Ravens line up an undrafted rookie running back

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Plenty of Ravens fans hope that the decision to cut veterans Willis McGahee, tight end Todd Heap, and receiver Derrick Mason means that the Ravens will make a play for a guy like cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

Their first transaction will be far less sexy.

Per a league source, the Ravens will sign University of Miami running back Damien Berry on Tuesday morning.

Berry rushed for 899 yards in 2010 and 616 in 2009.  He had an impressive per-carry average of 6.6 yards in 2009.

14 responses to “Ravens line up an undrafted rookie running back

  1. incredible signing dude is a monster. Great talent coming out of Miami whose numbers dont translate to his game on the field. Him and ray rice will be dangerous. youve never heard of him because you dont follow football he played a considerable amount this year at Miami. preciate the comment though jeepin.

  2. Those college numbers don’t look too impressive to me, unless he was part of a 2-RB system. This sounds like a practice squad player for now.

  3. No Heap, Mason, or Gregg- but hey- Damien Berry.

    Somehow, I’m not exactly filled with hope for the Ravens.

  4. I believe Berry is going to make a great name for himself. I watched him at Miami and he is just the type of back the Ravens need. I am sure he will be pushing Rice for the starting spot soon enough. If you don’t believe me, watch some of his highlights. He is a hard physical runner and he should be able to replace McGahee just fine.

  5. Not a fan of The U, but I have to say I like this signing. Of the few games that I saw him play, I liked what I saw. He isn’t going to be the answer right away, but has potential to be a very productive NFL RB.

    For all the Ravens fans complaining about all the moves; please take a deep breath. I’m sure Ozzie and Company has a plan and their next moves are already planned out.

    Wait until FA is over before you jump off the Bay Bridge.

  6. replace McGahee and add another Miami guy- Check

    add 2 solid corners so Reed can play the field – half check

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