Holmes contract leaves plenty of cap space for Nnamdi

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The good news for Jets fans (assuming that the celebration by the player will include no waking and/or baking) is that receiver Santonio Holmes has agreed to remain with the team for five years.  The better news is that his contract makes it easy to keep chasing cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Holmes contract has a cap number of only $2.45 million in 2011.

Mehta also reports that the Jets are serious about their pursuit of Asomugha.  And the man with whom Asomugha would be paired definitely is serious about it.

We want to see it,” Darrelle Revis told Mehta.  “Hopefully it will happen.”

Revis expressed a little humility to aid in the recruitment effort.  “He’s the best CB in the league,” Revis said of Asomugha.  “Me and him as a tandem would be unbelievable.  It would be awesome.”

So what will happen?  Our guess (and it’s just a guess, but if we end up being right history could become a little foggy) is that Asomugha will take less than he could get elsewhere to play for the Jets.  But that first requires Asomugha to find out how much he can get elsewhere.  So he needs to solicit the best offer from all other interested teams, including (reportedly) the Texans, 49ers, and whoever else gets into it.

Then, the question would be how close New York could come to the ceiling, and whether Nnamdi would be willing to take from the Jets 85 percent, 88 percent, 90 percent, or more of what he could get elsewhere.

And then it will be decision time.  But we still can’t forgot the prediction of David White, formerly of the San Francisco Chronicle and now of the cloth.  White predicted in January that Asomugha will land with the Jets or the Packers.

I know him well. . . .  Mark it down,” White said.

We have.  And we have a feeling that practices in New York this year will feature some combination of Revis and Asomugha covering Holmes and Randy Moss.

103 responses to “Holmes contract leaves plenty of cap space for Nnamdi

  1. Looks like the Jets are going all out to win it this year… because I would think the cap numbers for all these guys has to explode in the next few years down the road.

    …I’d say that Sanchez still stinks (and he does). But the Ravens were able to do it with Trent Dilfer.

  2. The Jets can sign whoever they like …… This is a QB driven league ….. As long as Sanchez is the best option at QB, the Jets will not be the elite team in the AFC …….

  3. love or hate (mostly hate) the jets, tannenbaum has to be considered a top 5 gm in this league. he works the cap better than anyone


    He is sucha Cali guy, hard to believe all this until it happens. he deserves to win big, NY would love him but his comment before the pro bowl, “I want to retire a raider” leads me to believe if AL gives him a solid contract he should be loyal to OAK. He was awful first 2-3 years in league and became the best in the biz and paid the best by AL. If OAK gets Gaither and Dashon Goldson maybe Nnamdi stays?

  5. I wont let myself get to excited until it actualy happens but dam i cant stop thinking about how insane this could be for the jets d.

  6. So, if they do this, do they still try to keep Cromartie and go into the season with the nastiest secondary ever seen?

  7. It will amuse me when teams are forced to throw on the Jets and teams choose to pick on Revis instead of bothering with Aso. We will find out once and for all who the better player is. Although, Aso is now on the downside of his career so more than likely he’ll get turf toe repeatedly and force his way out of New York in 2 – 3 seasons like his mentor Charles Woodson taught him.

  8. How do the Jets have all these big name players under contract, and still always remain in the hunt every year for top free agents? And teams like the Raiders and Vikings are way over salary cap? Someone please explain.

  9. “Revis expressed a little humility to aid in the recruitment effort. “He’s the best CB in the league,” Revis said of Asomugha.”

    – The first step is admitting it, Darrelle..

  10. So when DO they pay the piper? 2012 and beyond? Because having 1/3 of your cap in four players has to hit at some stage. (otherwise there’s no point in having a cap)

  11. You are starting to make me actually believe that this may happen.

    Hey, say what you want haters, but the Jets are at least a playoff team this year again.

  12. Stop trying to buy and talk your way to a Championship. It doesnt work. The Jets have no loyalty to their players. None, zero.

