Trade talks will keep Kolb away from Eagles camp

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It’s been reported that Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson won’t be reporting to training camp.  Another fairly high-profile players also won’t be there on Thursday.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that quarterback Kevin Kolb won’t show up, due to ongoing trade talks.

McLane also reports that a trade that would send Kolb to the Cardinals for cornerback Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie and draft picks is being worked out.

It’s unclear whether Kolb’s failure to report will be excused by the team.

For weeks if not longer, many had presumed that a trade sending Kolb to the Cardinals was a done deal.  As we pointed out last night, if it truly were a done deal, the deal would be done by now.

37 responses to “Trade talks will keep Kolb away from Eagles camp

  1. Arizona should have gone for Orton. It would have just cost them a 2.

    Now they are giving away DRC and a pick.

    Kevin Kolb is being so incredibly overrated.

  2. I don’t see why the Eagles would invite Kolb to camp if they were dead-set on trading him away. I’ve heard rumors about what is holding the deal up…perhaps the Cards are trying to squeeze in a deal (or threat of a deal) for Kyle Orton to de-leverage the Eagles. Perhaps Kolb wants a contract negotiated first (and he couldn’t very well talk to the Cardinals OR the Eagles during the lockout). Who knows? I just expect him to be traded by tomorrow night.

    Bring on DRC!

  3. It’s like the CBA netioations. It’s posturing and waiting for leverage to swing.

    It’s a foregone conclusion that it’s happening, just need one side to cave to the other sides demands.

  4. The Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to the Redskins for a 2nd round pick and a 4th round pick (correct me if I’m wrong).

    If they pull off the Kolb for Rodgers-Cromartie trade, they’ll go down as some of the biggest con-artists in NFL history.

  5. Kolb to AZ is being hyped as some kind of savior for the slumping Cardinals…really? What Kool-Aid you drinkin’?

  6. Why are the Eagles so hot to trade Kolb? Are they trying to sucker another team out of a high round draft pick like they did to the dolphins for AJ Feeley? KOLB ISNT THAT GOOD. Not first round draft pick good, and he will STINK in Arizona with no team around him. Lets review further. I went to VT and I’m also a Falcons fans, so needless to say I watched Vick for many years (except when he was in prison) 1 simple fact, he gets hurt – a lot. His running stlye and the Eagles swiss cheese OL will get him hurt again, and if they dont have Kolb, what r they gonna do? Kalfka or whatever his name is? HA. Keep Kolb for another year, his stock will either go up or stay the same

  7. Keep Kolb in Philly! Orton is just as good and keep DRC in the desert. Could really have a top 10 secondary with him, Peterson, Rhodes and Wilson!!!

  8. It’s unclear whether Kolb’s failure to report will be excused by the team.

    Yeah, something tells me the Eagles will be fine with it. Not unusual to put a guy you’re trying to trade on the shelf to avoid injury and unwanted media attention.

    Sounds to me like a clear sign the Eagles think the deal is close to completion.

  9. If the Cardinals give up DRC and a Pick, they’re basically becoming the Eagles Farm system.

    And before i get sh-t for this, let me say that i’m a Cardinals fan.

    I even think Kolb could be pretty good, but this deal is just stupid.

  10. Huh, maybe someone over at Cardinals HQ finally opened their eyes. This trade (DRC for spread system “chump bag” Kolb) is insane from the start. Really poor management on Arizona’s part if it goes through. There has to be some free agent QB (aside from the ones they consistently dodged in the draft). Kolb’s a higher profile version of Derek Anderson, and he’s definitely not a leader. Kolb is an overpriced placeholder not worth the paper this trade for DRC is written on.

  11. Here’s the problem. You guys in the media, ok Adam Schefter, have convinced Philly that AZ will cave. So, they offer Kolb for DRC and a 1. Cards say No. Philly calls on day 2, makes the same offer. Cards say No. Eagles say well maybe tomorrow. Remember Schefter’s 100% guarantee, well today he cited NFL sources that “expect’ the deal will happen and “expect” the price will be DRC and a pick. My question is how are these “expectations” news? And why NFL sources, why not team sources. That’s like saying the Redskins will trade Albert Haynesworth for a ham sandwich because NFL sources “expect” Mike Shanahan to get hungry by the end of the week. Here’s an expectation for everyone to chew on. Cardinals fans expect to get fair value on a trade, we expect them not to cave to Philly’s ludicrous demands and we expect that tools like Schefter will criticize them for getting Kolb or for not getting Kolb.

