Nnamdi watch could go deep into the night

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The decision of the Texans to sign cornerback Jonathan Joseph took one of the primary suitors out of the mix for Nnamdi Asomugha.

And that has prompted increased speculation that he’ll agree to terms with the Jets.

Despite the “reports” (i.e., educated guesses) of some on Twitter who pretend to know a hell of a lot more than they actually know, there’s no deal with the Jets or anyone.  Yet.

Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork reports that the Jets are “still hammering away” at the negotiations, and that it “could turn into a Favre-like vigil, ending in wee hours.”

So brew the coffee and get ready to dump some whiskey into it.  We could be here a while.

The Bucs, contrary to reports to the contrary, aren’t in this one.  The Jets are.  It’s believed that the 49ers are.  There’s talk the Cowboys could be.  And we can’t rule out the Raiders, where he has played for eight years.

Stay tuned and keep your F5 finger from cramping.

23 responses to “Nnamdi watch could go deep into the night

  1. Since my team isn’t in the Nnamdi sweepstakes, I’m really just watching this with some amusement.

    Just don’t sign with Dallas. Not that they have the cap space…

  2. Nnamdi to Jets = Overkill

    They’ll soon realize lack of pass rush will render this tandem useless when going against Colts, Pats and other pass-heavy teams. no matter who you have at corners, give the QB time, he’ll find an open receiver somewhere.

  3. Raiders or 49ers. He cares about his image and character. He doesn’t want to be associated with the D-baggery that goes on with the jets

  4. How could the Bucs possibly not be interested? They have plenty of cap space and their starting corners are Ronde Barber (gotta love him but he’s getting really old) and Aqib Talib, who could quite conceivably be in jail soon.

  5. Just wishful thinking as a Bears fan, but they do have a lot of cap space available. But then reality hits me and I realize this team has been cheap since the days of GSH. A fan can dream can’t he?

  6. I’m a staunch Raider fan but I say he goes to the Jets. He wants to win and he’s already been befriended by Rex Ryan and Darrell Revis. Both they and the GM will promise him the world.

    I say at the end it comes down to the Jets, 49ers, and the Raiders just out of loyalty. Ravens, Cowboys, and maybe the Bears call to see where it’s at.

  7. I don’t think anyone has a clue whats going on. He’ll go to some team that some reporter didn’t think about making rumors about.

  8. Goldrush94 – kind of funny the two teams you mentioned are the two teams the jets beat in the playoffs, on the road, with a worse pass rush than they’ll have this year (improved d-line now)…..nice try though

  9. John Clayton just tweeted nnamdi signed a 6 year $84 million deal with Detroit!

    3…2….1……(ALARM GOES OFF) 😦

  10. @steelerskicktheravens …

    The Steelers are ruled out because Tomlin said a few weeks ago that we wouldn’t be in the Nnamdi sweepstakes. I’d love to think that was a red herring and we’ll wind up with him after all, but that would be really out of character for us.

    If they’re willing to make a good offer, he should stay in Oakland for the opportunity to work with Rod Woodson. I don’t know that being in NYC would be a huge boost to his acting ambitions, unless he’s planning to work on Broadway. And that would be a little tough while he’s still an active player. He did and episode of Friday Night Lights and they filmed in Texas. California is still the epicenter of the film and television industry here, but TV series film all over the U.S. and Canada. And it’s not like he can’t afford a plane ticket.

  11. Jets need more than the best CB in the league to make it to the big dance.

    In the end, Aso stays put in the S&B. Mark it down.

  12. if Dallas does not go all out….. all their work is for not. they can’t cover! Newman needs to roll

  13. “they’ll soon realize lack of pass rush will render this tandem useless when going against Colts, Pats and other pass-heavy teams. no matter who you have at corners, give the QB time, he’ll find an open receiver somewhere”….

    Hey that’s a great point Goldrush, just like they picked the Jets apart last year in the playoffs! Oh, wait a minute, that was actually a stupid example…

    Good to see all the monkeys who voted with you are paying just as much attention

  14. The smart move would be for Oaklnad to resign him because he is such a good fit in their scheme, but it won’t happen…….Al Davis would rather give the big money to Stanford Routt. Nnamdi will go on to have a great career and help another team win the Super Bowl. Another Charles Woodson situation.

  15. That’s great 49ers, go for another player you don’t need. What we need is a quarterback, we have for as long as Alex Smith has been there. He’s had more than enough time to prove himself and his window has closed. It’s going to be another wasted season for the 49ers because they decided to stick with a Tier 3 quarterback again. Our dynasty has always been built around the quarterback, and now that we have ammo for him, it’s irrelevant because the damn gun itself won’t fire!

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