail time at the very worst time in his career. We’ll find out Wednesday if that’s the case, and the answer will interest plenty of teams out there.