So much for that “done deal” between Eagles and Cardinals

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It was widely believed by many (but not us) that the Eagles and Cardinals already had a deal in place that would have sent quarterback Kevin Kolb to Arizona as soon as the 2011 trading period opened.

More than 12 hours after the NFL waved the green flag, no deal has been done.  And it if truly was a done deal, the deal would be done by now.

Why?  Because the Cardinals would want to immediately commence the process of getting Kolb ready, via meetings and film review and other stuff that needs to happen to get him prepared to play on September 11.

It appears that the Cardinals have realized that the Eagles have a habit of flipping quarterbacks who never do as well elsewhere as they do in Philly.

And it appears that the Cardinals are exploring other options.  Which means that the Eagles will need to temper their expectations in order to move Kolb.

Either way, it’s now clear that the deal isn’t done.  And that it wasn’t done.  And that it may never be done.

63 responses to “So much for that “done deal” between Eagles and Cardinals

  1. Sounds like a story about the lockout .. only replace “new CBA” with “Kevin Kolb trade”

  2. Id rather keep him and let him be the backup than give him up for garbage. He would be very valuable as a backup. At some point Vick will go down. Kolb can step in and win.

  3. hocus pocus. i feel for kolb but arizona is the only place he can be move to this year.

    so its philly or arizona, i say its a coin flip 🙂

  4. i guess im not the only one out there that thought the kolb hype was absurd. guy could be a good QB but has proven absolutely nothing that would warrant the type of compensation the eagles are seeking.

  5. “isn’t done.” Yes.
    “wasn’t done.” Duh.

    “may never be done.” Aside from a few hours elapsing, and your minds, what else has changed between now and when “all signs pointed to Kolb joining Cardinals”?

  6. Kevin Kolb is sooo over rated it’s ridiculous! All he ever did was hit “DeShawn Jackson” on a few 10 yard slants that “DeShawn Jackson” took to the house that were 80+ yards!! “That” makes Kolb an elite QB?! What eva! Talk about Hype!

  7. …or it could just be that the Cards and Kolb are working out the terms of a long term contract which would be necessary for the trade to go through.

    Also, how come when discussing the Eagles and Vick and Kolb no one ever brings up the fact that Vick is one mistake away from never playing in the league again? I mean, honestly, would it be the worst thing for the Birds to hang on to Kolb just in case Vick slips up?

  8. IMO the asking price for Kolb is a bit unrealistic.

    Go with Orton and get more for less, which is what I think Arizona is looking to do. Or at least play the two sides against eachother.

  9. I bet it could have been done, but no one trusts or respects Howie Roseman in this league. I’m sure Howie tried to play hardball, but it is tough to take anyone seriously who is 5’4 with the voice of Mickey Mouse.

  10. All you need to do is look at Donovan McNabb and A.J. Feeley post-Eagles.

    They are system QBs and that’s it. Takeoff their Eagles jerseys and they’ll fail.

  11. Andy Reid is having a cold-feet,big time!! it’d be pretty funny if this deal doesn’t go through.kolb would be mad as hell…hahahaha

  12. The eagles are holding out for a higher pick to go along with DRC. They lost a little leverage with Seatle signing a plethora of mediocrates, but I believe the deal will be done tomorrow.

  13. Good! Trade for Orton! Much cheaper to get and is probably a better fit. Cards don’t run a west coast style offense so Kolb would have a totally different style to learn in a short period of time. Do the right deal and bring Orton to the desert.

  14. eagles are asking too much
    look for a 2 and a 5 that could become a 2 and a 3 or 4
    and thats a lot for a guy with 6 starts and half were terrible

  15. I don’t trust Kolb, especially at that price. I’d rather trade for Orton, probably less potential upside, but you know he’s a starter, and has done it in the past. Kolb, IMO, hasn’t really proven anything other than he’s a roll of the dice. When the job was his, he shat the bed more often than not.

  16. firerogergoodell says:
    Jul 26, 2011 10:46 PM
    Must have been a Jason LaCanfora report…


    So true. La Canfora is a complete doucher.

    Kolb has never looked “worth it” to me. Like I said in another comment, Orton is the guy I would be going after. I’d laugh my arse off if no one takes Kolb and he gets stuck with the Eagles. Maybe that would give this guy a reality check.

    He has not earned a substantial salary nor a starting QB job. I’d take VY over him, at this point. And that’s sad.

  17. If the Vikes aren’t rumored to want Kolb, you know he’s junk.

    Kolb… never has a guy gotten more run for absolutely no reason in the history of football.

  18. If they Eagles don’t get anything more than DRC, they should just keep Kolb for two more years (using Franchise if they have to). Kolb is probably somewhere between Matt Schaub and Matt Cassel, so no hurry on moving him for less than they want. Fitzgerald is so out of Arizona if his choice at QB isn’t filled..

  19. Kolb is TRASH !! waaaay over-rated !! glad the Cards got some sence in there bird brains !! Kolb could start in maybe Seattle, S.F or Cincy and maybe do avg no better !! NFC EAST Champs Dallas Cowboys !!

  20. My guess would be the Eagles have made the deal contingent upon them signing a decent FA backup. Why would they give Kolb up when they have no backup?

  21. The Eagles have a habit of what? McNabb was no good and everyone with eyes knew it. Feeley went to a terrible Dolphins team. He was no savior but could have helped a good team. Kolb is exactly what a team with real hopes needs.

  22. saturn1111 says: Jul 26, 2011 10:50 PM

    “isn’t done.” Yes.
    “wasn’t done.” Duh.

    “may never be done.” Aside from a few hours elapsing, and your minds, what else has changed between now and when “all signs pointed to Kolb joining Cardinals”?


