North Carolina fires Butch Davis


Butch Davis, the former Browns head coach who won two Super Bowl rings as a 1990s Cowboys assistant, has been fired from his job as the head coach at North Carolina.

Our friends at CFT have the details on the firing, which comes after a lengthy investigation into NCAA rules violations on Davis’s watch.

Davis has produced a wealth of NFL-caliber talent at North Carolina: The Tar Heels had 12 players at this year’s Scouting Combine, most of any school, and nine of those players were drafted. But many of those players were suspended for all or part of the 2010 season because of improper contact with agents.

The 59-year-old Davis had a reputation for being a good defensive assistant in the 1990s. If he wants to coach again, his best bet may be to try to find an NFL team willing to add him to its staff: The North Carolina scandal has probably tarnished his reputation significantly that he won’t get another job in the college ranks.

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  1. A shame for him. He did a good job of turning that program aroundhole. He infused a lot of talent and there is still good defensive talent there now.

  2. This just reminds me how much I hate the NCAA.

    “Paying amateurs is immoral. Now please go buy NCAA 2011 and all the merchandise out there! Don’t forget to watch the all new Tositos-Gatorade-Samsung-Foldgers-Bank of America-Pampers Bowl, brought to you by Pepsi and Ford!!!”

  3. Yeah but how much did it cost him and the alumni to turn it around. Before people say, “Most schools pay their players.” Yes, that is true but Butch Davis used to coach at Miami. Miami was notorious for all kinds of rules violations while Coker, Davis, Erickson and Johnson were at the reigns. Was anyone really surprised that this happened? I was surprised that an institution like Carolina would allow someone like Davis to coach there. It is the equivalent of Callipari coaching at their school. Eventually you know that the NCAA is going to be setting up shop on campus and ready to issue all kinds of penalties to the school.

  4. One of the most overhyped coaching careers in the past 20 years. He certainly turned that Miami program around (although the process took forever and he never saw it to fruition), but I can’t name too many college coaches that did less with more. Those last couple of Miami teams were stacked at almost every position.

    I won’t even mention the disaster that he was in the NFL. I didn’t realize he was as old as he is, so essentially it’s over for him.

    In hindsight, probably should have jumped at that University of Tennessee job a couple of years ago when they were interested.

  5. There is nothing lamer than college football:
    -63-0 blowouts
    -Kids that can barely speak English getting free rides and a massive sense of entitlement
    -Defenses that can’t cover the pass
    -Kids getting free education wanting money because they won’t finish their degrees and think they’ll be in the nfl for 20 years

    It’s stupid

  6. Took NC long enough. At least his kid got some extra help from the tutor, ooops was I suppose to let that out. North Carolina was not known as football school and he was trying to move them, cheating isn’t the way.

  7. This guy produces nothing but NFL talent.
    He did it at Miami, then Coker benefitted from Davis people.
    He has done it again at UNC.
    Wherever he does, anyone from his college systems are stars in the NFL.
    Thank god the Giants have Hakeem Nicks & Marvin Austin from Davis system @ UNC

  8. think they would like to have Mack Brown back at UNC? they are now going on their 4th coach since he left

  9. Butch Davis should get another shot as an NFL head coach. The guy turned the Browns around in 2 years and they haven’t been back to the playoffs since he left. Just don’t make the mistake Cleveland did and have him be General Manager on top of coaching. The guy made some really dumb personell moves just to show he was boss.

  10. It would be nice to hear what the Browns are doing in free agency rather than hear about Butch Davis. What next? An update on Eric Mangini stopping his bus in New Haven for tacos?

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