    Heres a fun fact: The 2 teams in the Super Bowl last year (GB and Pitt) signed exactly ZERO free agent players who were not with their team the year before.

    Im not saying its a bad pickup but you gotta give your team more than a year together before you dump players for other players.

  13. Does anyone have any idea of how it is possible that a player with a $50 million contract only counts $2.45 million against the cap? If you allow that, it practically defeats the purpose of having a salary cap in the first place.

  14. How many rings do they have combined. Yeah thats right just as many as I have (0). Team Sport, look at the last two SB winners, NO and GB, both teams made up of no bodys but talented players.

    Im not sure why we even played the last three seasons because the Jets are always workout warrior offseason OTA SB Champs.

    F’ douches

  15. Wow, these 2 would be amazing together. But the Jets would kill themselves cap-wise.

    I don’t care what cap numbers you throw out for 2011, you don’t have two studs like NA and Revis making THAT much and not have to pay for it later.

    It would be great to watch, but only for 1-2 years

  16. Thanks to Bob McNair for not signing a single free agent corner. We go into the season starting Jason Allen & Kareem Jackson? How does McNair not get any negative publicity? He’s a good businessman but a TERRIBLE and BORING owner! He hires idiots and doesn’t care because the team still makes money! I can’t take any more last second game-ending passing touchdowns on our secondary. There were at least 3 last year, now imagine if we win those….the players on the spot didn’t make the plays, and they’re still playing. Ridiculous.

  17. I just looked at the NYJ cap and they have like 5 million to spend this year. Next year they will have to cut players like crazy and start back from square one. Will all be for naught. Jets fans should be used to crashing and burning.

  18. They can have all the shutdown guys they want. Neither of them can run with Mike Wallace. And unless they learned how to tackle and play D-Line, Mendenhall will run all overthem again…Good Luck!!! 🙂

  19. All you guys keep talking crap about sanchez. Hes gonna really shut alot of people up this year. Just like the jets are shuting everyone up by resigning their free agents that everyone said they didnt have any money for.. Keep Hating

  20. 10 bucks says the nfl fixes the rules of salary and bonuses next year to fix this and keep teams from grabbing all the good free agents.

    no way a guy that signs a 5 year 50 mil contract should have a 2.45 cap figure.

  21. You cannot deny that Mike Tannenbaum is the best GM in the game. Like the Jets or not these past few years of trading and free agency have been unbelievably spot on.

  22. UH OH! The Jets might not be in as much trouble as “snnyjcbs” predicted (repeatedly) earlier. Sounds to me like NY’s front office can handle player signings a little bit better than the fans of rival teams blindly hammering away at their keyboards on a sports blog.

  23. Nnamdi to the Jets, Revis get’s exposed as an average CB, is traded the follow season. Jet’s lose AFC Championship game to Raiders who pick apart Sanchez with Routt and Cromartie! The new best CB tandem.

  24. Jets fans dont care what haters say.. i guess because the team wins football games..

  25. I rather have detroits d line than these 2.

    revis isn’t even all that. Moss blew him up and then he cried about it… My Hamstring! My hamstring! I cant run! whaahhhh!

  26. Damn the Jets are going to be royally screwed in 2012 and 2013 if they do this….

    Also, they have to sign a couple other WR’s with what money??? They won’t win sh!t with “The Dirty” dinkin and dunkin all game.

  27. Looking at AFC championship against the Steelers, defending the pass was not the issue.

    Mendenhall went over 120+ and a TD.

    Hope Nnamdi can come up on the line and help defend the run.

  28. What is their cap number? Still waiting for that little inconvenient piece of info. Until they restructure as many contracts as possible to get it down to 112 mil, I would hold off on the predictions.
    Are they still suspect against the run? Do they have any depth in their receiving core? Still doesn’t make $$$ sense, no matter how much they cook the books.

  29. I recall a bunch of hype a few years back about the Redskins buying a championship also. Didn’t work out so well for them.. we’ll have to see how this goes for the Jets.

  30. Time to get Asolated on Revis Island.

    And for everyone saying the Jets are buying their way to a championship….how, exactly?

