Robert Gallery joins the Seahawks

One of the most repeated rumors of the offseason has turned into reality.

Guard Robert Gallery agreed to a three-year contract with the Seahawks Wednesday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Tom Cable went from Oakland to Seattle to coach the offensive line, and he brought Gallery with him.  Seattle could use some bulk and help in the running game, so it’s a fine fit. Gallery was also believed to be in talks with the Bengals.

You can question how Pete Carroll is building other parts of the Seahawks, but he’s smartly made offensive line a priority the last two years.  It was a terrible group in the past, and has potential to be quite good in 2011.

27 responses to “Robert Gallery joins the Seahawks

  1. And within 2 months he will be on the Seahawks injured reserve list… Like the guy.. really do, but he just couldn’t stay healthy…

  2. Cable and Gallery…. Too bad neither couldnt have made a bigger impact in Oakland… Good luck to both in Seattle… Stay dry, my friends..

  3. “It was a terrible group in the past, and has potential to be quite good in 2011 2012.”

    Robert Gallery total starts = 91

    Entire rest of offensive line = 27

    Will be good in future but first year huge learning curve. Will be interesting to see how well they do.

  4. Oh Great! He play’s 5 good games a year and the other 11games he’s eating sunflower seeds on the bench.

    Good pick Seattle.

  5. Pretty much a given based on Cable being the new Seahawks O-Line coach. Seattle seems to be getting the guys their new coaches want, with Cable getting Gallery and Bevell getting Jackson. Hope those coaches are right about these guys.

  6. so did he get the 8 to 10 million per season that he told oakland he wanted, or more like the 2 to 3 million per season that oakland offered.

    At least he is back with his friend Tom Cable.

  7. As a Pats fan, I’m REALLY hoping they didn’t throw a ton of money at him.


  8. I am a big fan of the Hawks bringing in good players that have worked previously with the new coaching staff. Look at what Rex Ryan did with the Jets defense. I think the same can be done with Cable and the offense line. The Raiders running game has kicked ass the past couple of seasons.

  9. Solid move and will go a long way in getting some stability to that revolving door line. Just hope the QB their protecting him is worth it.

  10. OL is more important than skill posistion players…

    Tom Brady may not have the “best” WRs/TEs, but with the best oline he’s had all the time in the world to throw it to nobodies…

    The Packers in early 2009, great QB/RB/WRs/TE but that oline cost them some games….

  11. Tarvares Jackson, Robert Gallery… looks like the Hawks are banking on last year’s playoff success and making a hard push for a title.

  12. Good luck Gallery. And to think, many thought you would’ve been a franchise LT for many years to come. Who knew?

  13. Gallery is SOFT and plays SOFT, he and Cable were a little to close in Oakland if you catch my drift and that is why Al Davis kicked them both down the road, SOFT.

  14. We will see if he can be another Mike Williams story for Coach Cheat….Did I mention Cedric Benson has to sit on the edge of his seat at times?

  15. Marshawn Lynch and Tavaris Jackson are smiling. The line needs a couple more guys to become a dominant offense.

    Thank god Pete Carroll rejected a reunion with Leinart who was yet another Heisman QB bust.

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