NFLPA* conference call is under way

We could post about other news and rumors currently spreading around the NFL, but really there is only one story right now.

We’re inching closer to that champagne popping moment.

The NFLPA* Executive Committee and player reps are currently on the horn discussing possible ratification of the next CBA, according to Albert Breer of NFL Network.

There is still widespread disagreement regarding when free agency will start, with reports out there that general managers still don’t know the expected timeline.  First things first: The players have to recommend approval of the deal before we get our final answers.

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  1. It’s always fun to look at the random pictures you guys use for posts and try to figure out what you googled to find them. In this case, it was “conference call.” One wonders if you have permission to use these random copyrighted images you find…

  2. There would be far less drama in this if the players had not spoken out in the media about how the deal was “not what they expected” and that “it will take 2 weeks to sort out” to purposefully make the owners sweat but, not realizing it at the time, turn the fans against them for a few days.

    The proper thing would have been to say something along the lines of “We are reviewing it, but can’t vote on it just yet as we are still being debriefed and the owners are still finishing up a few details, but we are getting close.”

    To borrow the cliche, it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

  3. Sometimes I’m checking out PFT when I’m on a conference call and something is being discussed that doesn’t really involve me. It’s embarrassing when someone out of the blue says “What do you think, Phantom?”

  4. Mike Freeman reports:”I reported that NFL players and owners had reached an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement”
    What kind of inaccurate reporting statement is that??? If an agreement on a NEW CBA happened over the weekend, then more than just the player vote would be needed. The owners would then have to re-vote on the new CBA. This delay is all on the players. I am almost certain if not for all the negative fan response towards the players, the rumors of a delayed vote for two weeks would have come to fruition. The current process that is taking place today is the same process that should have happened last week. Maybe instead of writing bogus articles on lockout winners and losers, write about the fan frustration factor. But if you want a winner and loser, there was only ONE loser, the “irrelevant” employees of the Carolina Panthers, whom as reported, will be the only employees not reimbursed for lost wages during the lockout. Go ahead Mr. Richardson, cry us a river as to why you can’t afford to pay above poverty level salaries to these people.

  5. So excited i can hardly wait, no….. i can wait, in fact we’re all still going to wait another couple months for football just like we were going to all along.

    Buncha smoke blown up our butts for nothing, games will be played, far less will be missed, this has been one of the most boring offseasons with by far the most news going on and nothing happening

  6. bdawk20 – You’re asking the players to think before they speak or Tweet. You know that isn’t a concept they are very familiar with and a practice that many players don’t participate in.

    Eventually one of the CBA’s will make practice completely illegal. That should be great for the game.

  7. cnelson13 says:Jul 25, 2011 11:31 AM

    It’s always fun to look at the random pictures you guys use for posts and try to figure out what you googled to find them. In this case, it was “conference call.”

    Now you tell me. For the last 132 days instead of worrying about whether or not we were going to get football this year, I could have been trying to figure out what PFT is googling to get their pictures. That is almost as much fun as football. not

  8. @cnelson13, just like any other legitimate website, PFT uses licensed images from Getty. A site owned by NBC wouldn’t be dumb enough to allow potentially copyrighted images to be used without permissions.

  9. Will someone please lock Jeffrey Kessler in a closet so he can’t muck this thing up?



    All football fans.

  10. I got the refresh on lock down (no pun intended lol) until this thing is set in stone. On a lighter note, thank you, PFT. You guys did your best to provide my off-season entertainment whenever possible. While it wasn’t always perfect, the job was done. I’ve been a PFT follower since the beginning. I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of, but I’m sticking around.

    Now let’s get to some football!

  11. If there is other news and rumors regarding the NFL, please feel free to post them. 6 months of lockout news is enough, especially now that we know the agreement is basically done. I don’t care about the process the players have to go through in order to vote for it.

  12. Can’t believe this is finally coming to an end (allegedly). Especially since I already purchased my airline and game tickets for Chicago for week 1! Go Falcons! 🙂

  13. So…. they can meet and collectively make a decision. After all is said and done… the decertification was indeed a sham…

  14. this site is a comlete embarrassment………simple as that………report this………report that…….then throw in some lawyer garbage…….but not ONE……….not one of these lazy ass cut and pasters are on the front line… should be ashamed of yourselves……. 3g’s wrote this mindless blurb,so i doubt my comment will make it…….as is usually the case with this illiterate

  15. Good!

    Now could someone (our govt leaders) get to work on this economic mess before it prevents all but the most wealthy among us from being able to go watch these millionaires run around and throw and catch a ball?

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