    Don’t forget that Revis is a homegrown talent, much like Mangold and Ferguson, both of whom rank near (or even at, in Mangold’s case) the top of their position league-wide. There’s also Keller, an improving TE, and Sanchez, who, for all his flaws, is still better than a lot of guys who’ve rode their teams to Super Bowls.

    Nothing wrong with improving yourself through free agency, especially since the Jets generally produce strong (albeit small) draft classes. Tannenbaum is relentless in his efforts to find ways to improve his team. Other GMs should follow his approach.

  31. “eaglesowngiants says:
    Jul 27, 2011 4:29 PM
    Who cares…. their QB is still Mark Sanchez. I think we are all ready to admit how terrible he is”

    Sanchez is 4 – 2 and his QA rating is way higher in the postseason. He is clutch.

  32. The way this works is this …

    The Jets have 5 years of space to restructure the contracts of Mangold, D’brick, sanchez, and a $3 million dollar ‘credit’ against the cap. It will probably be announced this week that the Jets have agreed with Harris on a long term contract changing the $10 million tender to a $7 million cost against the cap. So between the $7 million dollars of ‘dead money’ because Gholston is gone, 3 million on harrison and the Holmes Contract, they will be 22 million under the cap after the restructoring, not mention what Revis’ reconstructed contracted would look like.

  33. Seriously??? I can see it happening though. The jets will need that CB tandem to finally make the super bowl. Just be carefull we all saw what happened to Lebron and the heat, they will be expected to win the super bowl with those two DBs. The local media in Detroit had predicted that if Asomugha was in detroit they would make the playoffs – they were a 6-10 team, so what would you expect from a team that was in the AFC championship last year?

    But on a nickname front: What do you get when you take Revis Island and add Asomugha? Something like Lost (jets, islands that move around that you can not get off just go to o e or the other) or The Hotel Broadway (you can visit anytime you like, but you can never leave!)

  34. Players under contract for 2011:
    Arizona $83 million
    Atlanta $102.1 million
    Baltimore $101.3 million
    Buffalo $96.4 million
    Carolina $73 million
    Chicago $104.9 million
    Cincinnati $90.7 million
    Cleveland $99.2 million
    Dallas $136.6 million
    Denver $125 million
    Detroit $113.8 million
    Green Bay $129.8 million
    Houston $118.4 million
    Indianapolis $115.5 million
    Jacksonville $78.1 million
    Kansas City $74.7 million
    Miami $103.1 million
    Minnesota $108.4 million
    New England $102.3 million
    New Orleans $105.2 million
    New York Giants $126.3 million
    New York Jets $128.5 million
    Oakland $85.8 million
    Philadelphia $80.8 million
    Pittsburgh $116 million
    San Diego $85.8 million
    San Francisco $100.9 million
    Seattle $81.1 million
    St. Louis $102.4 million
    Tampa Bay $59.7 million
    Tennessee $107.4 million
    Washington $115.2 million

  35. Yawn….won’t matter….sexy Rexy can’t get past the AFC championship…he’s just like Andy Reid….

  36. Nnamdi to the packers would give him a much better shot at winning. Plus, he would look sick in green n gold

  37. Those practices will be something to see.
    I’ve got it on good authority that #21 actually had a couple of picks in practice last year.

  38. I’ll put my money on him going to SF or staying in OAK. Just feel like all this media hype typically goes nowhere. Sure, it would be sooo wonderful to see Nnamdi and Revis togethor 😉 lol. He’s staying on the west coast.

    Im not even the slightest bit of a Jets fan, but they should go after Joseph, not Nnamdi.

  39. Does anyone realize that players are cut, restructure, are traded, and leave in free agency each year? If you are careful with your numbers you can spread the big numbers for your top guys throughout several years. Right now Sanchez counts for 17 mill this year. His cap hit will be minimal next year. As of right now I believe Revis has a big cap hit next year. It is never a surprise what teams are in cap hell, for example, Dallas and Oakland. They won’t hire a competent GM because they know what they are doing.