  12. DRC is a HORRIBLE TACKLER! He will be exposed so much in NFC East is will be hilarious!
    I never seen a cornerback beign reason why a team won a Super Bowl! Always a QB!!!

  13. I think the Cards are getting a real good QB. As an Eagles fan, I’m disappointed to see him go. I’ve never been a big Vick fan. All you need to do is watch the highlights of the Eagles-Falcons game last year to get a glimpse of the kind of QB Kolb can be. He may struggle early with a new system, but he’ll be great. Good luck to my new second favorite team!

  14. Kolb to AZ for DRC AND a pick of ANY kind could only mean that AZ GM Rod Graves needs to put down the pipe.

  15. Arizona is better off not trading for kolb and going 5-11 and drafting a qb they like next season than spending a first rounder an then some to go 7-9. I have no idea why you would give away that much for mediocrity.

  16. According to Jeff McLane, Kevin Kolb won’t be in camp tomorrow and it’s not because he’s holding out.

    In all likelihood Kolb has been excused from camp because the team is in the process of finalizing his trade to the Arizona Cardinals.

    McLane cites a source that said a deal is expected to completed between the two this week. If in fact the Eagles know they’re dealing Kolb, it would be crazy to have him show up to camp and endure the circus that would ensue.

    He’d be peppered with questions about the potential trade and there’s really no reason to put him through that.

  17. Kolb is overrated. Kolb sucks. He’s never proven anything. All u couch GMs should be ashamed of urselves!! This guy was taken 36 overall. As in 4 picks from the first round. And enough with the aj feeley con job to Miami. Miami hasn’t had a legit QB since Marino. And mcnabb to Washington raping? Washingtons sucked the better part of the past 15 years too. Not andys fault that he does wonders with QBs and other coaches aren’t as good as him. Um, look what he did with Vick? And kolbs the first QB EVER to throw for 300 yards in his first two NFL starts? Behind a suspect oline? Nevermind the fact that he embarrassed a falcons defense last year that had a bye in the playoffs. Seriously like 76% of u posters are seriously mentally handicapped. Do ur goddamn homework before u post and act a fool!!!!

  18. This could help Arizona win the division.

    The Iggles get fair compensation back. DRC + 3rd/4th w/ incentives.

    Iggles should sign veteran backup QB.

  19. Do the deal Arizona! Spin the wheel, Arizona! Kolb’s for real, Arizona!

    Or is this just a great big spiel, Arizona? Hehehehe…

    Kolb or Orton, it really doesn’t matter does it?

  20. Even as an Eagles fan, I really hope Kolb goes to AZ and wins them a couple of Super Bowls to shut up all these haters who haven’t even seen him take a snap….smh.

  21. Kevin Kolb – a young quarterback that was drafted in the 2nd round, played in a handful of games, learned from McNabb and Vick, and coached by Reid and Morningweg. He revealed his youth with mistakes in limited playing time, but he flashed some promise with a few 300-yard games.

    Like most players, especially quarterbacks, they need playing time.
    Also, Arizona would know how hard is is to have a franchise quarterback.
    With Kurt Warner, they won it all. He retires and they are in the cellar.

    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – a young cornerback that has made the Pro Bowl. He has solid cover skills at best right now, and is an asset in the return game on special teams.

    As always, the value is debatable.
    Who is taking the bigger risk here? Philadelphia.
    It is very questionable to say Vick can complete 16 games and possible playoffs games.
    Good teams know the valuable of a backup quarterback, let alone bad teams knowing the value of a starting quarterback.

    Arizona covers their back by drafting Patrick Peterson, a better cornerback.
    Would you rather have all 4 secondary players be strong with John Skelton or Derek Anderson?
    Or deal with whoever the 2nd cornerback is, and having your “quarterback of the future?”

    Opinions are one thing, but to blind yourself from fact and logic because someone didn’t play like Joe Montana in his short career…

    Yes, there are other options, but who knows the truth about Fitzgerald and who he wants?
    He is younger than Kyle Orton, and has been groomed for 4 seasons.
    Orton has had ample playing time over the past few seasons, and although I like the guy, he has had only one notable season with his opportunities.

  22. Ok, let’s get real. If you’re a QB in the NFL, making loads of money and you can live in Philadelphia or in Scottsdale….hmmm. You can spend your off season riding horses with Phil Simms, playing golf with Steve Young and drinking beer around the bar-b-que with Donovan McNabb. Hmmm.

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