    Time changes everything.
    And Seattle dropping out of the bidding process didnt help Kolbs stock at all.

  23. “It appears that the Cardinals have realized that the Eagles have a habit of flipping quarterbacks who never do as well elsewhere as they do in Philly.”


    The dumbest trade ever was Miami trading a second for Feeley, or Feely, or however you spell it. Apparently the Cards are smarter than the Phins were. Eff the Eagles, I hope the Cards put the thumbscrews to them.

  24. Orton: known quantity, cheaper than Kolb, low risk

    Kolb: unknown quantity, expensive, high risk

    Tough choice.

  25. newagerocker says:Jul 26, 2011 10:54 PM Free Agents can’t practice until August 4th so they essentially have another week and a half to make a deal.

    What part of trading players that are under contract has anything to do with CBA restrictions on when free agents can practice?

  26. Kolb wants out of philly! He doesn’t want to back up anybody! He’s not a proven starting qb and any team that signs him will be taking a huge risk. The cardinals are trash anyways, no qb will save that loser ass team. Vick is one bootleg hit away from a 6-8 week vacation. Hahaha

  27. OH NO! He didn’t get traded within the first 12 hours, must mean that teams aren’t interested or they are asking too much…What trades did happen in the first 12 hours? I think NONE! Anyone who follows the Eagles knows that they have a plan and they always stick to it! If he isn’t traded yet it is because they aren’t ready yet. So iron out your panties, they’re just a little bunched up!

  28. Kolb might be a great QB in the future, but there is little evidence to support this at this time. Charlie Whitehurst might be a great QB in the future, see above.

  29. Even if Kolb is overrated, he is by far the best available QB. I would take him over Orton or McNabb any day. Especially since he is going to the worst division.

  30. Well if the Eagles weren’t asking for DRC AND A FIRST!!!!! What the hell Andy!!?! You know he aint worth that much, get the Cardinals balls out of your teeth and give them a reasonable deal for Christ sake. Or atleast offer them some picks along with Kolb. But holy crap your gonna lose this opportunity.

  31. Yeah, the Eagles, especially since young gun Roseman took over as GM, are always trying to squeeze other teams when negotiating trades. That’s why a lot of teams don’t like to deal with them. Wouldn’t be surprised if Cards go elsewhere.

  32. Thanks guys. I know this was just for me. Schefter is a tool. Not for nothing, but we here in AZ believe Kolb is still here in the Phoenix area (we know he didn’t report). Anyway we still believe a deal can be done but not for DRC and a 1 or a 2. Big props to Seattle on that. Think TJac and Charlie will even show up to the stadium the weeks Pete starts Matt against us? Anyway Schefter also reported we signed Jeff King (Car) but nothing has been confirmed locally. Can you look into that? Cuz we would rather have Zach Miller or Todd Heap.

  33. If the Patriots were the team who had flipped a past his prime McNabb and a hyped-up Feely, the story would be “The genius of Bill Belichik, knowing just when to release players or building a system where even AJ Feely can win games.”

    But it’s the Eagles, so it’s “That slick walrus Andy Reid and his greedy robber-baron ways.”

  34. Nobody here in the AZ wanted Kolb for that much. We have always known and wanted Orton. It is Philly and the east coast biased media that wanted the Cardinals to overpay to make the Eagles a great team and the Cards mediocre. This is all the power of ESPN and not what was really happening.

  35. Please, won’t some team in the NFC West save the Eagles from this horrible fate!

    Why, if nobody trades for Kevin Kolb, the Eagles will just have to… keep him as their backup! It’s too horrible to think about, having a backup more talented than some team’s starters?

    And without DRC, what will they do? It’s not like there’s some any sort of big-name free agent cornerbacks on the market…

    Won’t somebody think of the children!

  36. All you Eagle fans need to drop the bias. Look at the number, a qb who has shown potential in 6 games or a guy who has thrown 41 Tds to 21 picks in the last 2 season with no receivers. Kolb is not the better option.

  37. Lets see Orton manages 1 win last year in one of the worst divisions in football Kolb is player of the week in three of his 6 starts …. hmmmm

    When are people going to get Orton is the most average QB in th world. He can get you to 8-8 and thats it. e goes no further. AZ knows it. Hell the whole league knows it. And AZ would end up paying the older guy (albeit only 2 years older) who is as good as he is going to be more because he will want a new deal and he is already making 8 mill a year and itss till going to cost AZ a one or a two.

    Folks this is all smoke screen the Eagles are calling the Cards bluff. I think the Eagles are asking for Peterson not DRC. We’ll see in the next few days. If the Eagles sign a corner then who knows whats going on but if they don’t then my guess is Kolb is still on his way to AZ

  38. Wow… ~3 days post-CBA signing and you idiots are already thinking this trade has broken down. If that’s the case, why haven’t they made a deal for Orton yet? Or, why haven’t they signed Hasselbeck? Like someone said, there have NO trades yet. Has anyone thought that maybe, just maybe, the media had the pararmeters of the deal wrong all this time and they’re still negotiating? Besides, we’re talking the Cards and Bidwell here. They’ll probably do nothing and go with the Anderson/Skelton combo again.

  39. “It appears that the Cardinals have realized that the Eagles have a habit of flipping quarterbacks who never do as well elsewhere as they do in Philly.”
    Um, care to give an example besides McNabb? I wouldn’t call it a “habit” if they only did it one time.

  40. To: Cards Front Office, GET SOMETHING, ANYTHING, DONE NOW OR YOU WILL LOSE MORE THEN JUST FOOTBALL GAMES!!! No wonder there are so few of us Cardinals fans out there. You want to be a fan but they make it sooooo hard to be a cards fan. Please don’t make me hate this team!

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