  40. For a Team that has signed all of two players both their own. Signing one to the biggest contract ever given a WR and resigning a back up lineman they sure get a lot of media play.

    They have done nothing so far this year and are as it stands worse off then last year. The Jets remind me alot of Raquel Alexandra, a flash in the pan, a nice flash but a flash in the pan no less while Zenyatta was making History, the East Coast Crowd had all the talk on RA.

    Nnamdi and the Jets is a Pipe Dream, Mark that Down. And lets not forget before all is said and done he will have a sit down with Big Al and that you can count on.

  41. I think it is hilarious that the Jets feel the need to improve on their already sick defense. Why don’t you make a play for a quarterback who doesn’t suck! He was the 27th in qb rating, 16th in yards, 29th in completion percentage, don’t say he didn’t try-9th in attempts, 15th in completions, t-13th in most interceptions, t-19th in touchdowns, 17th in times sacked, etc. This guy is a clown and he is the reason the JETS will not win a Super Bowl. The guy has a stable of receivers, a good tight end, a great running game and a great offensive line-any good quarterback would succeed with these circumstances. By the way, McNabb who gets hated on alot-had better stats then Sanchez last year, with the worst o-line in the league, crappy receivers and chaos in Washington.

  42. Tannenbaum is the best at what he does. He will not put the Jets in Cap trouble without a way out. I remember Parcells saying that he’s never been around a Cap guy as good as Tannenbaum is. If he gets Nnamdi, it’ll be a good deal for the Jets, or he won’t do it. He’ll sign Cro, then.

  43. I just took a peek at the cap situation and the Jets have around 5 mill to spend. May be possible to make it happen for 2011 but its balls to the walls for one year then they will have an epic cap nightmare moving forward. This team wants to win “one” i get that, but sacrificing the foreseeable future to get that….wow thats pretty selfish. I’m not so sure that Sanchez can lead this team to the promise land either. And most importantly…..assuming this year somewhat mirrors last year, how exactly does Nnamdi fit that missing piece to beat the Steelers?

  44. Not for nothing, but Tannabaum is considered a cap genius in football, he knows how to thin out a salary cap. Word is, $12 million is what Nnamdi will take to play in NY, everywhere else top dollar.

    Patssmellikepoo is right, rosters change from year to year, and what looks like a disaster on paper turns into a positive with a good cap guy.

    as for Dallas and Oakland, look who run the show, Jerry and Al, and they give a lot of cap money guaranteed. Nnamdi’s last contract in Oakland was crazy and most of it guaranteed with chance of the Raiders able to franchise him. Roy Williams contract was heavily against the cap and cost then # 1 picks for a subpar receiver.

    teams like the Pats, Jets, and Chiefs are all from the Parcell tree of how to handle the cap, big difference.

  45. snnyjcbs says: Jul 27, 2011 5:26 PM

    For a Team that has signed all of two players both their own. Signing one to the biggest contract ever given a WR and resigning a back up lineman they sure get a lot of media play.

    They have done nothing so far this year and are as it stands worse off then last year. The Jets remind me alot of Raquel Alexandra, a flash in the pan, a nice flash but a flash in the pan no less while Zenyatta was making History, the East Coast Crowd had all the talk on RA.

    Nnamdi and the Jets is a Pipe Dream, Mark that Down. And lets not forget before all is said and done he will have a sit down with Big Al and that you can count on.


    Why are you writing three paragraphs about a team that’s “done nothing so far this year”?

    How much do you write when the team actually does something?

  46. The Jets are never in cap hell because their GM’s first job with the Jets was running the cap under Parcells. He’s the best in the business in capology.
    Keep hating Sanchez too all you like. Nothing but ignorance. Couldn’t care less what his regular season stats are. The kid pulled four games out of his butt in the fourth quater last year and is the sixth ranked post season passer in history. So keep hating and get used to it. Jets are here to stay for a loooong time. Get used to it.

