Bush, Dolphins contract talks will continue into the morning

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For those of you wondering when we might know when and if running back Reggie Bush will become a member of the Miami Dolphins, here’s what we’ve learned in the wake of Jay Glazer’s report that the Saints and Dolphins have worked out the basic trade terms.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the talks between the Dolphins and Bush’s camp heated up around midnight.  They are expected to continue into Thursday morning.

At this point, it’s not known with certainty that an agreement will be reached.  Though Bush could decide to stay with the Saints at a reduced salary, the signs currently are pointing the Bush doing a deal with the Dolphins.

In Miami, there’s a good chance he could be the featured back.  Though he may have to share touches, he’d quite possibly be at the top of the depth chart.

36 responses to “Bush, Dolphins contract talks will continue into the morning

  1. I actually think this might be a good move for Reggie Bush. The Saints are deep at RB. They re-upped Pierre Thomas. They uncovered a hidden Gem in Chris Ivory, a rookie last year. New Orleans is going to go wild for Mark Ingram as well. Miami will embrace Reggie Bush. It’s his kind of city. He can kick it with his boys Lebron and D-Wade. Act all Hollywood like he normally does. Him & Daniel Thomas can create some matchup probs.

    Kyle Orton, Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, Davone Bess, and maybe even do a One Year Deal with Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams…That offense is looking a lot better imo

  2. Bush? cant see how he’s a significant upgrade…. big trades and money need to go to QB…. end of story

    Phins blow another off season….

  3. how could any true dolphin fan see the moves for bush and orton see this as a bad thing. we have a really good defense and need speed on offense. orton wins games although not always pretty. he is a leader in the club house and knows how to get the ball to marshall, if you know anything about football, you know he turned lloyd into a top receiver for denver last year and marshall the year before, and bush is a great and exciting role player, and he is great returning punts. these moves may not work but they are trying, and as a fan thats more than i have seen from them in recent years. they are fixing all of the areas drastically needing upgrades. phins forever

  4. Reggie as the featured back? Maybe Ireland will use his 2012 1st round pick on Pryor. Somebody must be forcing Jeff to make decisions on what they think will sell tickets, because at this rate it doesn’t sound like he wants another job in the league after he gets canned after this season.

  5. Miami will quickly realize he’s not an every down back. Linebackers will eat him alive and he’ll be injured after a few carries.

  6. He won’t be the featured back. He would get 8-12 touches/ game plus punt returns. D. Thomas is going to be Miami’s work horse. Would be a great addition to the phins and the homerun threat that offense has missed since… since… Anybody wana help me out with that one?

  7. He’ll last 6 games and sit the rest if the season with an injury. Why draft Daniel Thomas and waste big dough on a inj prone mediocre
    Hb in Bush.

  8. “Though he may have to share touches, he’d quite possibly be at the top of the depth chart.”

    He’d get hurt or benched after 3 games as the starter.

  9. In Miami, there’s a good chance he could be the featured back. Though he may have to share touches, he’d quite possibly be at the top of the depth chart.My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at agelessc’upid.C óM a nice and free place for younger women and older men, or older women and younger men, to interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or tell your friends.

  10. So this means Miami is out of the running with Bradshaw and might need to sign Ricky back to have some experience and power in the backfield.
    With the rookie TE and RB…Orton will have a lot of speedy weapons

  11. Poor Dolphins. You can’t help but feel a little sad for them. They’re like the Cardinals. Everyone sees the bad deal coming … and they’re going to do it anyway.

  12. Good move by Saints to try to get ‘something’ for him. If they didn’t trade him, he’d be cut and might sign with another NFC team.

  13. Bush is not as good as Ronnie or Ricky.
    The foolish ‘Fins will get a flash or two and then…. acl tear, ruptured testes, etc. Reggie gets an owie.

  14. I hope Ireland is trading Heat suite tickets for Orton and Bush instead of draft picks. Then again, he hasn’t done much in the draft anyway so who needs them. Orton I understand. Bush I don’t.

  15. This could be a great addition if: he is not overpaid and he is not overworked. His versatility does and will continue to create match up nightmare. I love the thought of sending him and motioning him out to WR leaving teams to scramble to adjust to cover him. His total touches (returns,runs ans receptions) should be no more than Thomas or Barber if he is signed aswell. He needs to be kept healthy. He blamed injuries on turf well now he has grass. Use him effectively and this is an amazing signing, overuse him and your are paying an injured player.

  16. Reggie who? Nice gadget player but over-rated and coddled by Sean Payton.

    Maybe when he packs for the Miami trip, he’ll find the trophy and return it.

  17. uraduntx says:
    Jul 28, 2011 2:29 AM
    how could any true dolphin fan see the moves for bush and orton see this as a bad thing. we have a really good defense and need speed on offense. orton wins games although not always pretty.

    Orton was 3-13 as a starter last year.

  18. Correction:

    Orton was 3-10 as a starter last year before losing his job to a spread offense QB with terrible mechanics.

    My bad.

  19. Why would the Dolphins select Daniel Thomas so high to make an overrrated injury-prone scatback (and I mean scat!) that can’t break tackles or run between the tackles the featured back?

  20. I am not a Reggie Bush fan by any means, or a Dolphins fan for that matter, but his strength as a player is receiveing out of the backfield, not as an every down back. I actually think that this could be a good move as long as they dont sell the farm to get him, and they don’t plan on leaning on him every play. Could be interesting in the wildcat too.

  21. Im not even sure a lot of you know what featured back means. You almost always seems to fllow it up with ” though he will probably have to share some touches”

    Sorry, featured backs dont share touches. They might get a breather, but they are 1st 2nd and 3rd down players. Bush WONT be the featured back here. His contract will be reworked and im sure we didn’t give up much if anything for him with that bloated contract .

    Everything is going to be alright.

    So stop freaking out you sissys.

  22. there were a couple of comments re Bush vs. Ronnie / Ricky where the voting was saying the fair weather Phins fans think Bush would be an upgrade from R&R.

    The reason running struggled last year was inconsistent blocking… it was horrible often except for Long…. most at PFT were agreeing… and just about everyone was saying R&R have plenty left in the tank…. guess you guys forgot all that.

    so working out an 8 figure deal with picks for Bush makes sense? no way,,, spend it on QB

  23. Ita kind of funny. We get speed, and people still whine. We get playmakers, and now they are worried about what we gave up for them.

    I’m am getting so tired of my fellow phin fans. Bunch of whiners and sissys about it all.

  24. “how could any true dolphin fan see the moves for bush and orton see this as a bad thing.”

    really? thats my problem with ‘true’ dolphin fans.
    Orton has won 11 games in the last two years. his numbers are good because with no running game he was forced to huck the ball all over the field. how many retread qbs should we bring in before you ‘True’ dolphin fans figure it out. if this guy is so good why is he available? why have two teams in a row given up on him. think about it do you want the guy they are replacing with Tebow? really. true fan huh? you do know insanity is trying the same thing over and over expecting different results. how about you call yourself insane dolphins fans.

  25. BTW. i thnk Bush to the Dolphins is a great idea. its not his performance, but the accountibility the Defense needs to account for with Bush. opens up the passing game on the other end.

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