Jets immediately refund employees for lockout losses

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In addition to the fiery speech given by coach Rex Ryan to the Jets organization on Monday, owner Woody Johnson had something to say that made the employees feel even better.

As previously reported, Johnson said that employees would receive their lost lockout wages immediately.

How immediate is immediate?  Per a source who was in the room, Johnson said, “When you leave this meeting, the money will be in your accounts.”

That’s pretty damn immediate.

Here’s hoping the other teams that cut employee pay move almost as immediately.

39 responses to “Jets immediately refund employees for lockout losses

  1. It’s like Christmas in July! Congrats to the Jets for leading the way with this correct path of resolution. I sincerely hope all teams follow suit.

  2. Yes, that was the right thing to do. But I hope Woody wasn’t expecting a round of applause or anything. Those employees had already earned that money.

  3. AlanSaysYo,

    You are correct… but the Jets have a history of saying they are going to do something and then never follow up… You know… like say they will make the SuperBowl the last two years?

  4. How anyone can work or root for this organization is beyond me. For an owner to even consider stopping payments on 150 families and devastating their lives is beyond comprehensible. Combined they probably make less than Vernon Gholston in a year. Sickening…

  5. I don’t understand why they had to cut employee pay in the first place when there wasn’t going to be any revenue coming in at that time anyway. The Vikings didn’t cut employee pay and they are among the lowest in revenue.

  6. As a Jets fan this disgusts me. Not that they gave them back the money, but that they used their employees as a pawn by even cutting salaries when no revenue was lost. Hopefully they were given their money back with interest.

  7. Notice how the best franchises treated their people right and didn’t cut anyone’s pay through this whole thing? Not sure why the Jets are being congratulated, but okay.

  8. The money should have never been withheld. I’m sure the Johnson family made many sacrifices during the lockout like their employees.

  9. Teams never should have held back from the regular employees anyway. What B.S. that was. Especially since the teams weren’t really missing any revenues yet and still got their season ticket money!!!

  10. Wow, how generous of him. Here you go, the money that you earned the last few months that I greedily kept from you is now in your accounts. No hard feelings right? This is crazy that he gets any positive press from this. The owners knew that this was coming and should have planned accordingly. Even small market teams like the packers didn’t make these cuts. They would have only done so if revenue was lost, which still hasn’t happened, and the cuts would have started at the top first. Those making the most. Disgusting that this gets any press at all. It should be a given.

  11. “When you leave this meeting, the money will be in your accounts, and I’ll still respect you in the morning.”.

  12. damn that guy is efficient! I gotta copy that. being a transplanted New yorker here in MN I can say I would definetly be a jets fan over the giants if I were still in the big apple rather than our little apple. That said I do not miss the traffic there(my father’s commute from new city to MSG was 1hr 15-1 hr 30 minutes each way-ouch! here 15 minutes) and hopefully we will build a great team again here with a new stadium deal that doesn’t screw the taxpayers over.

  13. okay.. so why did they hold the money in the first place?
    when it was quite clear they had it..

  14. if they were as classy as the team they share the stadium with, they wouldn’t have to issue refunds.

  15. horsecore says: Jul 25, 2011 11:52 AM

    Damn, I wish my employer would pay me back the furlough time I was forced to take.

    No furlough was taken. Just pay cuts!!!

  16. I really wish we could find out just what the total amount was. It so very hard to believe cutting the pay of loyal, rank-and-file was ever anything more than a ploy to convey an illusion of hardship to the court. Just how much did the Jets ‘save’ over these past few months while imposing that hardship on their employees? And what percentage of the total Jets budget did it represent? Hard to believe the Jets saved that much. I’d like to see an actual accounting.

  17. It was dumb to cut salaries in the first place, the Jets or any other teams giving the money back doesnt deserve credit, teams giving it back quickly deserve some recognition, but teams that wont pay back employee’s deserve to be punished

  18. Classy my ass!! Isnt’t that ahole johnson one of the richest guys in America?

    They picked on the little guy – Geez I don’t remember the Krafts making the same cuts.

  19. Why in hell do we have people giving props to Johnson for correcting something that many didn’t do to begin with? For goodness sake folks, even Al Davis didn’t cut employee pay and the Raiders barely draw flies to their home games.

  20. Class act?? Are you kidding me? A class act would have been to not actually deduct the money in the first place until the lockout actually caused games to be missed.

  21. How can you give them kudos for this move when they should never have taken any employees pay in the first place? The Jets suck as an a organization and a team and always will.

  22. You can call them classy if you want, but it would’ve been infinitely classier if they hadn’t done this in the first place.

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