  47. Jets haters are too funny. Jealousy is a stinky cologne dudes. For a QB who sucks and a team who isn’t elite, making 2 straight AFC championship games is pretty good.

  48. eaglesowngiant:

    Saying Sanchez has a higher QB rating in the playoffs is quite an understatement.

    To be exact, he has a playoff QB rating of a shade under 95, which happens to be the 5th best in NFL HISTORY. So all the people on this message board who bash Sanchez, just keep in mind he plays the biggest in the biggest moments, unlike other good young QB’s like Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco. Also has 4 road playoff wins already which is most in NFL history for QB’s for entire careers.

    Then you also have to consider the two playoff losses he had in the Championship games where he was stellar in both.

    So all you Sanchez haters can go back to your own QB’s who either dont make the playoffs to begin with or put up monster regular seasons which are completely negated by lackluster playoff performances.

  49. All the haters just wish their GM’s had the nerve to make these big splashes in FA. Jealousy of the Jets media time under an animated coach is understandable, but grow up fellas.

  50. goawayeverybody says:
    Jul 27, 2011 4:27 PM
    Teams that play against the Jets this year: Get ready to use your tight ends. A LOT.

    The Pats don’t have any tight ends. Only wide receivers.

  51. He is the Sixth ranked passer in post season history RIGHT NOW-he has played in like 5 or 6 post season games. Did I meantion he makes $17 mil a season….well worth it. So worth it, he openly said he would take a pay cut for the “team.” Translation: I have been underperforming so I will take a paycut to get more talent on one of the most talent rich teams in the league. James Harrison should say this to Sanchez not Roethlisberger(he actually won two rings), “You arent Peyton Manning, you just get paid like him.”

  52. Sanchez has played two years. Give me a break! Try understanding that 99% of QB’s don’t put up All-Pro numbers in their 1st two years! He’s shown what he can do and all he has to do is be consistent which takes A LOT of time in this league. He may not ever be a Top 5 QB but the best you can say at this point is The Jury Is Still Out!

  53. The New Jersey Green Beans are like that obnoxious neighbor who always plays his music loud and farts when you’re around him. You always look forward to January/February when his doors and windows are shut, he doesn’t cook stinky barbecue, and you don’t hear from him.

  54. I don’t see how Holmes can possibly only count ~2.5 against the cap. 5 year deal with 24mil guaranteed (I assume that means signing bonus). 24/5= just under 5mil per year cap charge in prorated bonus and this is before any salary is included which will be at least another 3 mil.

    Sanchez’s cap charge is eye watering this year so he’ll have to restructure and Revis’ next year will be borderline ridiculous.

    Aso is gonna require something enormous to sign (minimum 15 a year). Moss isn’t gonna do anything for less than about 3-4 per year; where is this cap room going to come from???

  55. NY Times reports Jets at $100 million before signing Holmes. How they figure Cap number is divide the Signing Bonus by number of years in the deal and add in that years salary. So we don’t know the bonus and we don’t know his 2011 salary. So we don’t know his Cap number this year.

  56. I may be the only Jets fan who is a little nervous about the possibility of Nnamdi joining the Jets. I lean more towards being more balanced and improving the D-line and resigning Brad Smith. Mark my words teams like the Patriots have a harder time with a balanced team, they always find a way to capitalize on your slightest weakness. As for all you Sanchez haters, give me a break the guy has been pretty impressive in his first two years at ages 22 and 23!!

  57. Everyone that thinks this team isn’t going to be the best team in the NFL if this signing goes through is down-right dumb. Their “loser quarterback” has been to 2 AFC championships. A brilliant Head Coach (say what u want about his attitude), a great GM, and a team that is stacked and wants to win… but people are so thicked headed to realize how disgusting this team is going to be. Haters can laugh about the last two years but this year when the Jets are ontop of the football universe… I, along with Mr. Ryan, will be sitting here saying we told you so

  58. Except that the team in the NFL last year gets 15 players back.

    The Packers are the team to beat. More weapons on both sides of the ball. If you disagree, I guess that makes you the idiot.

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